Behold the Fundament of the Prophet!

The video below shows outraged reactions to the display of hundreds of Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Mohammed’s posterior in a public place in France. Someone — possibly a multitude of someones — went to a lot of trouble to blaspheme the Prophet and offend Muslims, in response to last week’s beheading of the schoolteacher Samuel Paty.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

NOTE: This video uses a vulgar word for the gluteus maximus, which is an appropriate translation of the French cul. That’s a special exception for this particular story; I’ll still redact the same American word (and its British equivalent) in the comments.

Video transcript:

00:00   Flyer: “And the ass of Mohammed, do we have the right?” No, no, no.
00:03   It’s those people, like those, over there. They need to rot in hell.
00:06   It’s annoying. There you have it. —You guys are retards.
00:09   Look what they did. Everybody is taking it down. Entirely.
00:12   Look! Everybody’s taking it down. Look what they wrote!
00:15   In Montreuil! This is in Montreuil. Geez!
00:20   Look. It’s all over the floor.
00:27   Take any flyers like this down. Look! Everyone who lives in Montreuil,
00:31   if you see these, you should take them down. Take them down. Take them down.
00:35   If you see them, take them down.

7 thoughts on “Behold the Fundament of the Prophet!

  1. We’re gonna offend them some more until they just explode by themselves. Problem solved.

  2. That must be done a hundred times, no millions of times – all over Europe.
    As soon as a muslims looks outside his flat / appartment / house, he must see at least one such caricature.

  3. Silly question – but what is the connection between mussslimes with the American Democrat party whose logo is an ass?
    Or perhaps those drawings were meant to be an [British term for buttocks]?
    On second thoughts forget it – the previous US president would explain.

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