You Have Less Than a Year

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this follow-up to his previous essay about the dystopian regime that now governs the Former United States since the Investiture of the Puppet last month.

You have less than a year

by H. Numan

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve just witnessed a coup. I wrote about it a few days ago. Plenty of people still don’t understand that the rules of the game have changed. Permanently. So I’ll expand on my previous essay, in the hope that the message gets through. You have less than a year to correct the situation. This is a grim and very dark essay. If you can’t tolerate it, sorry. Better read something else. Don’t continue reading.

Let’s start with the coup. It certainly wasn’t a revolution. Revolutions are usually more violent or come with force to some extent. The Democrat Party didn’t do that. They planned, many years in advance, a fraud to gain full control. It was no accident that mail-in votes and harvested ballots gave Biden, now president for (the remainder of his) life, the presidency. The vote, in general terms, has been diluted for many years. You should have seen this coming — but nobody did. It’s not a coincidence that the DNC, wherever possible, wanted no ID checks and more ways to vote. Not because voter ID is racist, but because more people can vote the ‘right’ way. They have fought with success to give everybody they need a vote. Including dead people. The trick worked. Suddenly the bombshell exploded. Now it is too late.

Not really too late, but you have to act. Fast. REALLY fast! You do have an advantage over Nazi Germany, but a very small one. Biden and his DNC are not Hitler and the NSDAP. Hitler didn’t hesitate for a second to use extreme force, and built many concentration camps. As quickly as possible. Given their background, that is something Biden and the DNC will hesitate to do.

Why this coup? Well, despite my dislike for your Democrat Party, they are not Nazis. Socialist in some way? No doubt. But not — yet — true international socialists. At the moment the old party hacks control the party. All they wanted was to be in power forever. Now they are. Their major problem is to remain in power forever. And that requires a real socialist, or — as they will describe it — democratic policy. You have less than a year to stop it.

Biden is now in full control of your parliament, both houses. That means he can — and bloody well will! — write any kind of legislation he wants. Biden himself is not a Hitler. More like one of Hitler’s more slippery henchmen, like Martin Bormann. Always hovering in the background, filling his pockets. Just enough in the limelight to be noticed and to be powerful enough to hand out favors. But he definitely is no Hitler. Like Hitler, Biden will have to consolidate his power. That is a process he can complete in about one year. That’s all the time you have left. Less than a year. After that, better sign up for DNC membership. If they will still accept you.

Please don’t parrot empty meaningless slogans, such as: they can pry my guns from my cold dead hands. Very few people will actually do that. Pretty soon a new mass shooting incident will happen. No need to arrange for one; mass shootings happen several times every year in the USA. All the DNC has to do is wait for the next one. Then Harris Biden will act decisively and ban most handguns. Just about everybody will hand in their guns, without a fuss. That’s what happened in Australia in 1996. The government said: That’s enough. No more guns! It was enough, and there are no more guns in Australia. Why is it an empty slogan? Because most people like to live. Given the choice between handing in firearms or facing at least a very lengthy jail term, they choose handing in their weapons. If only because they have a family to take care of.

That is exactly what will happen, in a few months’ time. What about those ‘pry my gun’ people? Well, America is not Australia, and no longer democratic. America is now a Democratic Republic. Which means your police will simply send in a SWAT team, and blast them to kingdom come. Live on TV. It will be all over the media. Not as martyrs, but as brave police officers getting rid of dangerous hysterical fascists. The remainder of the pry-my-gun people will get the message and quietly turn in their guns. Willingly even, as the media will go apes**t about really dangerous fascists refusing to obey Big Biden the law.

Biden is busy signing presidential decrees. This week he signed more than four previous presidents combined. With a stroke of his pen he has already killed female athletics. If you are a man, and can’t win in competitions? Pretend you’re a girl. It’s fully legal now. Want to piss in the ladies’ toilet? You can now. Or change clothing in a girls’ locker room.

He has killed, as promised, a lot of jobs in the oil industry. With many more jobs to go. However, just as in Germany, that won’t create massive unemployment. Biden needs a lot of people working for him. Every socialist state, no exception, is a massive bureaucracy. Biden will need lots and lots of ink coolies. So unemployed workers get a job in the new expanding administration. That’s why it will appear unemployment remains low. Same for prices. They will also appear to remain low. Every socialist state has done it. And… failed. Miserably. So will Biden. Like the leaders of every other socialist state, he won’t care. People starving in the streets don’t bother Maduro at all. Nor will they bother Biden.

