Jew-Hatred in Sweden and the Netherlands

Gary Fouse has translated three articles about Jew-hatred — much of it culture-enriching — in the Netherlands and Sweden.

First, from Nyheter Idag, a story about schools in the Swedish city of Malmö:

Report reveals anti-Semitism in Malmö schools: “It was Arab pupils who had a craze for Hitler”

Malmö — A recent report shows that hate against Jewish pupils comes mainly from peers from the Middle East. The Jewish pupils are held responsible for Israel’s policy in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Linking the Israel-Palestinian conflict with Malmö’s Jews is something that top Social Democrat politicians have previously done.

“It would help if the Jewish community distanced itself from Israel’s actions in Gaza. That would help a whole lot, I think.”

The words of Jamal El-Hajs, a current member of Parliament for the Social Democrats, at a demonstration in 2010, in an interview with Svenska Dagbladet. At the same demonstration, he called for a boycott of Israeli products and praised party colleague Ilmar Reepalu’s “courage”. Reepalu has on several occasions gotten in trouble for statements about Jews and Israel, including when he questioned whether a tennis match between Sweden and Israel should be played in Malmö.

Now a new report shows that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is central to anti-Semitism in Malmö’s schools. The report also shows that it is not only pupils — especially Arab pupils with a background in the Middle East and especially with connections to the Palestinian territories — but also school personnel who are anti-Semitic.

“From a couple of sources also come specific reports of anti-Semitic jargon among personnel groups,” writes report author Mirjam Katzin, a researcher at Lund University. Katzin is also an elected representative of the Left Party in Malmö.

Katzin’s report consists partly of an interview section where she interviewed school personnel, Jewish children, and young people in the age range 10-20 years, and partly of a survey that was sent out. The goal was that all school personnel in primary and secondary schools would participate in the survey.

Katzin states that she met with unexpected resistance. Only 27 out of 63 primary school principals forwarded her survey to their personnel.

“Jews stay away from certain schools because they don’t feel safe going to those schools. There is a list of schools that are OK for Jews and those that are not. Actually, all high schools are black-listed with the exception of a few, that’s just the way it is. But you know that with this Israel/Palestine — you are going to get s*** for that in the other schools; it is so sad that it is like this,” says one pupil.

The report contains several quotes from those interviewed who point out how Arab pupils openly use anti-Semitic jargon.

“Many, when you talk to them and discuss it, can be reached. But some are deeply involved. Thus, a Jew in Malmö is the enemy. All Jews are the big enemy,” says another school employee.

The second article is from the Dutch daily De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Woke cookie baker renames Jewish Cookies as Ode Cookies because “equality and inclusivity are important!”

by Wout Willemsen
February 19, 2021

Once again a delicacy is offered up on the altar of Inclusion and Diversity. The Jewish cookie of the centuries-old Davelaar manufacturer is now an Ode Cookie because the old name “can really no longer be”. Nobody here was really asked, and even the Central Jewish Consultation never objected to the old name.

Another victim has fallen: After we were earlier forced to “kiss” (a reference to “Negro Kisses” candy), and certain lollipops had to be banned due to racism. And now the Jewish cookie is also disappearing due to alleged anti-Semitism. From now on, only Dad’s cookies are to be had in the shops. Yes Yes!

The Davelaar producer imposes this change willingly on itself, and, in its explanation, checks all the boxes on the woke bingo card.

“We live in a time in which equality and inclusivity are important values. This concept, inclusivity, does not stress the difference between people as does diversity. Inclusivity is about mutual interconnectedness. An inclusive organization is a coherent whole of people who relate to each other and identify with each other. Because we at Davelaar open our doors to anyone who is motivated to work, the name ‘Jewish cookies’ does not fit.”

The Jewish cookie comes from a traditional Jewish recipe, and the name ensures that a bit of history remains illuminated, namely, that of the Iberian-Sephardic culinary tradition in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. With that, the name also refers also to a modicum of tolerance and inclusivity because the only reason that we have Jewish cookies here is that the Jews from Spain and Portugal centuries ago had to convert or they were persecuted. Their only places of refuge at that time were the Netherlands or Scandinavia.

But Davelaar doesn’t seem to care about that aspect of history. They are just afraid that the name, “Jewish cookie” will, sooner or later, come into the crosshairs of the Woke inquisition, and therefore, impact sales numbers, therefore better safe than unsafe. Thus the arrival of Ode’s cookies.

The company bases this decision completely on their own survey they conducted “where it was revealed that the majority of the respondents, especially “the younger generation” found that the name “Jewish cookie” was no longer possible,” states Nieuwnieuws. Even the Central Jewish Consultation never reported objections to the old term.

