Helping the Police With Their Enquiries

The following video shows a particularly nasty encounter between the German police and ordinary citizens, who seem to have committed some COVID-related violation.

Nash Montana, who translated the video for subtitles, includes the following explanatory notes:

I think I figured out what is going on in the video: The couple must have had unauthorized visitors, and probably MASKLESS as well, during the Corona lockdown.

The cop is actually demanding that the woman call all of their relatives who just left the apartment, and tell them to return immediately! He says that if she doesn’t do that he will enter their apartment (he doesn’t say to “look around”, but I assume the threat is there).

It doesn’t say WHO called the police. I assume a nosy German “respect my authority” neighbor.

This video is really hard to watch. What occurs to me is that though these people are speaking in a foreign language — possibly a Slavic language — they seem to be taken completely by surprise by the readiness of the police to apply serious violence.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   [The woman is filming while her husband opens the apartment door.
00:04   They exchange a few words in their own language.]
00:13   Cop: Where are they now? Where are these people that were in this apartment?
00:16   Woman: Hello, we have a child. We have a small child; she cries nonstop.
00:19   Man: [unintelligible] let’s remain calm, OK?
00:22   [unintelligible] Stay calm, you too!
00:26   These people, they have to now…
00:29   They have already, they left the apartment already. —Then you have to…
00:32   you call them and tell them they have to come back. And I mean now!
00:35   You call them on the phone now, because if not,
00:38   I will enter this apartment now, I am telling you that now.
00:42   You call your relatives on the phone now,
00:45   or I will step inside this apartment now! —OK! OK.
00:48   And if your husband, boyfriend, tries to stop us, we will take him to the station!
00:51   Yes, yes, I will go with you, I will… —Stop! —Stop!
00:54   Hello, we have a small child, do you have children?
00:57   Yeah, I have a daughter. —You do? Then you should know how things are!
01:00   Why are you doing this?
01:03   [arguing]
01:06   Hey, Hey!
01:09   Why are you doing this?
01:12   [shuffle, fighting]
01:19   Stop! —Hey!
01:22   [unintelligible]
01:25   Hey! —What are you doing?
01:28   [unintelligible, child crying] —What are you doing?
01:31   What are you doing? —Stay calm! —You are two against one!
01:34   Hey! Stay calm!
01:38   Stop! Stop it now!
01:41   Right now! Right now!
01:44   Calm down! Stay down!
01:47   Calm down! [unintelligible] Stay calm! You calm down now!
01:50   [unintelligible] —You stay down now!
01:53   Do you understand me? [unintelligible]
01:56   Stay calm! [unintelligible]
01:59   Stay down! [unintelligible]
02:02   You will now be restrained!
02:05   Stay calm! —Stop it with this insanity now!
02:08   We will now restrain you! —Get off me! —Get on your stomach!
02:11   Turn around and get on your stomach! Lie on your stomach!
02:14   [unintelligible] —Turn over and lie on your stomach now! Lie on your stomach!
02:17   Please let my arm go… —Lie on your stomach!
02:20   [Woman talks to man in a different language.]
02:23   Lie on your stomach!
02:26   Lie on your stomach.

12 thoughts on “Helping the Police With Their Enquiries

  1. Sometime the police are the enemy. Yesterday, I saw a picture of a sobbing man in the UK who had just lost his business. The police arrested him for complaining.

    • Here(Athens) a policeman fined (300€) a homeless and obviously
      jobless, because he was out without a mask!!.

  2. One of those GESTAPO PIGS, has Muslim beard,

    Looks acts like a Muslim supremacist, these gestapo NaZis need to be [intemperate recommendation redacted].

    People must fight these [epithet] traitor Nazi pig coppers. Defeat them.

    • Neither the face nor the beard nor the type of German spoken indicate that the perp is an ethnic Arab or Turk.

      He could in theory be a Muslim Bosnian or other Caucasian raised in N. Germany, as neither perp speaks with a regional accent, so I suspect a location between Hamburg and Hanover.

      But as these perps are acting I think on the basis of the new Bevoelkerungschutzgesetz that abolishes certain basic rights of Germans on a 30-day revolving basis, it may just be that we are seeing two “normal” German cops in action.

      But of course the Covidian repression conducted by the UK police does not even need a law to be changed. After all, Dr Heiko Schoening was arrested and held for 24 hrs without charge when he flew in from Germany to speak in Hyde Park,

  3. some things I noticed: he did not cry” I can’t breathe”! Poor rehearsal. Poor script.
    The ” cops” wear opera uniforms, ( arm on left sleeve, college parade band stripes on pants. This can only fool people who have no knowledge of this country.One cop has even a muslim beard.Never have I seen this.

    • Nonsense, type “Deutsche Polizeiuniformen” into a search engine and click on images, you will see various trouser stripe photos. You will also see various photos of German anb#d Austrian cops with beards.

  4. If COVID is political rather than medical, what we are watching is authoritarian violence by a police state.

    Thw science no longer supports facemasks or lockdowns, so COVID is now a political ploy.

    However politicians have to coverup the hard fact that they fell for the hoax, hook, line and sinker.

    So how do they save face? by perpetuating the myth and beating up the innocent

  5. Maybe the mandatory mass vaccination will sedate the rioters. One of those effects this stuff will have on us. (besides damaging female placentas) I think that we few wessies are not the real target of this mass vaccination but the billions of females of the third world. Birth control deluxe.

  6. Germany? I guess the next thing will be secret rooms for visitors. And following that, listening devices for walls. I remember in an earlier part of life a RFP from DARPA for a wide frequency device, kind of like the mm wave scanners only it would let them see through buildings using more of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  7. This tyranny order by Merkel&CO is just unacceptable!!, this man said to police : why are you doing this you are against Us? It’s heartbreaking what this gestapo police doing to innocent people, who just nothing.. they should go after this illegall parasites who ruined Germany, by high crimes , and reap , it’s outrageous..

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