The Junior Mujahideen of Albertville

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from F. DeSouche:

Albertville (73): Four children, aged 10, detained for “justifying terrorism, complicity and death threats”. Turmoil in the Turkish community (Update: The government defends itself.)

by Sebastien de Lyon
November 7, 2020

The Ministry of the Interior reacted on Twitter to this police operation, denying that the officers had “used disproportionate force”. The incident, revealed by a Turkish press agency on Thursday, had provoked strong emotion on social media.

France 3 (News)

The detention Thursday in Albertville (Savoy) of four pupils of CM2 at their homes, suspected of justifying terrorism, has been denounced by members of the Turkish community on social media, leading the authorities to justify their action…

Courier Picard (News)

The prosecutor of Chambery confirms that 4 pupils have been “detained” as part of an open investigation for “justifying terrorism, complicity and death threats”, following threatening comments (during) tributes to Samuel Paty.

Contacted by CheckNews, the prosecutor of Chambery confirms that an investigation for “justifying terrorism, complicity, and death threats” has indeed been opened due to the acts that occurred as part of ceremonies of tribute to the teacher, Samuel Paty, in an elementary school in Albertville.

“Several children made troubling remarks,” justifying the act of the terrorist and threatening a teacher by telling him, “You too. We will kill you,” stated the prosecutor.

Each of the four children is aged 10, “about ten years,” they have not been placed in custody (possible at 13 years) but within the legal framework of a detention.

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  1. Time to pay a visit to their parents, combined with a one way ticket home.
    There might be stronger incentives to make them want to leave, but those will be redacted by the polite baron.

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