So, in about one year, you’ll get a very first in American history: real shortages of daily goods. I don’t know what exactly, but rest assured: daily supplies will run low. That’s because the law of supply and demand can be manipulated, but not controlled. Like gravity. No socialist state is capable of controlling the supply of toilet paper — or anything else, for that matter.

By that time, roughly one year into the Biden administration, you will begin to notice the FBI has doubled or tripled in size. It won’t be in the news. Still, it will happen. That enlarged FBI and the enlarged police and the newly established price and environmental police forces will have greatly extended powers. You won’t read that in the news either. Grumble all you want, but be discreet. Otherwise the FBI will pay you a visit. Don’t grumble in the presence of neighbors or even of your children. Socialist states are very big on informers. About half the citizens of the DDR were under supervision. By the other half. You never know who you can trust.

When Hitler was elected — and yes, he was elected — he had less control than Biden has now. Less, because he was part of a coalition government. Winner-take-all didn’t work in the Weimar Republic. Less again, because he didn’t have full control of academia, the courts, churches and industry. The Democrat Party has full control over academia, the media and big tech. Not the army, but the army always supports the ruling government. Same goes for the police. Especially if the leadership can pretend the election was legal.

I know this is very grim reading. I’m working my way through a book, The Vampire Economy by Günther Reimann. He describes Nazi Germany in 1939, just before the start of the war. All I did was extrapolate his situation to today. Nothing more than that. I recommend you read that book. It can be downloaded online as a PDF.

Perhaps Biden himself doesn’t personally want to change America into a Democratic Socialist Republic. No matter. That’s something beyond his control. He’ll have to. It’s the only way for him to stay in power and out of jail. The same goes for most of his cabinet and the top tier of the Democrat Party. Not so much a little bit further down the line. Especially the more active younger Democrats will not allow it. It’s a certainty the Hunter Biden laptop can topple his daddy. If only for that reason, Biden has to go all the way — or go to jail.

I’m certain there will be a night of the long knives coming up, to consolidate power. Perhaps Biden himself will survive that. Antifa and BLM will not. They are the equivalent of the SA. The extreme left wing, wanting to go red all the way. Hitler couldn’t allow that. Neither can Biden. Who will become the new SS I don’t know. I have a feeling it might be a three letter acronym this time, beginning with an F. If they play their cards right, by among other things delaying and obfuscating the Hunter Biden investigation, they might have proven to be reliable enough.

That won’t happen in a couple of days. At the moment Biden rules per decree. That’s the easy part. In a couple of weeks he’ll have to pass legislation through Congress; that’s a lot more difficult. Not to mention time-consuming. That is all the time you have left to do something about it.

The game has changed. Wake up and smell the coffee. Again, I’m sorry for being so pessimistic. In Holland Pim Fortuyn said it was 5 to 12. That was just before he was murdered, in 2002. And still people believe it is 5 to 12. Don’t make the same mistake. You’ve got less than a year to restore your democracy. After that, be silent.


— H. Numan

77 thoughts on “You Have Less Than a Year

  1. Well it’s very hard to argue that Hitler was a man of the Left when the coalition partners that got him into power was made up all of the conservative parties in the Reichstag, or that he verbatim says in his own book he used the color Red for his party flag (presumably his use of the word Socialist too) to “irritate the Left” and lure dissatisfied workers. Moreover, on Günther Reimann, he was a radical Socialist and later member of the KPD (German Communsit Party) and associated with Ernt Thälmann — the leader of the KPD until Hitler outlawed the party and imprisoned him. That’s not a knock against the book since I haven’t read it: reading books from the opposite perspective are quite healthy if they are well written, (I have read the likes of Mein Kampf and Das Kapital before for the same reasons) but I suspect it contains a large amount of complaining about Nazi Oppression and the breaking of workers unions when he was simultaneously in favor of installing a Communist regime. I am not a Nazi sympathizer but I don’t have a black and white view of history either, especially when it was threat of Communist takeovers that most “Fascist” regimes emerged as responses too, Biden has no violent opponent he can justify anything against, there is no Brown shirts to his modern KPD enforcers. His maintaining of nominal Democracy is probably just because of all these executive orders he is signing means he doesn’t need to bother, Antifa can back off for the time.

    • You’re absolutely correct. I’m about half way, and find this book rather ‘social’. The international variety. You just confirmed my suspicion.

      Was Hitler a socialist? Definitely. Just a variation, like Trotskyism or Maoism aren’t “pure” Marxism.

