A Week of Cultural Enrichment in Europe

The incidents described in the news stories below did not necessarily occur during the past week, but the translations about them all landed in my inbox during that period.

First, from Germany, yet another travesty perpetrated by a (failed) “asylum seeker”. Hellequin GB, who translated the article, refers to the incident as “another sacrifice on the altar of Political Correctness in Germany”.

The story from Politically Incorrect:

SPD Lord Mayor Mädge downplays the act

Lüneburg: 19-year-old brutally murdered by “refugee”

by Manfred W. Black

19-year-old Jana D. was found stabbed to death in her car in Lüneburg four days ago. “The officials already have a suspect” (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung). For days, media such as the HAZ, the Lüneburger Landeszeitung (LZ), the Hamburger Abendblatt and the NDR have hardly published any details about the perpetrator. Although the police and the media seem to know that the assailant is a rejected asylum seeker. Scandalous: The mayor of Lüneburg belittles the cruel act.

The father discovers the body of his own daughter

It said in the LZ that the alleged murder weapon was found near the crime scene, as the suspect is a “friend” of Jana D. Other media write that the murderer is the “friend” of the victim. The LZ reported that the 19-year-old’s father discovered the body of his own daughter in the early morning, around 3am. In a parking lot in the Lüneburg district of Schützenplatz — in a car used by the daughter. According to the police, the victim had “several injuries” that allegedly led to death. The father was looking for his daughter; previously he had waited in vain for her at home.

According to media reports, the evening before the crime, the victim worked in a Lüneburg restaurant that offers take-away sales.

First, the Bild newspaper puts the facts on the table

On January 20, the Bild-Zeitung did not provide any more detailed information about the knife. It only said: “The public prosecutor’s office did not want to provide further information on the (professional) background of the accused for reasons of privacy protection.”

On January 21, during the day , the Bild — as the only media outlet — published details on the perpetrator. The daily reported that last month Jana D. and her later murderer named “Fares A.” celebrated Christmas together. Bild even presented a — pixelated — photo in which the unequal couple is kissing.

It was also stated that the perpetrator, who apparently lives with his parents, is an asylum seeker whose application for asylum was rejected long before the offense, and who should have been deported long ago. The knife assailant was therefore — like millions of other “immigrants” whose asylum applications were officially denied — simply “tolerated” here. Certainly with all the usual social benefits around the clock. This widespread wrong decision by the responsible authorities has now cost this young woman her life.

Bild bows down — the PC-Mayor of Lüneburg trivializes the crime

In later versions of the Bild report, however, all information on the “refugee” status of the knifeman has been deleted. Apparently the editor in charge has been recalled. If at all possible, nothing should leak to the public about unpleasant facts about Angela Merkel’s “refugee” policy.

The Bild newspaper is apparently also supposed to bow to the mendacious Political Correctness (PC).

The Lord Mayor of Lüneburg, Ulrich Mädge (SPD), reacted scandalously to the terrible act. According to the Heilbronner Zeitung, he played down the knife murder with words that must sound like sheer mockery to the parents of the victim: “We all know that wherever people live together, the worst things can always happen, including in the neighborhood — but knowledge is one thing. When it actually happens, you can hardly believe it. “

How would the media have reported on a murdered Muslim woman?

If the victim had been a Muslim and the murderer “of German origin”, all newspapers in Germany would certainly have published all available social data on the victim and the killer. But when it comes to a violent criminal “refugee”, there is suddenly a booming silence in the forest of leaves when it comes to informing the population with at least an approximation of adequacy about the background of the respective crime.

Such comprehensive, manipulative reporting takes place every day in this country, although there is supposedly “freedom of the press” in Germany.

From Sweden, yet another murder by a culture-enricher who had had an earlier sentence reduced. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Criminal gang member receives sentence reduction — Shot 21-year-old woman to death

January 22, 2021

The young woman who was shot in the head this weekend in an apartment in Gustavsberg in southeast greater Stockholm has died. That fact is confirmed by the police. The 24-year-old man with a non-Western immigrant background, who was arrested and held for the crime the following day, is in custody on probable cause, suspected of murder, aggravated weapons offense, and aggravated narcotics offense.

