The Peter Principle in Action

Except she doesn’t have one.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this report from PolitikStube:

Russia’s Defense Ministry confirms: AKK is as incapable as her predecessor

After the incompetent Ursula von der Leyen came the second catastrophic personnel decision and the next slap in the face for the Bundeswehr: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK) was assigned the post of Federal Minister of Defense. Just like “Flinten-Uschi” [“Shotgun Ursula”] back then, AKK now shines with a lack of skills and knowledge of defense policy, but the main thing that at least the quota has been met and women are raised into office.

The incompetence of AKK extends as far as Russia, which quite a few citizens thought or suspected in secret, confirms the representative for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

RT Deutsch reports:

On Friday the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reacted to the attitude of the Federal Minister of Defense, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, towards the dialogue with Moscow:

We did not want to rush to an answer, because we expected that sensible politicians in Germany would correct the results themselves, bearing in mind the results of following such appeals. Unfortunately, it was not like that. That is why we do not have to state for the first time that the statements made by individual politicians in the Federal Republic of Germany with regard to building up a dialogue with Russia are reminiscent of the attempts of a primary school pupil to compensate for his ignorance on the subject with the volume of articulated nonsense.

Ms. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has been Germany’s Defense Minister for a relatively short time. Like her predecessor, however, she demonstrates her inability to propose anything significant for the real consolidation of security in Europe.

We have to remind Ms. Kramp-Karrenbauer that of all things, the “good position of German foreign policy” that she recently proposed in the Bundestag, to conduct the dialogue “from a position of strength,” had tragic consequences for the entire world during the 20th century, several times, for Germany and the German people.

11 thoughts on “The Peter Principle in Action

  1. Women are bringing the west end of Europe from a gradual ignominious rotting collapse to simply crashing down. Screw equality and diversity. We have a duty to our male children. Men will be doing all the fighting, The enemy will be doing all the other ings.

    • It is a chicken and the egg question; whether a general decline in morality and specifically normalizing of female promiscuity led to the political sewer that passes for leadership across the western world, or toleration of immorality in the political sphere led to a decline of morality and increase of licentiousness in the public sphere.

      Regardless, at the present the corporate, tech, and endless warfare oligarchs have demonstrated they no longer need even the idiot vote to steal elections. We are at that point where elections will no longer be decided with ballot boxes but with cartridge boxes.

  2. The woman sounds as dumb as a rock. She really shouldn’t be holding such a position at all.

  3. The cancerous feminist movement and the metoo liars are the ones who are promiscuous. Women who join these movements have low self esteem and big egos. They call for equality and yet they have been the ones who fail miserably because they go by feelings instead of facts. I would NEVER join the movements. With my experience women are the most backstabbing people in business.

  4. “There’s something about an incompetent, feminized, under armed German military
    that vaguely appeals to me.”

    David Ben- Gurion – 1963

    I made the quote up, but it sounds like something an Israeli PM would say and besides I like it.

    • I remember an article by Martin van Creveld where he on the one hand was happy that the german military was no longer good but at the same time lamented this fact in regard to international peacekeeping missions.

      You can find it at

      To sum it up:
      The Nazi Luftwaffe was capable of moving entire fighter wings with horse drawn carriages and Ju-52 every week, while the Bundesluftwaffe of today needs at least two months to move 280 men, one tanker aircraft and six Recce Tornados.

      As I read it (even though I am german) I was on the floor laughing like hell.

      • The Luftwaffe only has 2 Tornado’s that can fly, the rest are grounded due to lack of spare parts, just like the navy and army cannot field a fleet or division at this time.

  5. The last female defense minister right before she left for the EU had the troops turn their backs on her, it was quite amusing, and the new female useful idiot in charge of defense is held to such contempt the Generals rarely show up for meetings with her because she is dumber than a bag of hammers and her bodyguards come the diplomatic ministry not the defense ministry which says quite a bit where the military stands in regards. Merkel hates her military and it shows because the lack of funds that Luftwaffe can’t fly, the navy cannot deploy a fleet and the army cannot field a division.

    • Yes, the Tornado and Eurofighter planes cannot fly, but the planes of the Flugbereitschaft, that carries the politicians around the globe is 90% flightready.

      So I am asking myself why do the soldiers of the Air Force not show the same courage as Colonel Stauffenberg and make sure that the Tornados and Ewurofighters are combatready before making the planes of the Flugbereitschaft ready.

      • The Luftwaffe made a point to Merkel not too long ago when her private aircraft developed mechanical problems and she had to fly back to Germany in a regular commercial aircraft. Rather amusing to not the new defense minister has mech problems every time she needs to fly somewhere and then has to take commercial. LOL

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