      Hitler didn’t nationalize everything. His way was different. He made everybody pay for it. Either in taxation outright or in graft. He didn’t have to nationalize the industry. He simply took the profits (if any) and let them work on a loss, if need be.

      The key factor I didn’t mention is the shift of focus. In a democracy, industry has a lot of power because they produce something. In a socialist state all power belongs to the state. Nationalist or not nationalist doesn’t make any difference. The focus of power lies with the government, to the detriment of everything else.

    • Well, Mason. Believe what you want about old ‘dolfie, but he was a marxist.
      In his own words, ‘ there is almost no difference between National Socialism and International Socialism.” Gobbels thought the same thing. And Himmler. Adolf and his pack of vile degenerates only differed in hating Jewish Commies. Trotsky and like butchers. Why?
      The J street crowd should take note. The night of the long knives is just around the corner, and gropey Joe the 10% dwarf isn’t a big fan, either.

      • Likewise Mussolini. He worked with Lenin in Switzerland for about 18 months before going back to Italy to try to move the Italian communists to action. He became disillusioned with their emphasis on the international struggle and broke away to found a national socialist party. Lenin wrote a famous, and somewhat nasty letter, to the Italian communists castigating them for letting their brightest star escape. He always considered that a huge loss for communism.

  2. Citizens may sleep as their guns are outlawed. I could see it happening and I have firearms but I’m not a cold dead hands guy.

    If they tried to outlaw boobs they would see what real Americans are made of.
    Just sayin’ is all. I know it’s not a right outlined in the Constitution, but…boobs. Am I right?

    • Boobs. I guess I failed to put my name to that. Boobs. But yeah, guns too. And boobs some more.

      Baron, thank you for letting boobs through the filter. I guess the millions of dollars I contribute to this site may have influenced your decision.

      Just kidding.
      Send me a foxy Chinese honey pot. I will spill my guts about what kind of washers we use to make spy satellites. I have some inside knowledge. Nas 620 if you must know.

      Swallow Well. What a complete bafoon. Things are pretty messed up and only time will tell if they are going to get better or worse. I’m not very hopeful.

      But … boobs. Am I right?

    • You are wrong.
      To remind you:
      Jane Fonda is considered a commie traitor by nearly all Vietnam veterans.
      A few of them are or were Special Forces trained.
      This includes infiltration and exfiltration of a military base that has guards who want to kill you and mines and a lot of other lethal things.
      And they infiltrated countless North Vietnamese and Vietcong army bases without problems.
      Those men did their job and killed a lot of NVA and VC.

      Jane Fonda is running around, giving Yoga lessons or something like that, making movies, etc since 1975.

  3. I have a question, “What if all this is judgment for the 60 million lives that were offered up on the altar of convenience and career?” “What if those slaughtered innocents have been heard and America with the recent executive orders has passed the point of no return?” What then?

    • Think of the dialogue between Yah and Abraham about Lot and the destroying of Sodom, Gomorrah etc.

      Sodom was not about homosexuality either, it was about breeding angels and humans to create nephalim. Hence the desire for the angels rather than Lot’s daughters……

      The only times that Yah destroys utterly is when men are worshiping Nephilim; Canaan, Og of Bashan, Sodom and others.

      The ruins of Sodom still be seen near the dead sea, burnt to a white ash with lumps of sulphur scattered around.

      If there are enough true believers, Yah will stay his hand.

      • Who is this Yah? Some kind of god? And who are these Nephilim? Some kind of kafir jinns? (I love the name Og’s parents gave him; it has a real caveman vibe.)

        • YAH is the name of the Lord God. When Moses asked Him at the burning bush that wasn’t on fire like regular wood, “Whom shall I say sent me, and what is his name?” The Lord replied, “Tell them I Am (Yah in Hebrew) sent you.”
          The Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels who abandoned their place in heaven to have pleasure with women, Genesis Chapter 5 I believe, “and in those days there were Giants (Nephilim) in the land after the Sons of God saw that the daughters of men were delightful.”
          Goliath, at nearly 13 feet tall with 6 fingers and 6 toes was most likely one of them.
          I didn’t make the connection between the angels and the Nephilim until MC pointed it out. Good work MC and thanks!
          BTW, the sky was set on fire over Sodom, Gomorrah, and the rest of the cities of the plain. We all know that the lower atmosphere contains water. Water is two hydrogen and one oxygen, both of which are extremely flammable. What if the bonds that hold them together as water were suddenly loosed? You would have a cloud of hydrogen and oxygen molecules with free ions just looking to have some fun. Peter, in his second letter to the church refers to this when he says that in the first judgement water overran the earth but in the second judgment it will be fire. I can just think of someone foolishly striking a match when the water is gone and has been replaced with free floating hydrogen and oxygen ions, but I don’t have a ‘burning’ desire to see that.

