You Have Been Couped

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan takes a look at the current political débâcle in the USA from the perspective of someone with plenty of experience in military coups.

You have been couped

by H. Numan

Folks, I have lived exactly 25 years in Thailand. In those years I witnessed three coups, and at least four coup attempts. During the six week siege of the center of Bangkok in 2009 I stayed well within the besieged area, at home. Pretty lonely. Only my partner, two security guards and I were there. Everybody else in the building had left for safer places. Even the receptionists. Just before the siege began I saw the evacuation of Asean leaders in the Royal Cliff Resort by helicopters. At that moment I was in the house of a friend, on the other side of the Bay of Pattaya. I was just able to leave on the last bus going back to Bangkok. Literally on the wings of the revolution. The bus drove in a caravan of taxis loaded with Thaksin supporters, also on the way to Bangkok. I won’t say I’m an expert in coups and revolutions, but I do have a lot more experience with them than most people.

What happened in America was a coup. Welcome in the new Democratic Republic of the United States of America!

We know for 100% certain the elections were rigged. The problem is how to prove it. Bigger problem: how to get judges deliver an unbiased verdict. Most judges prefer to stay out of political turmoil. Just look at the OJ Simpson case. His lawyer very cleverly played the race card. It gave him a get out of jail free card. Was he guilty? Of course. But the court preferred to rule on the safe side in a politicized trial. Just as is happening now.

America doesn’t have egg on his face; it’s far worse than that. Uncle Sam is completely covered in manure. The leader of the free world, apostle of free and fair elections worldwide, can’t hold free and fair elections itself! I’m beginning to believe the bible actually is true: the dead perhaps didn’t walk the streets of Jerusalem (Matthew 27:50-54). They surely walked the streets of Georgia and Arizona in order to vote for Biden. The dead even rose twice in Georgia. After voting for Biden, they returned to quickly vote in two ‘Democrat’ senators. The devil came down to Georgia, looking for some votes to steal.

The icing on the coup — it definitely was one — is the coup de grâce administered by Republican senators. Had they held firm, Trump wouldn’t have to leave his office disgraced. Better learn to live with it, because the slaveholders finally won. Never forget the Democrat party was and is the party supporting slavery. It was and is the party of the Ku Klux Klan. It was and is the party of Antifa. It took 150 years, but finally the South rose again!

What you experienced was a soft coup. Why do you think Biden hid in his basement? He knew he didn’t have to campaign to win. That means the whole election was rigged long before covid came along. That was just a handy excuse. Forget any notion of ‘Biden got the idea of using the covid pandemic for his own benefit‘. This kind of fraud requires a lot of planning and organization. Supposing there was no covid pandemic, he would have stolen the election anyway.

For you who don’t know much about coups, some information:

  • You don’t need a professional army to commit one. A drafted army will do very nicely, as any Thai general can confirm. All it requires is iron discipline. Every year several drafted Thai soldiers die due to extreme physical abuse. Believe me: it’s no fun being a Thai private.
  • You don’t need massive popular support, or any at all. In Thailand support comes from the elite, the army itself and you-know-who. Actually, the 2006 coup was the first in Thai history where the people supported the generals. In America support comes from the extreme left, the media, civil servants and big tech. Not from the general population.
  • You don’t need a large group to commit the coup. Most coups are like a mugging, but on a larger scale. A hit with a baseball bat on the head. Knock your opponent out before he can react. That’s why most coups always take place at night or very early in the morning. Very fast, with a massive show of force, occupying the communication centers, the seat of government and transportation centers (railway stations, airports). You don’t need a lot of people to do that. The US coup is a soft coup, which works differently.
  • A soft coup is letting someone else do your dirty work for you. In Thailand we have those infamous lèse-majesté laws. When Thaksin was prime minister, he used those laws for his own benefit. Any critic of his governance was criticizing the king, as he was the direct representative of the king. So, a lot of people were dragged in court and convicted. He didn’t even have to lift a finger. All he had to do was instruct the police on what to do. The juridical apparatus does everything else. That is what is happening right now in America.
  • The army, the police and civil servants always support the current government, no matter who that might be. Some individuals may not do that, but the institutions do. We Dutch have a lot of experience with that. The army not so much; that was taken into captivity. However, our police and civil servants more than made up for it. We didn’t have a large Quisling movement (NSB, Nationaal Socialistische Beweging) in the country. Our quislings were civil servants and the police. As you are about to discover very soon yourself…
    Oh, before I forget. Once the problems are over, they are rarely prosecuted. As they were humble public servants, just doing their duty. It took 25 years before the Dutch police had cleaned itself and got rid of their NSB image. Nearly all NSBers were prosecuted and sentenced to lengthy jail terms. Very few Dutch policemen were prosecuted.
  • It’s very important to give the enemy a way to escape. No enemy is more dangerous than a cornered enemy. Always, always, always give him an escape route. Otherwise, he has nothing to lose and fights until his death. Not a problem, but that could possibly incur your death. Even better, a fleeing enemy is the best target there is. Most victims don’t fall in battle, but after the battle is over and turned into a rout. Your escape route is: better luck next time. Only there is no next time. No more Republicans will be elected president. From now on, every American president will be a International Socialist Democrat.

