Paul Weston: “The Police Are Now My Enemy”

In the following video Paul Weston discusses last weekend’s anti-lockdown protests in London. The accompanying video footage shows extreme police brutality against the protesters. It’s difficult to watch, but nevertheless illuminating.

When Mr. Weston addresses “Commissioner Dick”, he is referring to Cressida Dick, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. Ms. Dick is perhaps a better exemplar of the Peter Principle than Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, despite the fact that the Commissioner lives with a domestic partner of the distaff gender.

Speaking of circumlocutions, notice the skill with which Mr. Weston elides any mention of the word “Muslim” in order to avoid having his video automatically deleted by YouTube:

14 thoughts on “Paul Weston: “The Police Are Now My Enemy”

  1. Walking blindly into a vicious pack of armored brawlers with only your faces for their targets will take some reconsideration of strategy and tactics. I hope the socialist, oversocialized Brits still remember how their grandfathers handled such people.

  2. There is only one answer to those police pigs. Arm yourself with with everything you have, even with impromptu throwing weapons like bottles and stones and hunt them down. Antifa as weak as they are elsewhere has alot of experience in this.

    off topic: one interesting interview with Sir John Bell (Harvard) about sterilization effects of the vaccination (was his sentence only a glitch?)

  3. It is much easier and safer for the police to enforce hate speech laws or to intimidate peaceful crowds then it is to deal with violent criminals. The police have lost the trust of the people – and they will not get it back.

  4. The cynical part of it all, is that the protesters are indirectly the ones who pay the wages of these nazi cops.
    The sectors that are mostly hit by the insane (and unnecessary) lockdowns worldwide, are the private sectors of free professions, small entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized companies. They are logically also the most likely to protest, because they are the first to be pushed into the abyss, and because they have no voice in established politics, there is no other option left to them but to take to the streets.
    At the same time, it’s them who pay most of the taxes.
    In contrast, big multinational companies have the resources to bribe officials, hire cunning fiscal lawyers, or move their headquarters to tax havens like Gibraltar, Channel Islands or Cayman Islands.
    Small and medium sized entrepreneurs don’t have that option.
    In addition, government officials, to whom also the police belongs, live from the taxes which are generated…by exactly those people they are beating up now.
    No words are strong enough to describe how unjust and perverted this is.

  5. Words will not defeat these gestapo thugs, or b Johnson who is now a stasi dictator.

    Only fighting fire with fire.

    My grandfather was national 2 time ABA boxing champion, a London docker,

    These men fought ww11, went over on planes, boats, and defeated the German army.

    These are the type men we need now, to defeat the uk traitor police gestapo,
    Only fighting back and winning, putting fear into the uk gestapo copper thugs will
    Br8ng us closer to overthrowing the tyranny now staring us all down!

    We’re facing human slavery at hands of bunch of globalist butchers, who already with lockdowns, a phony medical tyranny, have murdered millions already.

    Get tooled up, and [intemperate recommendation redacted].

    People must form large tooled up mobs to confront to uk pigs gestapo.

    And [intemperate recommendation redacted].

    Keep on [intemperate recommendation redacted], uk coppers are filthy dirty pigs, traitors, the new gestapo

    Uk coppers are filthy dirty traitor SCUM!

  6. I would love to see this police brutality and efficiency displayed against muslim rioters throughout the U.K.

    They know damn well how to reduce to human rubble frail women and senior citizens. How come they’re no match against howling, frenetic Africans and azz-lifting muslims?
    Instructions from above?

  7. You Brits need to start showing your displeasure at these police and their methods by targeting your politicians, they don’t fear you much less respect you, so start changing the paradigm, hound them where they live, start hanging dummies in front of them with the message of change your ways or it will be you and wretched families who will hang next. The powers that be have gotten this far because we have let them, so start changing the game or perish.

    • To do that will require tens of thousands of people,otherwise you`ll get picked off one by one. If you are serious about such resistance,you must be prepared. There are every day items that can blind the pigs,take down electricity to stations,no radios effectively silencing them.Pour motor oil on roads to inhibit their entry ,make them walk to their destination. If congoloids can shut down cities in the US,so can we in Britain.Time is really short,and any delay will harm us more than you can imagine. DO IT NOW!!!

      • It takes but a few like minded people with steely resolve to change things. Start with the foooooseball hoooligans, they love to fight and put weapons in their hands, nature will take care of the rest.

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