          • Trinitite covers the sinai peninsula. Radioactive residue glass is abundant around sodom and gomorrah, so the story of the 7 nukes is verified.

        • Yah is a Semitic Volcano Demon that imagines it is the creater of all and everything, while it is actually just the leader — and perhaps creator — of an insectoid gang of inorganic “life” forms hanging around like disembodied cockroaches, envious and hateful of humanity, scheming endlessly to manage our destruction, or transhuman transformation. This these “Archons” accomplish by manipulating the minds, emotions, and spirits of the Tribe of Abraham. ‘Nuff said, but John Lamb Lash explains it well and in detail in his book, “Not In His Image,” and also here and there online. Did I mention inorganic “life?”

      • Ron Wyatt was a fraud. Don’t believe all his claims. He lied about the Noahs ark and the Ark of the Covenant.

        • Now theresa, a fraud is someone who without giving any reason or evidence resorts to the ad hominem attack. Anyone can look up who Ron Wyatt was and look at the documented evidence, which is quite substantial, and decide for themselves if he’s credible or not. A fraud can’t and won’t produce anything but libels and slanders.

          Of anyone out there Ron Wyatt and Richard Rives has provided more tangible evidence than anyone on the archeological site of Noah’s Ark as well as the Ark of the Covenant. I’ve studied and investigated his claims. It’s all credible and his testimony is all based on the Word of God. I would encourage everyone to do their own investigation.

          Who wouldn’t want you to see for yourselves?

  4. You are wrong about on thing, Americans in middle America outside of the commiecrat run big cities will NOT turn in their weapons to anyone, especially veterans who see the writing on the wall. Everything else you have written pretty much sums it up.

      • They are communists, traitors, Quislings, the destroyers of western civilization, so call them whatever the hell you like. They are the enemies of western civilization and anyone who votes or belongs to these traitors are the enemy.

      • Democrat is a noun. Democratic is an adjective. Therefore properly it is the Democrat Party. Also, historically, it was the Democrat party. You don’t hear anyone saying Republicanist Party or Republicanistic Party, do you? That’d be just as nonsensical as “Democratic Party.” Nouns are nouns. Adjectives are adjectives. Each serves a specific purpose in the English language.

      • Democracy = Communism. Mob rule. Elite rule. Fabricated majority rule. No “we the people” component. Rule of law instead of Rule of CONSTITUTIONAL Law. = Lawfare. So the Democratic party IS the communist party.

    • I don’t know, nor do I care where the author is from (we do not have a Parliment) but I agree with you G. Where I am at no one is going to be turning in anything.

    • Many of them will, but some won’t. All it would take was a couple thousand. Call it 2,000 people who loudly dared the police to come get their guns. A few botched raids like the alleged kid diddler in FL a while back that shot up that FBI swat team will make it pretty difficult to get those guys to do those raids. There are enough old widower or divorced vets (and non vets) out there that know how these things work and are highly pissed off about all of this, and they are going to figure they don’t have much to lose anyways. Big tech and the media would suppress these stories, because reading about it would only encourage others to do the same, but as they say, you can’t stop the signal.

      • Should that happen it may initiate the following:

        Purely a theoretical exercise, of course!

    • G,
      I agree there won’t be a mass turn in of fire arms. Judging by the firearms and ammo flying out the door. Also they have the small problem of 75 million that voted against the Democrats. I personally believe it was more than 80 million!

      I do differ with the Night of the long Knives theory. They could take out the leadership of BLM/Antifa.
      Biden looks more like Von Hindenburg…Harris is the Hitler type. When Hindenburg died was when Hitler made his move. I think that Harris will do the same. She is a lot more acceptable to the violent left wing. Hell she was paying to bale them out!

  5. “Plenty of people still don’t understand that the rules of the game have changed.”

    And a ton of them are at the top of the GOP.

    • Actually, they are at the bottom of the gop punch bowl. Highly polished… They don’t even have enough substance to be punch bowl floaters.