So what will happen? At first, not a lot. Biden will mumble the oath of office. He’s turning senile, but that he can manage. Even if he can’t, that’s what you have a vice president for. From that moment onward, the president will be Kamala Harris. She will rule — with an iron rod. She has to.

Forget Hunter Biden’s laptop. Biden won’t be impeached. There is now a majority in both Congress and the Senate. Congress won’t impeach, the Senate will not support an impeachment. The FBI will investigate the matter ‘thoroughly’. That will take probably many years. The media will not report about this case at all. It must be forgotten. As quickly as possible.

Biden was remarkably vague about what he plans to do once in office. The only thing he wasn’t vague about was taxation. He told his audience many times taxes will go up. That will happen, and a LOT higher than you can visualize in your worst nightmares. You’re going to have Swedish tax rates. On everything. Very soon. Another thing they will borrow from European socialists: you can tax people into good behavior. By taxing what you don’t like. Socialists don’t like much. So expect and prepare for the very worst.

Harris — forget Biden, he’s a nonentity — will appoint more judges to the Supreme Court. Probably six. Currently there is a conservative majority of six judges. Within a few weeks, that will be a majority of nine progressive judges. Forever. It is possible to change that figure later, but it won’t be easy.

Next on the agenda are two new states: Washington DC and Puerto Rico. That gives the ‘Democrats’ a permanent majority in the Senate. Forever. It may be theoretically possible to overturn Washington DC, but not Puerto Rico. It’s impossible to change that. That damage is permanent.

Another item that very quickly will be resolved is the privilege of not to having to bear arms. You didn’t hear the ‘Democrats’ about that? Really? You must be living under a stone! Just about the only thing every Democrat, left, right and center, agree on are very strict gun laws. Look back to Nazi Germany. European gun laws were always pretty strict, but Hitler disarmed Germany in a matter of weeks, after gaining power. The new US National Socialists (‘Democrats’) will not hesitate to disarm America. It’s something they have wanted for decades.

This will take a couple of months to achieve. No more than that. After that, the gloves come off. Expect very serious “hate crime” legislation. A hate crime is anything comrade Harris and the Democrats don’t like. Whatever that might be.

Again, forget ‘better luck next time’. There won’t be a next time. Once the Supreme Court and the Senate are rigged, that is forever. Sure, there will be new elections. And some (tame) Republican will be allowed to run. Just for appearance sake. But he won’t win. He can’t win. The new system will not allow it. We also have plenty of elections in Thailand and The Netherlands. Where the outcome is assured before the voting begins. You will enjoy the same. That will be the new normal. Better get used to it.

What most people tend to forget is that progressives operate under a very different set of rules. We have to obey the law, no matter what. That is our weak point. If we don’t obey law, who will? What else is a conservative but someone who follows law and order? Progressives know that, and exploit that to the max. They themselves operate under a very different set of rules: “Anything goes, as long as we gain control.” Basically, Trump was campaigning with his hands tied behind his back. He could and did lead the best campaign ever. Completely useless, because the left simply frauded itself into office. That is a good example of using a different set of rules.