If the “younger generation” had the slightest grasp of the rich history behind the name, they would probably (hopefully) see it quite differently. But these types of idiots think no further than “that must be racist, so get rid of it.” So companies willingly help bit by bit to make this society “offense-free”. And the average citizen gets no farther than, “Ah, what’s the difference? It is only a cake/tradition/piece of history/our culture,” and so we gradually become a meaningless uniform sausage, cut off from our roots. It is so sad, what is happening here. Who is going to stop this cookie jar phobia?

Finally, another article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Jewish restaurant HaCarmel again the victim of intimidation terror, this time in the form of anti-Semitic graffiti

Kenneth Steffers
February 27 2021

It will not stop, not by itself. Once again, the Jewish restaurant, HaCarmel, is the victim of pure intimidation. This time, no attack, confused men in front of the door, or rocks through the window, but scribbling on the window which, certainly when combined with all the incidents in the recent past, can be described as very intimidating.

Normally police don’t get out of bed for graffiti on a building, but in the context of earlier, serious anti-Semitic incidents at the Jewish restaurant HaCarmel, detectives are currently busy with a technical investigation to secure traces of the perpetrator(s). That is therefore a sign that this is an extremely serious matter.

In the recent past, several confused asylum-seekers have been arrested due to several incidents at the Jewish restaurant. The list of incidents is endlessly long, but to refresh the memory: There have been attacks committed, windows smashed, screaming, confused crazy people in front of the door, and now graffiti with the obvious meaning: “Find Jew!”

Police Amsterdam:

Tonight there was scribbling on the window of a Jewish restaurant on Amstelveensweg. Forensic investigators are at the scene, and a trace investigation has begun. Have you seen or heard anything? Contact police at 0900-8844.

The Jewish foundation CIDI reacts indignantly and angrily on Twitter to the latest incident at the restaurant.

“Shocking: For the umpteenth time, the Jewish restaurant HaCarmel has been targeted for an attack. Catering entrepreneurs are having a hard time, and now, for this restaurant, comes Jew-hatred as well. Anti-Semitism must be tackled more aggressively.”

And with that CIDI clearly has a point, for it would be too crazy for words if this restaurant, which is even recommended by Trip Advisor (Tip!) finally buckles before the terror is done. Up until now they have fortunately had a long breath because the incidents have been going on for years.

According to the owner of HaCarmel, the perpetrator of the scribbling is on video. The owner has informed Algemeen Dagblad that he will file a report. Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema has in the meantime sent a message of support. That is naturally all well and good, but we still have not solved the problem of anti-Semitism in the city of Anne Frank.

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          The Mussolini or Ceausescu Treatment would be a more appropriate use of precious bullets and saliva.

          • Ole Beria was dragged out of the Kremlin by Marshal Zhukov’s boys and Zhukov drew his pistol and shot Beria point blank and then burnt his body in front of everybody for good measure. Zhukov then had all the top echelons of the NKVD shot and disposed of like the trash they were.

  1. While I have no time for the Israeli Government who are every bit as bad as the ones in UK and USA, I have plenty of time for ordinary Israelis. It seems their Government forgets its people’s recent history and “vaccinated” most of its population and made “Covid Passports” mandatory. It is always the Jews that seem to be the first for the world’s monsters to experiment on from Mengele at Auschwitz to our current day. How many are going to die today?

    • Our Democracy has a fault point in that Knesset members are elected on a list basis, so they have no responsibility to the people and there is nobody we can effectively complain to.

      The result is that the idea of ‘representation’ does not really exist.

      Also, the PM is the first among equals, so it is the health minister who makes the decisions about vaccination, face masks and lockdowns, but to force him into line would (has) brought down the government, so we have the 5th election in 3 years in a few weeks, there will then be weeks of petty squabbling about who gets which ministry….

      The small parties can hold the majority party to ransom and demand more than their slice of the pie if they hold the balance of power….

      Net result Israel turns itself into Block 10 (Mengele experimental block)

  2. Re the first story: ignoring the rights and alleged wrongs of Israel’s behaviour, if non-Israeli Jews are to be held responsible for this, then all Muslims must be responsible for terrorist attacks in the Jihadi cause, or am I being naive?

    • You seem very confused to all peoples, religions and cultures being equal? They are not and never will be, those of the 3rd world will never be equal to us in the west, the Jews have been in the west for over 2,000 years, the bloody devil worshipers of islam have not, and every bloody time they have reared their little heads in our nations, bloodshed always follows. Every bloody muslim in our midst is a problem, jews are not, get it yet?

  3. The time for Jews to escape the coming nightmare is rapidly closing, the muslims are going to slaughter you when the reindeer games begin shortly and governments around Europe and Nort Amerika will not save you.

    • Denmark becomes the first European nation to tell Syrian refugees they must return home, saying the country is now safe. The Swedes like so many unnatural won’t really get it until after the first major assaults on significant. “Prizes” just down the road from Malmö. Muslims move. They have Turkey, the Uk and the feminists looking for a major deal. Hey anything is possible these days. Just the right deal.

      • The problem with making a deal with the devil is that the devil always gets his due.

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