  6. There is one flaw in the argument. The Nazis did not hate their own German people; they simply went to the other extreme and hated other peoples with murderous intent. Similarly, although they promoted an internationalist ideology the Bolsheviks did not hate the Russian people and were able to evoke love for Mother Russia to fight off the invading Germans. However the “wokist” cultural Marxists in our ruling elite detest the majority of Americans and are determined to turn us into a conglomeration of squabbling ethnic groups. The ones who will benefit in the end are the Chicoms; I suggest we all learn to speak Mandarin. Well if it comes to that, better the Chinese than either the Muslims or Black-run-America; at least the high IQ Chinese are capable of running an advanced civilization. We will also discover that Blacks were much better off in a country run by guilt-ridden Whites.

    • You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • Really? The German National Socialist Party didn’t hate their own German people? This is a rather large falsehood. Germany was completely devastated by the spring of 1945. The result of an ideology of a pure hatred for all of humanity. It was the German people who were first imprisoned, euthanized, forced into slave labor, marginalized and removed from the public square, censored and dehumanized. They were the first just like in America we are seeing the same parallels happening here.

      Gina Carano just got the blunt end of that hatred for pointing out that it was the German people who were attacked and hunted down who didn’t bend the knee as it were to the radical and extreme ideology of the German National Socialist Party and twelve years later Germany was almost completely destroyed and most of its people dead. This is the same path being followed by their disciples who now control the commanding heights in America. We were being warned we have less then a year to prepare for the end a year ago. There might be a few months left if something cataclysmic doesn’t occur first.

  7. May this Brit throw a spanner in the proverbial works? Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of the US’ electoral system (and the wrongs are indeed many, if only technically), and acknowledging that our own second chamber, the House of Lords, is absolutely an anachronism, the US Senate is allocated two seats per state, irrespective of population. If they were redistributed demographically, the Democrats would have a considerable majority. Just sayin’…

      • Well said. The USA has never claimed to be a democracy and ranks 25th most democratic nation in the “flawed democracy” ranks.

        • Stewart,

          You may want to check with Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama regarding the USA “has never claimed to be a democracy”. Soetoro-obama never “claimed” the former USA was a democracy. Rather, the usurping Soetoro-obama DECLARED the former USA WAS a democracy !

      • We have destroyed a major check/balance of the Constitution with the 17th amendment that allowed senators to be elected rather than appointed.
        Elections of the House is apportioned by population. These representatives are the voice of the people.
        Appointment of Senators by their respective state legislatures are the voice of the state and look out for the interests of the states.
        Criminals pushed and ignorant fools voted for the 17th amendment.

    • The Senate is distributed “demographically”. Texans get an equal say with New York, California, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Wyoming, etc. Each State is a political entity as much as any individual. Unfortunately the Socialists were able to gull three-quarters of them into ratifying the 17th Amendment, thereby stripping them of their franchise, much as they are attempting to do in the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, the Electoral College being the last functioning link to Federalism.

      The idea that the Senate is not distributed “demographically” is a old Socialist canard that really doesn’t hold water on its face: one State – two votes, it doesn’t get more democratic than that. Like most of its ilk it depends upon a rhetorical bums-rush to gain traction.

      We are, or were, the United States of America, not the United Demographic Mush of America, which is an oxymoron.

      • “One state – two votes” is the exact opposite of “democratic”. Democratic would be mob rule, fabricated majority rule. Anything goes. No rule of constitutional law. Sort of like what the biden/harris regime is trying to foist on the U.S. now.
        Long live the Republic! Or for carpet baggers- viva la chingando Republica!

      • I’ll add a bit to what you’re saying. When the Constitution was still framed, the states were vacillating between identifying as independent countries united by a commonwealth, or as parts of a greater nation. The ratification of the Constitution was by a vote of the states, and it was a close call. Part of the contract of the Constitution, and it was a contract, was that states were recognized as having separate, individual interests. The individual interests of the states were derived from different economies (manufacturing, fishing, wheat farming, cotton farming, tobacco farming, trading and the like). It was therefore agreed the states would have a representation by state as well as by population. That way, the urban states, with a much greater population, would not be able to overwhelm the rural or agricultural states.

        Prior to the Civil War, the South, with much lower population, was able to put a break on Northern dominance of legislation. In fact, I think there’s a good case to be made that the secession was triggered not by the issue of slavery per se, but by the prospect of non-Southern, non-slave states coming into the union, which would overcome the ability of the southern states to hold back legislation harmful to them.

        So, there is nothing quaint about the Constitutional electoral system. It was fully thought-out, presented an agreed-on solution to a problem preventing the formation of the US, and is as much a contract today as it was in 1789.