Churchill said prophetically: the fascists of tomorrow are the antifascists of today. The antifascists have taken over America. It will be a long and very bloody fight to get rid of them. Progressives shouldn’t jeer. Revolutions always eat their own children.

Of course conservatives will be sent to reeducation camps. That’s a given. Biden supporters are already making lists of who will be arrested. Reeducated, as they say. However, so will progressives. They will join them, sooner than they expect. Hitler didn’t hesitate to open camps, once he was voted into office. Neither will the ‘Democrats’. With plenty of room for disgruntled progressives.

Now as to the why. This soft coup wasn’t a revolution. It was a coup. Thai coups are always committed by the elites. Usually for financial gain. The US coup was also an elite coup. Instead of the army, they used middle class wannabe elites to do their dirty work.

Why are the media supporting Biden Harris? Simply because they are losing customers, and bashing Trump is good for their dying business. Newspapers are closing down worldwide. Bashing Trump and promoting Harris Biden makes business sense. They hope Harris will reward them with subsidies. Otherwise they will have to close down. Dead tree (= paper) media is something of the past. Like the horse and buggy. All they can try is to postpone the inevitable. Harris will need good propagandists, so some might survive.

Big tech companies know very well Trump would, in his second term, split them up. They have an insane amount of power. They expect to be rewarded for their support. Completely irrational. Especially progressives know no gratitude. They are merciless themselves. The very first thing on the agenda of the Harris administration will be to severely limit the power of big tech companies. No government on earth can tolerate commercial companies defying them. Yes, the Trump administration was not able to control Twitter and Facebook. Simply because they didn’t have the time to act on it. The Harris administration will absolutely not allow that to happen again.

That’s for the higher-ups in the big tech companies. The rank and file are diehard vastly overpaid progressives. One forces the other. Big tech companies recruit progressives. If you’re not progressive, you won’t get a job there. Simple as that. The floor, however, forces the management to do things they’d be better not to do. For example, Twitter’s shutting down of Trump’s account was not a smart move. Something the Twitter management simply had to do, to satisfy their employees. As I wrote in the previous paragraph, this will backfire. I guarantee it.

Why did high-ranking government officials (FBI, State, CIA, Defense, the courts, etc.) support the coup? Pure greed and self-interest. Your FBI committed high treason. Heads would have rolled, had Trump been reelected. Not having to go to jail is a powerful incentive. They also expect gratitude from Harris. Will they get it? Probably.

One person is not going to be happy, though: Xi Jinping, Biden’s paymaster. Trump maneuvered in such a way that Harris has no choice but to follow. America is on the brink of war with China. Something that Xi Jinping can do very well without. His game for world dominance is not ready for war. Not yet, that is. Otherwise he wouldn’t have invested in a senile dotard.

— H. Numan

53 thoughts on “You Have Been Couped

  1. You forgot the Supreme Court. They knew about Pennsylvania’s legal chicanery one year before the election and did nothing. If not collusion the Supreme Court is guilty of conspiracy and complicity before the fact, of the election, if not outright premeditated collusion.

    • Even Trumps appointments.
      Trump screwed up with Barrett,
      Claimed she didn’t participate in the Pennsylvania case because she didn’t have time to read the briefs after she was sworn in, and yet the briefs were public record she could have read them before time she chose not to to dodge the case.
      No wonder the swamp creatures were all smiles at her announcement

  2. One of the saddest, most infuriating essays I have ever read.

    My biggest fear is that the author is correct.l

    • Seneca: Don’t take counsel of your fears. America is not Thailand. Americans are not into submission. We do our coups differently, around here. Bigger. Better. And we’ve got Lady Gaga.

    • The difference here, between the USA and Nazi Germany is in the ‘nationalism’ of the Nazis.

      The left has demonized and vilified the white male, especially those who carry guns. This did not happen in Germany, indeed, I expect that more young boys/teenagers came in contact with guns than ever before, but under very controlled circumstances.

