All Roads Lead to Berlin

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politikstube:

The traces of the Islamic terror in Vienna lead to Germany

There are currently more than 600 Islamist threats living in Germany. The government’s refugee policy obviously increases the risk of terrorism in Germany!

According to information from the ARD capital studio, residential and business premises of several alleged Islamists in Germany are currently being searched. The background to this is the investigation by the federal prosecutor’s office as a result of the Islamist-motivated terrorist attack in Vienna on Monday evening.

A search has been carried out on contacts of the 20-year-old Vienna assassin in the Islamist scene in Germany. As the Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced, there are a total of four non-suspect people in Pinneberg, Kassel and Osnabrück. The assassin is said to have met two of them in Vienna in July 2020, and there was contact with a third person via the Internet. There was no direct contact with the fourth person, only indirect contact via the Internet.

In the attack on Monday evening in downtown Vienna, four people were killed and more than 20 were wounded, some seriously. The assassin himself was shot dead by the police. The 20-year-old Kujtim F. with Austrian and North Macedonian citizenship tried to join the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq in 2018. However, the attempt failed. He was arrested in Turkey and sentenced after being transferred to Austria.

As reported by several media outlets, he is said to have lived under the same roof for several days during the stopover in Turkey with two German Islamists who also wanted to join ISIS. It is unclear whether these contacts were relevant in any way. At least the people who are being searched today are supposed to be other contacts, the ARD capital city studio learned from security circles.

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