Knife Jihad in Vetlanda

Earlier today a young culture-enricher went on a stabbing rampage in the Swedish town of Vetlanda. Fortunately, no one was killed in the incident, but a number of victims were hospitalized.

The following video report came out just after the attack. Since then the incident has been upgraded from “attempted murder” to a “terror crime”. Early reports said that four people were wounded, but the number was later increased to eight.

The ethnicity of the perpetrator does not yet appear in news reports, but there are rumors that he is an Afghan.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Statement by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven concerning the attack in Vetlanda, as published by Expressen (also translated by Gary Fouse):

This evening I am thinking of those injured in Vetlanda and their relatives. I condemn this terrible act of violence.

We confront these heinous acts with the collective power of society.

Right now it is unclear exactly what happened and what the motive was, but police describe it as a single perpetrator who attacked and seriously injured several persons in central Vetlanda. A suspected perpetrator has been arrested. Against the background of what has emerged thus far in the police investigation, the prosecutor has initiated a preliminary investigation into a terrorist crime. Police authorities and the Security Police work in close cooperation on incidents such as this. They continuously judge whether there are reasons to take heightened security measures, and are prepared to do this if needed.

Police authorities are now taking investigative and security-enhancing measures and have initiated a special incident procedure to better handle the incident. We have ongoing contact with police authorities and the Security Police and are following the events closely.

We are mindful of how fragile our safety is. I want to urge everyone to send a thought to those affected by violence and to the men and women in healthcare, police, and the municipalities who work to care for the injured and restore safety.

And from Fria Tider (translated by Gary Fouse):

Terror suspect registered in Sweden in 2018

The suspected terrorist in Vetlanda was registered in Sweden in 2018, reports Dagens Nyheter

During a press conference on Wednesday evening, police refused to state what nationality the suspect in the attack in Vetlanda has.

In this suspected terrorist act in central Vetlanda, eight persons were wounded.

Dagens Nyheter now reports that the man was registered in Sweden in 2018 and that he previously was convicted for a low-level drug offense.

“He spoke very poor Swedish and no English; it was difficult to make contact,” a neighbor of the man says to DN.

Another neighbor states that a woman used to regularly come to the man’s home to help him.

The man moved to Vetlanda from another place nearby just a year ago, according to DN.

During the evening, police searched the man’s apartment on the ground floor in a residential area in Vetlanda.

Video transcript:

00:00   A person has been shot by police during an intervention in Vetlanda.
00:05   Police were called to the scene just before 3pm on Wednesday after a report that a suspect
00:11   attacked several persons with a weapon in central Vetlanda.
00:16   According to police, four persons were injured during the attack,
00:19   and when police arrested the suspect,
00:22   at least one police officer fired his service weapon.
00:25   The extent of injuries is not known either for the man shot or the four persons who were attacked.
00:31   The person who was shot was taken to the hospital by ambulance,
00:34   and is suspected of attempted murder.

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  1. “We are mindful of how fragile our safety is.”

    A masterpiece late-in-the-day announcement. The Swedish Prime Minister has, year after year, been wilfully ignoring safety concerns in spite of their being raised.

  2. That’ll learn those soft Swedes. I remember a day I used to have sympathy and empathy for such weak useful idiots, I am now all out. They are now getting what they bloody well deserve.

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