      The American ‘white’ male is destined to be ‘excluded’ from Leftist society and knows it, he has no alternative but to fight back, but the German ‘white’ male was the epitome of ‘Leftist’ society of the Nazis.

      The question really is, can the US ‘white’ male gun owners unite behind a common leadership and co-ordinate in a way that presents a clear and present danger to the current coup and its supporters?

      The elites will quite happily expend the lives of the wannabes, but they will not want to risk their own lives.

      It is very easy to turn average middle age men into a death squad –

      and the book is here:-

      • Another thing many people aren’t taking into consideration —

        Behind almost every American white male there is an American white female.

        And we have been buying guns of our own for many years now.

        And we know how to use them.

    • The right is going to give up their weapons as soon as the local sheriff knocks on their door.

      That “from my cold dead hands” thing is just bravado.

      Hundreds of armed citizens march through Virginia to demonstrate against the Governor gun grab, and what happen? The law was approved anyway.

      The police is not going to fight an open battle with American gun owners. They are going to confiscate your weapons one house at the time. One gun owner against ten officers? Good luck with that.

      • In the past that might have been true, not today, we watched as the country was stolen away from us and the white man is very bloody angry, even those in law enforcement and the military are scaring their leaders because they know once the shooting starts, most of them will side with the angry white male and shoot their leaders.
        Once a police chief or mayor of a city decides to confiscate weapons, it’s open season and none of those leaders will know what hit them. Heck, they can’t even stop the weapons flowing into every commiecrat city near you with strict gun control laws. The police will play a game of, we went there and didn’t find any, so they don’t get killed, those who go through with following orders will quickly find themselves targets and so will their families and homes, this won’t be Queensbury rules and strict rules of engagement, it will be a gloves are off and no mercy. Plus let us not forget the millions of combat vets who will quickly break up into death squads making every leader hide in bunker afraid to show themselves. Yes my friend, we are now in a very dangerous place and about to get really nasty. Once everything is said and done, we won’t recognize this country for the strong and extremely ruthless will rule and they will Purge everyone who sided, voted and supported the left with a bloody passion not seen in a millennia. Mark my words, it is coming, so the choice comes down to? Will you be the sheep for slaughter? Or will you be the Wolf ready to feast like no tomorrow?
        It is just a small question now of who opens fires first??

      • On the other hand, when the Virginia Governor went too far, the country sheriffs publicly spoke up and said they would not enforce new rules involving restriction of second amendment liberties. We are seeing this pushback by country sheriffs in Florida and California. My hope is that this will continue, as well as local defense groups whose role is to protect their towns and neighborhoods from roving Blantifa.

      • Your premise is exceptionally wrong and is going to get many confiscators killed if they believe what you write. Which they don’t.

        The American populace is well armed, angry and won’t tolerate house to house confiscations.

      • The law was approved, correct.
        How many guns have been confiscated under said law?

        I’ll wait….

        The previous poster has a better feel for the pulse of this nation. Trust me, I live in the South. They will not take these guns peacefully, it will come to shooting, if they choose to try. That is not bravado and bluster. These people are my neighbors, I know them. Some will give them up, but not all.
        That will be the shot heard ’round the world. When Billy Bobs 1000-strong family surrounds the 150 fedguv storm troopers sent to take grand pappys BAR. Won’t be no Waco or Ruby Ridge, I can tell you that.

      • Nine, eight, seven, etc.
        Because after the first one or two such raids, the police / raiders will preemptively shoot anyone in the house, to ensure their own safety, with predictable actions by those who expect to be raided.
        At that point, there may be those who would seek to carry the fight to the command, control, and logistics of the raiders’ and their government.

        • After one or two raids, the cops become fair game. A single person or family can’t stand up to them and win. They will instead go hunting. Someone knows where they live. The local politicians who cravenly push for confiscation, we know where they live and who their family members are. Someone knows the local Karens who will turn people in and where they live.

          It will not be two sides shooting each other. It will be a hunting expedition for one of the 80,000,000 million gunowners. But the authorities won’t know who and where. Remember, smart gunowners have no registered weapons. Soft targets will be anyone in any capacity who assisted the coup. That includes Big Tech employees, school officials, politicians and their staff, and families will not be off limits.