    • Distributing Senate seats demographically was exactly the mentally retarded error the Founders were seeking to avoid: Rule By The Mob, i.e. “democracy”.

      It wasn’t until the Progressive Amendments (XVI, XVII, XVIII, and XIX) to the Constitution were passed in the early 1900s, removing forever the bolts holding things together, that the wheels were taken off the Constitution, though it wobbled for some time before tipping over completely last year. Direct election of senators removed the power over the Senate from the States, and returned it to the demographic mob. If state legislatures, rather than demographic direct vote (laced with shenanigans, now plain for all to see) were still in place, the Senate right this minute would be 64-36 in favor of the GOP, and RINOs like Susan Collins and carpetbagging Mitt Romney, et al, let alone “independent” Communists like Bernie Sanders, would never make the cut from either party’s mainstream. Biden himself likely never would’ve become a senator either, and be nothing other than the retired cab driver with Alzheimer’s he should have become.

      In fact, were things that way now, Gropey Dopey Joe and Senator Kneepads would never confirm a single cabinet officer nor judge, ever, and we’d currently be watching the impeachment of the pair for stealing the 2020 election, and with only two votes swung, they’d be ousted, for life.

      That’s what happens when you let deep rot set in for over a century, and with studied ignorance allow it to pustulate and fester until the current situation.

      Now, those chickens have finally come home to roost.

  8. What is the source of the Biden photo that illustrates this essay? Someone in public life as long as Biden has been will generate a wide variety of photos, but it is hard to imagine the occasion on which he made such a face.

    • I found it somewhere on the Internet last August, during the campaign. I can’t vouch for its authenticity, but if it’s a photoshop job, it’s an extremely well-executed one. Very convincing.

      The Chicago Tribune seems to have a version of it here.

  9. What is the source of the Joe Biden photo that illustrates this essay? Someone in public life as long as Biden has been will generate a wide variety of photos, but it is hard to imagine the occasion on which he made such a face.

  10. The Chicago Tribute caption says, “Then-vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden winks during a campaign stop at South Lake High School in St. Clair Shores, Mich., on Sept. 15, 2008. (Paul Sancya/AP)” So that’s a wink? Ya coulda fooled me. Usually a wink is done with a smile, not with the ends of the mouth turned downward.

  11. WOW! What total [material that I disagree with] … and so much of it!
    I’ll only bother correcting one point because correcting this one point makes the rest of the article come crashing down in a great thud!
    Voting and IDs
    – Democrats do NOT oppose ID for voting
    – Howver the U.S. allocates only 12-hours for voting
    – Monkeying around with IDs during those 12-hours is utterly stupid!
    – So, democrats want ID when a person REGISTERS to vote.
    – At registration, the voter gets a voter number which is also entered into the voting system … I know, because I have a voter ID # and the ballot mailed to me had my voter ID number on it, already!
    – When the voter wants to cast a vote, he (she) has to provide this voting number
    – The voter can vote in person, absentee, mail-in, or any other way, the voter number must be on the ballot.
    So was this a corrupt, stollen election? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
    All b.s. videos that have been shown of ‘boxes of ballots appearing from underneath tables are misinterpreted by morons or spun in to conspiracies by propagandists (like the author of this article) as ‘proof’ of fraud when it is simply how the process worked in some places, ACCORDING TO LAW! For example, some places were directed BY LAW to count all the election day, vote-in-person ballots first and ONLY after they were done with those to then pull out the boxes of absentee/mail-in votes and count those last. So do these videos show the truth? ABSOLUTELY; the truth being that once the in-person votes were counted, they pulled out the boxes of absentee/mail-in votes so they could count those too … you know: COUNT EVERY VOTE!

    • Hmmm, rather funny that those mailed in votes in states that used dominion machines had 104% of that areas voting. In other words, there were more votes than people eligible to vote. It’s not the vote that counts, it is the people who count the vote that matters. Those same areas changed the rules to suit their purpose instead of their state legislatures, so your whole premise is null and void. I like sheep like you by the way.

    • The same “monkeying around with IDs” that occurs regularly at checkout registers, bank counters, gun shops, airports, car dealers, casinos, liquor stores, cigarette sales, bars and pubs, and damned near every other establishment, literally billions of time per year in the U.S. with no problem whatsoever?

      Yeah, except that recockulous assertion makes the rest of your response come crashing down with a thud.

      You have to assert your identity and sign in to vote in person at a polling place. Everyone being required to hold up a verified ID simultaneously and poll workers and watchers checking it during that process would take an additional 0.2 seconds, or less.

