You Can’t Deport Him — He Might Stub His Toe!

This new judicial hurdle may make it all but impossible to deport anyone from Germany, no matter how criminal they may be.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Is that our problem? “Livelihood not secured”: Deportation of an Afghan stopped

The Federal Constitutional Court has stopped a planned deportation of a drug addict Afghan to his homeland. The reasoning states that it has not been clarified whether a safe arrival is possible and that the man depends on support from relatives for an orderly life. Is this Germany’s problem, what awaits Afghans in their homeland, or not?

The economic situation was not exactly rosy in Afghanistan before Corona, either, which is why mostly young men came to Germany under the guise of “asylum”, whereby the asylum law is not designed to enable these alleged “asylum seekers” to have an adequate life.

This justification by the court applies in principle to all countries that are economically on a par with Afghanistan, where economic existence is not secured and therefore repatriation is not possible. A very dangerous door that you open when economic reasons are enough to justify a deportation freeze.

This court decision might almost be understood as an invitation, coming right after Merkel’s selfies.

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Deport Him — He Might Stub His Toe!

    • It will be this generation who is going to suffer, same with the old and young alike. The fun and games are just about to begin.

    • Suicidal insanity!!, they don’t care about our daughters and granddaughters Will , my head is spinning what is happening in Europe..

    • I don’t, they have wrought this upon themselves, now they will pay the price for their lack of critical thinking skills. Don’t worry, nature is going to sort this out the way it always does when weak, feckless, corrupt and traitorous wishful thinkers take charge. The days of the most utterly ruthless brilliant men are almost here.

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