It was on Saturday night that the drama played out. After a report came in to police, a 21-year-old woman who was discovered with life-threatening gunshot wounds was taken to the hospital by ambulance helicopter and placed under anesthesia. However, her life could not be saved.

A 24-year-old man, previously known to police, with a non-Western immigrant background, was quickly arrested as the suspect who fired the shot. He is said to uttered the words, “What have I done?” He is now in custody suspected of murder and an aggravated weapons offense.

Information is lacking as to what relationship the perpetrator and victim have to each other. The apartment where the murder was committed is said to belong to a third person.

Would have been in prison when the murder was committed

The 24-year-old has an earlier conviction record for, among other things, several narcotics offenses, unlawful threats, attempted extortion, knife offenses, weapons offenses, several attempts at fraud, drunk driving, and several aggravated illegal driving offenses.

The man was sentenced in June 2019 to two years in prison, and would have been in prison at the time of the murder if he had not received a sentence reduction.

The judiciary has also treated the man gently, who, among other things, had a prison sentence converted to probation after he assured the court that he would leave the criminal path and become honest.

Another article translated by Hellequin GB from Politically Incorrect, which also concerns a failed asylum seeker:

Ten Years’ Imprisonment for Particularly Brutal Sexual Offense

“I didn’t know that you weren’t allowed to rape in Germany”

by the Analyst

For almost a year, the news situation in Germany has been dominated almost exclusively by “Corona”. The fact that our country continues to be plagued by a massive migration and refugee crisis is hardly present in the public eye. This fact is only present for those who are in the wrong place at the wrong time and fall victim to one of the negative side effects of immigration.

Exceptionally brutal case

“The Amberg Regional Court has not had a case like this for many years,” local newspapers reported on the main trial against Bako C., a black African from Mali. He was required to answer to the First Criminal Chamber because he was cycling in the Upper Palatinate in May of last year to look specifically for female victims for a sex crime.

At a pond in the city of Regensburg, the defendant offered two schoolgirls money for sex on May 9, 2020. When they refused, he forcibly dragged them into the bushes. However, one of the two girls managed to make an emergency call with her cell phone.

Thereupon on May 13 Bako C. made another attempt not far from the A93 motorway at Maxhütte-Haidhof. That day, it was a 53-year-old dog owner who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The black African held a kitchen knife to her neck and forced her to accompany him into the nearby underbrush. There she was made to undress, lie naked on the ground, and be raped. The 53-year-old was traumatized by fear of death and suffered severe emotional damage from the rape.

In her plea, the public prosecutor Barbara Tutsch spoke of “serious crimes” that she “had not previously had to deal with” as a criminal prosecutor of sexual offenses, and demanded a ten-year prison sentence for the accused.

Former federal judge represents the victim

The former Karlsruhe federal judge Erwin Hubert, who represented the 53-year-old co-plaintiff as victim lawyer, reported that he had never experienced anything like this in his 45 years of activity. He demanded a prison sentence of fifteen years for the perpetrator, and recalled the possibility of a judicial reservation of preventive detention. Imposing one would certainly not have been a bad idea, but it does not correspond to the laissez-faire habit of German courts when sentencing people with an asylum background.

Bako C.’s public defender left the sentence to the discretion of the court. This followed the prosecutor’s request and sentenced the rapist to a prison term of ten years.

The best comes last

Bako C. asserted in court that he had never heard that in Germany one should not do this with women. Should this information deficit also exist with other black African asylum seekers, the German ladies may not look forward to rosy times.

Other than that, in this case, the catastrophic refugee policy of the federal government is revealed once again. Bako C. is a rejected asylum seeker who actually has no business in Germany, but is tolerated. Had he been deported, nothing would have happened to the 53-year-old.