      Democrats hate voter ID: QED.
      With it, they can’t manufacture electronic votes, and they can’t register and tally the votes of the dead, and the imaginary, nor pull out boxes of ginned up ballots churned out at the copier shop, instead of by actual living eligible voters.

      100+ other countries have more stringent voter ID laws than the U.S., and manage to pull off free, fair, and honest elections year after year.

      The U.S. system gets us fraudulence so obvious it’s visible from space, like the the claimed victory of His Fraudulence the 1st, Biden.

      F+ effort. No sale.
      Better luck next time.

    • First of all, you don’t say what state you’re from. Some states have had mail-in ballots for years, and worked the kinks out of the system. But, several of the swing states instituted the mail-in ballot system for the first time for the 2020 election. Already, a recipe for disaster.

      As far as your saying there are explanations for each discrepancy claimed by the President’s defenders, there is a huge question. A vote recount is simply recounting the ballots in front of you. A vote audit is an in-depth examination of each ballot, including it’s link to the voter and verification of the voter’s identity and eligibility. Do you recall the major complaint of President Trump’s advisers on the famous Georgia telephone call: “Why won’t you let us see the original material to allow us to verify the validity?”

      Georgia wasn’t the only state to hide the actual evidence. The Michigan legislature is beginning its own investigation into voting fraud. The Arizona Senate is trying to issue not only subpoenas, but arrest warrants for the Board of Elections of swing county Maricopa County for obstruction into investigation of the election.

      The Democrats are pushing national legislation to strip voting safeguards from even those states wishing to maintain reasonable voting standards.

      The voting fraud that took place took place mainly in urban areas known for their machine domination of local government.

      The election was obviously stolen. The Time article on the conspiracy to rig the election gave a detailed blueprint on the organization necessary to handle the details, even if it didn’t document the actual fraud, which would have been stupid.

  12. Ah yes, just as cONGRESS does when it comes to (no longer) passing a budget…….kick that [vulgar intensifier] can on down the road, the grifting mutts of Cuckservative Inc. got’s dollars to make, nigga!

  13. I lived in Western NY for the first 40 years of my life. I moved to TN 5 years ago.
    You will not be collecting guns peacefully here. New Yorkers will turn them in just like they did their hi-cap magazines… but you’ll never get them from Tennessee. Trust me. This territory will become ungovernable.

  14. Classic alarmism, no doubt similar things were being said (but insert right wing policies gone wild) by the left when Trump was elected and controlled both the House and Senate. The Republicans are projected to take back the house in two years and balance will be restored. We already experienced real shortages of daily goods in the US last year during Covid not to mention during World War II so no, if that happened a year from now it would not be the first time in US history. Some silly laws are no doubt coming but nobody is getting put in box cars, everybody simmer down.

  15. Just a FYI

    Australians didn’t hand in “all their guns”. I personally own 15

    The restriction was on semi-automatic long arms and pump action shotguns. Lever, pump, break and bolt actions were still legal.

    But to the point about guns being handed in. Most states didn’t keep records. One state did record the number and type of guns imported. There were more SKS’s imported into that one state than all the guns of every type handed in across the country. The ban appears to just have restricted city folk and new shooters

    • WRONG about handing in our guns. Firearms are not registered (except maybe NY City). Attempts at registration were dismal failures, even in NY State and Connecticut. Gun owners ignored them, except for maybe 10% in those liberal states.

      Americans will not be disarmed by the government.

  16. I’ll weigh in on some of the outstanding questions.

    Hitler ran on a partly socialist ticket in 1932. A major component of his coalition was the brown shirt street fighters, the SA, led by Ernst Rohm, a revolutionary socialist. The SA was used to not only protect the Nazi sympathizers from the Communists, but to create the chaos that drove many Germans to support someone who promised to end the violence and disorder.

    Once Hitler became chancellor, he lost interest in the revolutionary planks of his platform, and focused on gaining the support of, and creating a coalition with, the German industrialists and the German military aristocracy. The industrialists kept their companies, under the condition they supported the policies of the government. This government-megacorporation partnership is classic fascism.

    For Rohm, the real revolutionary socialist, Hitler was selling out. Rohm had his own army, was openly and publicly criticizing Hitler for selling out, and was alienating Hitler’s coalition partners, the military aristocrats, not to mention the German middle class, what was left of it. So, Hitler was pushed into a corner. Rohm’s army was fanatically loyal to Rohm, and Hitler’s support depended on the alliance with traditional Germans. As a consequence, Hitler instituted the “Night of the Long Knives” where he used the German army and police to wipe out the SA and assassinate Rohm.