          Read One Man’s War, Unintended Consequences, When the Music Stops, and What Good is a Handgun Against and Army. 20 million hunting licenses are bought every year. That is more people than in the 5 largest armies in the world. People with the weapons and the will to use them, can stop the coup. The questions is will we?

      • Depends on the Sheriff. In my county the Sheriff has been very adamant about his support for the Second Amendment.

  3. I expect unexpected things to happen that will break the commies in the USA. The mindpower of so many free people cannot be underestimated and will materialize in very strong resistance. The bitterness of free Americans, that one can feel in the air now, does not signal surrender. On the contrary: it signals that they feel helpless at the moment but their soul has not been defeated: so they will find the means to fight back.

    • They have been left with no outlet, exit, or options. They have been backed into a corner. They will fight to get out of it when the time comes.

  4. You kind of lost educated readers by demonizing the American South and repeating the myth that Hitler disarmed Germany. He didn’t-the corrupt Weimar Republic did that.

  5. A terrifyingly well written article. There are two things that give me a sliver of hope. First, the US is a big freaking country. As in huge. Yes, the USSR is/was bigger, but most of the population was in smaller centers. We’re scattered all over the place. That doesn’t make it impossible for the commies, but it will complicate things.

    Second, we are armed to the teeth. The estimates of 400 million guns in private hands are likely low by 100-150 million. And ammo? Yeah, we got that. Again, doesn’t make it impossible, but it makes it harder.

    Blue states and big cities will fall first. The red and rural areas will be harder to tame. Hell, there may even be a few county sheriffs that stand up to the commies.

    If they back us into a corner with no escape and we finally come out swinging, it’s going to be a awful mess. That’s what I’m afraid of, anyway.

    • Wars, insurgencies and guerilla actions are always bloody, brutal, nasty business, but this is where we are now and nobody is going to escape it.

      • I’m reminded of something I read recently. We voted our way into this mess – now we have to shoot our way out.

  6. I do agree with you. No one should be that certain of a conclusion like that. The situation in America is different.

  7. Great article! What will be interesting to see is if the Progressives will dump Joe Biden once they have assumed power. They have no problem discarding problematic supporters once their value to them is greatly exceeded by their baggage. They cannot do this too much however, because then even their supporters will begin to mistrust their own party. Loyalty above all is important.

    Biden with his frequent gaffes, history of corruption, and inherent stupidity is quite a lot of baggage for a group that has to pretend to be some sort of moral and intellectual superior. While Obama filled this role nicely, Biden does not. I think Biden knows this better than anyone, therefore I don’t expect him to be in power very long. He will either be removed, or dismiss himself. I’m guessing the later, as it saves face for the party, and it can remain loyal to him in return.

    Mr. Numan is quite correct in stating that the Democrat party is the same party of 1860. The society of the south was one that mirrored the established English class system of aristocracy, slaves, and the common man. The Progressives see themselves as the harbinger of a new order of law, morality, and class, whereby they are the new aristocracy that will dictate to and rule over the commoners, due to their total arrogance and self belief in their own intellectual superiority. Same skunk, different stripes. They have laid all their cards on the table and await what those that oppose them will play in return. I have no expectation of the military or the police doing anything other than what their masters tell them. It’s been that way throughout history.

  8. “Big tech companies know very well Trump would, in his second term, split them up.”
    Really ? Why wpuld they be so afraid of trump now in an hypothetically second term ? Twitter (not alone) was censoring him and many others for more than a year now… So why trump did not tear them down in smaller pieces during his first term ? Why trump waited and for what ? I think trump did not do that, because trump was just such good at talking only…. not the first politician to have this feature.

    “They have an insane amount of power. They expect to be rewarded for their support. Completely irrational. Especially progressives know no gratitude. They are merciless themselves. The very first thing on the agenda of the Harris administration will be to severely limit the power of big tech companies.”
    I do not think so. But if this will be the case, we shall also have the shame to thank the demoncrats for achieving what the trump/republican administration was not able to reach in 4 years.

    • He couldn’t do it because Pelosi wouldn’t have let the necessary legislation through the House.