In this respect, Merkel’s refugee policy should be in the dock immediately. It hardly matters anymore that due to a lack of documents, not even the age of the rejected asylum seeker is known. Without further ado, they estimated him to be 30 years old and, as with so many of his kind, set his date of birth to January 1st.

The next article has the latest information on the cultural enrichment of the Canary Islands. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Illegal migrants from North Africa — Extreme violence in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria)

Extreme violence between irregular migrants from North Africa in San Fernando de Maspalomas and against tourists in Playa del Inglés.

One of the most violent episodes among irregular North Africans staying in hotels in the south of the island, with the participation of drug addicts and the homeless, occurred in the Plaza del Hierro in San Fernando de Maspalomas on Monday at 3:45pm. The heavy fighting by almost a dozen people was carried out with knives and many blows and kicks, which turned the parking lot into a battlefield, and a bitter struggle ensued for control of the area, where now the Arabs themselves control the entrance and exit of the square through threats and attacks.

In the video recorded by a neighbor, one of the migrants falls to the ground and is knocked unconscious. Although it was initially thought he had died, 911 has confirmed to Maspalomas Now that they had received the alert and that the ambulance was necessary to get him to Hospital Insular, according to health sources.

After leaving the place a few hours later, the same immigrants went to the Anexo II shopping center in Playa del Inglés, where they became involved in clashes with tourists near McDonald’s. A strong police contingent was deployed in the area.

The illegal North Africans arrived in the area in the morning and fought with the so-called “park rangers” for control of the area. When the valets asked for tips, the North Africans were very violent and threatened customers who go to nearby shops, supermarkets or restaurants with knives, which they [the business owners] said has driven them into ruin over the past few weeks.

“People are scared and intimidated and no longer come to the Plaza del Hierro to buy because they [the Maghrebians] ask for money,” said one of the oldest residents in the area.

The neighbors are “very concerned”, as the Maghreb immigrants (who are very violent compared to the sub-Saharans) are staying in the nearby tourist facilities at the expense of the state; but the situation has worsened in the last few weeks, with countless collisions in the streets, robberies of vehicles and houses, which have never occurred in the south of the island.

In addition, some local residents were injured with large knives after they were threatened by these groups of irregular Maghrebian immigrants who leave their hotels every day with the intent to commit criminal acts, and, despite constant calls to the National Police, can still be found roaming the streets, according to the statements of neighbors and business people who were interviewed in the area.

The Plaza de Hierro, in San Fernando de Maspalomas, is currently one of the most conflict-ridden locations in the south of the island. The passage through the area is a risky undertaking, as the residents and business people themselves tell Maspalomas Now, who not only had a severe crisis due to the pandemic, but are now also threatened by the presence of illegal Maghrebians. They steal bags from women walking the neighborhood, break the windows of cars to remove items from the interior, break into residential homes and loot whatever they find on the premises, say those affected.

The final incident is not explicitly identified as cultural enrichment. However, the area where the firebombing took place is known as a no-go zone. And the pastor of the church is absolutely bewildered about what the motive for the crime might have been…

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from SVT, the Swedish public broadcaster:

Firebombs thrown at Church in Spånga

January 20, 2021

[Photo caption: Windows blown out by explosion during the night.]

Early Wednesday morning someone threw three Molotov cocktails at the Spånga church. Windows were broken but nobody was injured by the firebombs.

“We have no threats against us, but this is a strong symbolic act,” says church pastor Jerker Alsterlund.

It was shortly after 4am at the Spånga church. One Molotov cocktail was thrown at the entrance and two at the windows, which were broken. Police have closed off the surrounding area for a technical investigation to be carried out Wednesday and the crime is being classified as arson.

“This is a strong symbolic act against a church. Why someone would want to do this I don’t know. It might to awake disgust or to provoke. We have had no threat against us or anything of that nature,” says Jerker Alsterlund.

In December 2018, an explosive device was detonated at another parish hall just over one kilometer from the Spånga church, but which belonged to the same parish. The investigation never resulted in a conviction.

“That time, it was likely an experiment. This time it was worse, when it was so clearly directed at the church,” says Jerker Alsterlund.

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