    I doubt if there will be a Night of the Long Knives in our current situation. There are plenty of socialist critics of Biden’s “moderation”, but the prominent critics, like Bernie Sanders, AOC or even the rest of the “squad” do not have a militant following that presents a threat. Hard to imagine AOC presenting a physical threat to anyone. The real analogy to the SA, Antifa, is an amorphous collection of local groups without an identified charismatic leader. Antifa can be handled by local security very easily whenever the will is present to do so.

    In other words, there is no group presenting the type of threat that Hitler encountered from the SA.

    I think Numan is right on target in his prediction of a coup, except I think the coup has already begun. We are being governed by anonymous executive orders drafted by unknown people who don’t answer questions. It seems obvious to me the National Guard presence in Washington is not to protect the government from outsiders, but to ensure there is an overwhelming force in the capital that is not connected to the Washington DC mayor, nor to the legislators. The Washington mayor is a rabid leftist, but the leaders of government, whoever they are, don’t want her to have the final power to decide matters. The National Guard is there to make sure the local government doesn’t get uppity. Also, if any Democrat legislators get second thoughts, they will also find themselves blocked by the military, with no recourse.

  17. Unbelievable the amount of Bolshevik brainwashing being spewed here.
    You folks deserve every bit of what’s coming your way, you are doing the Bolsheviks work for them.

  18. The long march through the institutions is complete.
    How do we know Barry Soetoro Obama ever won any election?
    The Covidiocracy is to bring in the Clown World Order.
    As for the Nazis they weren’t called the Brown Bolsheviks (brown SA uniforms) for nothing.
    The brownshirts or SA were the useful idiots for the SS-State and the industrialists and Wehrmacht (army) feared the wrong uniforms as they thought that the SA would be a competing army.
    They were purged during the night of the long knives in 1933 by the SS.
    Who will be the Praetorian Guard for the CPUSA commucrats?
    The FBI? BLM? Local snitches or informers with a grudge against ol’ YT?

    • You’ve already proven you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      The Wehrmacht is the Armed Forces, composed of the Heer (Army), Luftwaffe (Airforce) and Kriegsmarine (Navy).

      • Put that in past tense. Germans don’t use the word anymore, and get a bit huffy with you if you do.

        • Ich glaube die Deutschen brauchen alle diesen worte heute auch, auserdem Wehrmacht.

          [This is an English-language blog. In future please comment in English, or include a translation.

          Machine translation:

          “I think the Germans need all of these words today, including the Wehrmacht.” ]

          • Your translation [is inadequate], and I don’t need a lecture about how they do it in Germany.

          • Just keep on going the way you have been, and eventually I’ll get tired of taking the time to redact your obscenities and machine-translate your foreign-language text.

            Furthermore, I’ve been removing your email address from the URL field in the comment form, where you keep putting it for some reason, which otherwise would have exposed your address to anyone who cared to notice. Perhaps that wouldn’t matter to you, but I’ve been doing it anyway.

            Not for much longer, though. I have better things to do with my time. Deleting the comment is much quicker and simpler.

          • What’s even more annoying is listening to an American describe life in 1930’s Germany, it’s about as factual as a liberal describing an evening at Donald Trumps house.

  19. 3rd rate blackpilling that will give comfort to those that have already given up and nothing of value to those that haven’t.

  20. Clearly the author isn’t an American (unless you count all those North American Man-Boy inbred types that cluster in academia and the government) and doesn’t understand Americans. About six years ago Obama tried his Gestapo tactics with the BLM at the Brady ranch. He sent about 100 goons, snipers, etc to intimidate them. Unfortunately about 1,000 Americans showed up and pointed rifles at them. It was Lexington all over again. Some ATF type realized dying for Obama wasn’t worth his pension and ran with his tail between his ratlegs taking his lemmings with him.

    We are the edge of a civil war. Which group will win. My bet is on the one that knows which bathroom to use, believes military service is honorable, spends hours up to their knees in a swamp waiting for the perfect shot, does not use pronouns in their resumes, understands the difference between a magazine and a clip. Most of all the group that doesn’t play the black national anthem, that takes the knee for God but not Antifa, that honors our fallen soldiers and police has moral supremacy over the group that believes selling arms involves dead babies.

    My guess is the author must be Canadian. A nation that is comprised of the French and British and distilled and recombined the worst features of both.

    • You must have neglected to read my intro to the essay: “Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan”.

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