      The current crew won’t do it, not because they can’t, but because they ALREADY control them. If they stepped out of line, they’d crush them, have no doubt.

  9. Well, I agree with Numan’s essay, or at least the idea of it. It still seems unbelievable to me that Trump would simply sit down and shut up at this point, after fighting the globalist parasites so valiantly for so long, and knowing what they’re going to do to him and his family if Numan’s essay becomes reality. Anything is possible.

    • He may be having a “deer in the headlights” moment.

      The man has been betrayed by pretty much everyone other than his “street-level” supporters.

      He has a lot more backbone than most for this kind of thing, but it must get depressing to him, like it would to anyone else (much before).

      Knowing him, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him having some plan up his sleeve for the long term, but keep in mind, he’s only human.

  10. Well written and on point. The only frustrating thing I see is the Golden Golem stumbling around in this mess when he has the power of the Insurrection Act and his foreign-interference EO to stop this in its tracks.
    He has the power as CIC to federalize every member of the thousands of Weekend Warrior/Meal Team6 wannabes currently stretched out supine on the floors of Congress. The USMC Commandant told Pelosi to go fly a kite when she wanted his personnel to participate in this Clown Show. So what gives? What is he waiting for? Anybody have an answer, or is this whole matter moot? Bleib ubrig.

    • He does not have the support of people who would have to do the actual work of taking over and forcing the issue. He’s done.

      I wonder if Numan is right about Big Tech being reined in. If the banksters still run the show, maybe. But if they have become afraid of Big Tech, then… all they will do is say to Harris, you and what army?

    • Trump was chosen to discredit nationalism, and lead us to defeat.

      He played his role very well.

      Q and Q anon are psyop straight out of Langley.

      We have been played.

  11. Wow, comments are still allowed here – for how long, Baron? Anyway – I do not share the dark pessimism of the author but in the description of the majority of those points Numan is probably spot on. But it’s hard to predict any future denouement thinking we can just extrapolate the present and pinpoint the most logical outcomes – that’s not how the stochasticity of natural phenomena works.

    Alas, difficult times for the Land of the Free even if I try hard to be a bit more upbeat.

  12. Very logical essay, with very logical conclusion. We Hungarians are experienced the very same thing in 1947. Stolen election, then cleansing and +40 years of sheer terror. I think the USA version will be worse with worldwide effects. God help us!

  13. This whole essay reads like a death sentence for a great many people. Difficult to read, swallow, and digest, but a lot of it is truth. You, Baron, are telling people something they don’t want to hear, but need to. If you were to ask me, I would tell you that my enemies should come out and fight like men. It is a good day to die.

  14. Thank you. In theses depressing times it’s helpful somebody can lay out the situation in clear and precise terms. Especially now when I ask myself, how did this happen ?

  15. After all successfully engineered Marxist revolutions a period of time will be used to consolidate power. Then the true nature of what has just happened will hit. The population will undergo an intensive government overhaul of all information. Those who are identified as not conforming will be re-educated. Those who resist the new truth will be removed permanently by the new regime. Members of my family have first hand experience with Marxist outcomes. If you’re thinking that we’ll win in the midterms ask yourself, when did Cuba,Vietnam, China, Venezuela last conduct a fair election. A friend from anEastern European country states. Americans have no idea what just happened. Another young woman from Poland told me her mother cried last night. She thought she had excaped her long nightmare only to find it had followed her here.

    • As a “survivor” of 40 years of socialism in Europe and thoroughly educated in “scientific communism” (we even had to have it as our minor alongside my major in CS) I must say – you are correct. I still defy to believe that the shiny star of the Land of the Free, the flag we as teenagers associated with the freedoms we dreamed about, is succumbing to the very same totalitarianism I had experienced in the 1970s and 80s, but – the evidence is overwhelmingly growing by the day. Look at the Left here: they are not in the saddle yet, and what they already do!

      • “Scientific Communism” = “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”.

        Different name, same thing.

        It’s here already.

  16. Today’s threat to our national security is not a matter of military weapons alone. We know of other methods, new methods of attack. The Trojan Horse. The Fifth Column that betrays a nation unprepared for treachery. Spies, saboteurs and traitors are the actors in this new strategy. . . .

