Anti-COVID Protection Measures May Be Hazardous to Your Health!

Below are two articles from the German site Politikstube about the Coronamadness. Both were translated by Hellequin GB.

The first concerns the detrimental effects on the health of children caused by the forced wearing of masks. The translator includes this prefatory note:

Scientific research on masks has not been published for the political reasons of power and money, and our children are forced to wear masks. But what are the lives and health of our children worth, anyway, to those in their ivory towers? As long as those children are lifelong dependants of Big Pharma, everything is in politically correct order.

The translated article:

Important for all parents: So much for “the masks won’t harm our children”

A mother reports that she bought her daughter an oximeter. With it you can measure the oxygen saturation in the blood without any pain. Just stick your finger in, that’s it.

The levels after school (nine hours with a mask on) are 90. That is a massive undersupply. At the age of 85 this is the greatest danger to life and limb. Please, everyone, join in and document these levels.

Anyone can order an oximeter for a few euros on the Internet. If the children are really forced to expose themselves to such health risks, then coercion in connection with willful bodily harm is punishable! You should definitely document that.

Levels in children: How high must the oxygen saturation be?

A level of 98% or higher is normal; below 93%, a child should go to the clinic and receive oxygen.

The second article notes that citizens are forced into lockdown while the arrival of third-world migrants — some of who are infected with COVID-19 — continues without interruption.

The translator includes this note:

This is a question I’d love to have answered satisfactorily, but I know that this would be a extremely naïve and vain hope. Who has ever heard of a dictator who explains himself to his serfs? That would be setting a precedent, and that’s something WE CANNOT POSSIBLY ENDORSE, since it would upset the applecart full of horse-[manure].

The translated article:

Why do we have to stay at home while mass immigration continues unchecked?

The most recent example is the restrictive regulations for the citizens of Berchtesgadener Land [district]

Bavarian Prime Minister Söder ordered a regional lockdown there — with business closings, curfews and other strict measures to harass the population. The basis for this is again incorrectly the number of people infected with Corona and not the relevant figures such as sick leave, intensive care beds occupied, and deaths due to Corona. So, while entire regions are isolated and cordoned off at the slightest cough, the freedom of the population is massively restricted. On the other hand, mass immigration continues cheerfully.

The people who landed in Hanover by plane from Moria — mind you, during the Corona pandemic — will be distributed to Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein.

3 thoughts on “Anti-COVID Protection Measures May Be Hazardous to Your Health!

  1. People with common respiratory issues like asthma can be in danger because of masks. Ultraviolet from the Sun helps kill bacteria so staying inside can hinder fighting disease. Constantly washing your hands causes lost of tougher skin tissue which protects from infection.

  2. Having C.O.P.D. and congestive heart-failure at age seventy-six, I experience the standard hospital mask as an impediment to respiration. However, even before the mask mandate in my state, I donned the mask indoors whilst shopping, as a courtesy to strangers; like, when speaking Spanish, addressing any stranger on the street as Usted rather than tu.

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