The Multifaceted Multiculture of the Dutch Utopia

Below three articles translated by FouseSquawk about recent events in the Modern Multicultural Dutch Utopia.

The first two articles concern last week’s rioting. According to local sources, the rioters in the Hague and Utrecht are Moroccans.

From De Telegraaf, a report on Friday night in Utrecht:

Riots in Kanaleneiland [neighborhood], youths throw fireworks bombs

Utrecht — Riots broke out Friday evening in the Kanaleneiland neighborhood in Utrecht. In social media, including Snapchat, you can see how a bus stop was destroyed. Fireworks bombs were also thrown, and cars and scooters drove through the streets honking their horns.

Around midnight police blocked the area, and a mobile unit began sweeping the streets. It is unknown whether arrests were made. Around 1am, by use of a loudspeaker, police announced an emergency order was in force and that anyone still on the streets would be arrested.

“Surpass the Hague”

A resident of Kanaleneiland could see the rioting youth from her living room. “On Thursday, I saw a call on Snapchat in which they said they wanted to surpass the Hague. Well, it worked. The Hague has been surpassed. I didn’t know it would be so violent.”

According to her, the riots began around 8:30pm. “I am in shock over how many people there were. Every 15 minutes, you hear firework bombs. How can that be when the police are present?” The police won’t say more than there is unrest in Kanaleneiland. “There are many youths on the street; there is unrest and vandalism.” As to how many youths there are, a spokesperson cannot say.

It was further reported that a car was set on fire. “There was a car fire, which was put out by the fire brigade.”

Earlier in the day there was a call to riot in Kanaleneiland. “There was a report going around on social media that there was a call to riot tonight at the Rijnbaan. We don’t know how true that is and if it will happen. Yet we are calling on our youth to maintain the peace! Talk to them and above all, do not forget that we must protect our Kanaleneiland neighborhood,” the Kanaleneiland Information Center announced Friday afternoon on Facebook.

The second article is from the Belgian outlet, but concerns events in the Netherlands:

Large-scale rioting in Schilderswijk [The Hague]

[Photo caption: A group of 100-150 youths gathered on the Parallelweg. They threw rocks and eggs. The unrest began Tuesday with the opening of fire hydrants.]

Wednesday evening a large group of immigrant youths caused a lot of damage in the Schilderswijk area of the Hague. At least 100 people came out onto the street, opened fire hydrants, lit fires, and caused a lot of damage to cars and street construction. When the police arrived to bring the situation under control, they were pelted with eggs and stones.

The police had to do their very best to get the situation under control. Three police cars were damaged. In addition, several police officers still have ringing in their ears from the loud fireworks that were thrown at them. In the end, four rioters were arrested. Three of them for unlawful assembly, and one for public violence. A police report was made against them. The police had been patrolling through Schilderswijk for several days due to trouble from young immigrant groups. “In addition, a police helicopter was deployed, and the fire department had to be called in to put out a pile of burning pallets on the Hoefkade,” the police report.

At several locations in the Hague, there was no more water on Thursday evening. Water pressure was gone from the supply due to the opening of fire hydrants. The Schilderswijk area of the Hague has been infamous for years in the Netherlands. In 2014, a pro-ISIS demonstration was organized, where the demonstrators called out “Death to the Jews”.

Finally, an op-ed from De Dagelijkse Standaard. Note that the would-be mujahid is a native Dutch revert, and not a culture-enricher:

Anti-Semitic councilor wants to make “Palestine” Jew-free soon: “Be the first to go that way!”

The only Salafist councilor in the Netherlands, Arnold van Doorn, plans to take up arms and drive the Jews out of Israel as soon as that is “legitimate”. He says that on Twitter.

The city council of the Hague may soon have to do without the twisted ex-PVV [Party for Freedom] member, Arnoud van Doorn. The politician, who has been convicted of drug-dealing and has made a habit of issuing horrible anti-Semitic statements, is considering grabbing a Kalashnikov and using it to kill Jews in Israel.

We learn that shocking fact on Twitter, where Van Doorn indicates that as soon as the opportunity arises, he wants to travel to “Palestine” to contribute his part to “free” the country. There must be a “legitimate Islamic call,” because Van Doorn also knows well that he cannot go it alone against the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces], Iron Dome, and the other impressive defense materiel available to Israel.

Israel must be destroyed because some Palestinian babies have not survived. A very sad thing, of course, but for any normal thinking person, that is no reason to wipe an entire people off the map. Van Doorn, leader of the party with the least applicable name in the Netherlands — Party of Unity — sees it differently and already has fantasies of Israelis burning in the favorite prison of many religious fanatics: “Fortunately, there is a Hell,” says the totally innocent and totally non-glorifying of violence comment of the local politician.

In any case, hopefully, there will quickly come a legitimate call. Not to start a war in Israel, but to vote Van Doorn out of the Hague city council. I cannot wait!

Translation of Van Doorn’s Tweet:

“Fortunately, there is a Hell.
And if there is ever a legitimate Islamic call to free Palestine, then I am the first to go.”

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  1. “What a fantastic contribution muslims make to this country!”
    David Cameron

  2. Just a little time before he made that sick statement he was photographed poncing about with his radical kafir hating friends on the Paki stan. Same thing with Boris on the Turkey stan . Paying homage as one of Erdogan’s “sons of Turkey”. Former hoods all over will be officially named stans. There’s too much confusion.

  3. The Dutch have a history of welcoming the persecuted. My ancestors, Huguenots, fled persecution in France and were welcomed into Holland where they prospered from hard work and determination. They became an asset to their adopting country. Things are different now. The Dutch have been foolish with whom they have welcomed into their country. Consequently Holland is now having to put up with people who aren’t an asset or a blessing. The UN and EU decide whom the Dutch must abide while their native population is replaced, largely with the disgruntled and entitlement mentality parasites from ratbag countries.

    • muslims did not appear in the netherlands from nothing indonesia was their colony and they fought hard to defend it from japan they even lost their navy in the java sea battle then they tried to take it back in nineteen fourty five and failed and indonesia got independence and then they migrated to the netherlands dont colonize the muslims and the muslims wont colonize you

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