    But there is an added technique for weakening a nation at its very roots, for disrupting the entire pattern of life of a people. And it is important that we understand it.

    The method is simple. It is, first, discord, a dissemination of discord. A group – not too large – a group that may be sectional or racial or political – is encouraged to exploit its prejudices through false slogans and emotional appeals. The aim of those who deliberately egg on these groups is to create confusion of counsel, public indecision, political paralysis and eventually, a state of panic.

    Sound national policies come to be viewed with a new and unreasoning skepticism, not through the wholesome debates of honest and free men, but through the clever schemes of foreign agents.

    As a result of these new techniques, armament programs may be dangerously delayed. Singleness of national purpose may be undermined. Men can lose confidence in each other, and therefore lose confidence in the efficacy of their own united action. Faith and courage can yield to doubt and fear. The unity of the state can be so sapped that is strength is destroyed.

    All this is no idle dream. It has happened time after time, in nation after nation, here in the last two years. . . . [N]ew forces are being unleashed, deliberately planned propagandas to divide and weaken us in the face of danger as other nations have been weakened before.

    These dividing forces I do not hesitate to call undiluted poison.

    FDR, Fireside Chat, 26th May, 1940.

  17. Baron, in your opinion, will all of the military comply? Or will they fragment as in the Civil War?

    • Yes. Looking back at history, most of the military and police will comply with the current government. Some may not, but not many. Not enough to make a difference. That’s what’s happened in every country where the left stole elections.

    • In my personal opinion with 35 years of working in the military, civilian law enforcement and private military security contracting. You will see the military and law enforcement fracture when the shooting starts. Law enforcement and military leaders are scared to death of their men and women,for they have very strong leanings and total support towards Trump and his America first agenda and are extremely angry that they see the fraud of an election taken from them, so yes, depending on units and their leaders, it will be a complete crap shoot on who stands where and with whom?

      In Western Europe, it won’t matter which political leader is in charge shortly, for once things go bad, and they will in my very humble opinion, the military will take over and be forced to make things right. It could very well happen in the US.

      • To me, it’s fairly obvious that “Defund the Police” movements were actually set up for the purpose of getting rid of the current (right-leaning) police and to replace them by left-leaning People’s Commissars controlled by the left (they’ll called them “Armed Response Social Work Teams” (ARSWT) or some such, for short… but they’ll just be People’s Commissars.

        • I’m replying to myself, because I found a better acronym: Armed Response Social Engagement Services (ARSES) teams. Or maybe just Armed Social Services (ASS) teams. Armed Social Service Holistic Outreach Legal Enforcement (ASSHOLE) teams might also come into play.

        • To people like me, those commissars are called targets, and it will be a very target rich environment if the left decide to go through with their defund the police nonsense. Sure they could give bright eyed useful idiots authority hell bent on spreading the marxist agenda, but when they run into rough hard men used to extreme violence that use it with ruthless efficiency, that will end very quickly.

        • All such similarities with the history of bolshevism are just plain ominous. Coming to us, no doubt about it. All the signals, portents – already here.
          My only hope is that it is not possible to destroy America completely in just a couple of years of a totally leftist and communism-leaning government – a process that had taken place in Europe in the late 1940s and was – alas – way too successful for the Left.

  18. Maybe Biden ran because he was made to run. Maybe someone essentially taped a picture of a prison cell and a quarter to his door – the peso and a bullet option. Just repeat all of the statements people say about Biden and ponder how he even thought he would win.

  19. “ Harris — forget Biden, he’s a nonentity — will appoint more judges to the Supreme Court. Probably six. Currently there is a conservative majority of six judges. Within a few weeks, that will be a majority of nine progressive judges. Forever. It is possible to change that figure later, but it won’t be easy.”

    This won’t happen. Packing the Supreme Court isn’t about packing the Supreme Court.

    It’s about keeping the Supreme Court perpetually in fear of packing the court.

    It’s a threat the Democrats will use as leverage to make them cave on their agenda.

    FDR did this during the New Deal when court-packing failed.

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