The Ikhwan in Luxembourg

The following article concerns the Muslim Brotherhood’s use of Luxembourg as a financial hub. It’s from 2018, but still relevant — the situation has not changed in the interim.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this piece from the Yoan Kaufman Blog:

Investigation: Luxembourg, the fiscal paradise of the Muslim Brotherhood?

June 14, 2018

If Switzerland is known to have been a rear base of the Muslim Brotherhood, Luxembourg, on the other hand, has long been ignored. However, historically the Grand Duchy has played a central role in the financial strategy of this organization.

Luxembourg has become one of the strongholds of worldwide Islamic finance, and its authorities boast about it: “As the second largest world center for funds and host of the world’s principal stock exchange for stock securities, Luxembourg is today a key center for the development of Islamic finance in Europe,” stated Tom Theobald, Luxembourg’s deputy director general for finance at the end of 2017.

It is true that the publicity and lobbying carried out around this “Islamic finance” lends credence that this “finance” might be cleaner, more ethical because it is religious! In the name of God, is it less neo-liberal or less opaque? Nay. Such affirmations are absurd at best and at worst deceiving.

In reality, however, the valuation of this so-called new market quite simply hides the financial infiltration strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood and certain Gulf countries.

A project under construction for over 40 years…

In 2005 the Swiss journalist Sylvain Besson published a remarkable work, “The conquest of the West”, which everyone unfortunately forgot, and would be good to update.

In this book, the investigator-journalist recalls that after the attacks on September 11, the Swiss police conducted a search at the home of Youssef Nada, the chairman of a group named al-Taqwa, which was suspected of having financed al-Qaeda. In Nada’s house, the police seized an exceptional document, which had to do with “Project” of the Muslim Brotherhood, written in 1981. This document established the global strategy of the Brotherhood and more specifically, that which was envisioned for Europe.

During a second search of the offices of al-Taqwa, investigators found another document fascinatingly titled “Financial Strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood”.

This edifying text details the financial structures created by the leaders of the Brotherhood during the 1970s, thanks to funds principally coming from the Gulf countries.

The central position of Luxembourg is clearly exposed in the first pages. “The Islamic International Bank of Luxembourg is the principal entity that directs and controls all other institutions. ARINCO, an affiliated entity, manages the long-term investments.” And here we are!

A booming business…

These structures have been used to clandestinely finance Islamic centers of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe and the US in order to, as Sylvain Besson writes, “extend the sphere of Islam and put an end to the hegemony of the West in the world.”

One of the figures who has long held the keys to Islamic finance in Luxembourg is named Gamal Attia, of Egyptian origin and an influential member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He notably founded the Islamic Development Bank of Jeddah and was, not incidentally, a close associate of Youssef Nada…

Gamal Attia himself was a consultant-expert for the UN during the 1980s. With his compatriot Abou Saud he is also considered the father of Islamic finance.

If ARINCO was dissolved in 1989 and the International Islamic Bank of Luxembourg in 1994, that, of course, doesn’t mean that the business has disappeared, quite the contrary.

The Brothers have only reorganized themselves and enlarged their influence in financial circles, to the point that Islamic finance has become a trend phenomenon, which gains more terrain each day…

As the next article will reveal, the structures affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood still use Luxembourg as a fiscal paradise to protect their war chest. A mysterious financial fund which I was able to identify holds amounts in excess of €150 million.

To be continued

9 thoughts on “The Ikhwan in Luxembourg

  1. A country’s government can consistently spend more than it takes in by two ways: inflation (printing money) and borrowing. Generally, borrowing puts off the pain until the politician is retired or has left politics to become head of some foundation or another or to teach at some well-endowed university chair. Borrowing money on a consistent basis makes a government vulnerable. If all of a sudden, they could not borrow money anymore, there would be a crash which would sweep them out of office at a minimum.

    So, naturally the governments of the West chase after petrodollars as a way of shoring up their deficit spending. This is why they tolerate and encourage Islamic banking, and also the many ways the Islamists infiltrate our institutions: buying controlling interest in papers, buying endowed chairs, real estate, and the like. Thinking about it, it’s almost indistinguishable from what the Chinese do, except that the Chinese also infiltrate science and engineering laboratories and research centers.

    Central banking, international corporations and global financing encourage infiltration by evil interest groups with deep pockets. There is every incentive for a government to encourage foreign investment, and very little incentive to deal with problems which are in the future, rather than the present.

    My first impulse is to say that the US should require all US corporations to have only US citizens on its boards, to prevent US corporations from owning foreign subsidiaries, and, of course, prevent foreign companies and persons from owning property in the US.

    If a US company needs the product of a foreign company, rather than buying the company, they should simply buy the product. It’s time to untie the complex financial strings tying the US to its enemies.

    • Yes, the biggest flaw of elected governments; politicians must constantly be concerned with reelection and staying in power. This encourages these kinds of bad deals since they know they will be long gone before the consequences are felt. Combined with a deliberately dumbed-down electorate who are exhorted to vote regardless of whether they understand the issues involved, and it becomes easy to understand why western democracies are such cesspools full of the most vile and basest representatives. Allowing infiltration in return for campaign contributions or promises of lucrative employment after leaving office becomes second nature for these types.

      Commenting on the nature of democracy, no less a leader than Winston Churchill said “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other forms which have been tried from time to time…”

      • Exactly so: “except for all the others”. Once the communists, or fascists, or religious zealots of any stripe get into power, it’s much harder (and bloodier) to get them out again.

        • The current Egyptian Regime didn’t do too badly. They just went in and destroyed the MB. Today no MB dreamers and schemers hanging around inside or out of government offices in Egypt. No balking from action to secure the homeland.

  2. Wasn’t that old drunkard, Jean Claude Juncker, head of the European Commission who oversaw the importation and forced distribution of millions of orcs across the EU a Luxembourg politician? Undoubtedly he has been on the take from the islamists. I find that motive more understandable than his being a complete self-loathing moron and hater of his own cultural heritage.

    • You know Moon, I agree. Money is a disgusting motive for being a traitor, but at least it makes sense.

      Willfully destroying the triumphs of Western Civilization due to self-loathing is illogical in the extreme.

      • “Willfully destroying the triumphs of Western Civilization due to self-loathing is illogical in the extreme.”

        Not illogical to some.

        Hatred of America is shoved down the throats of every child in US Unionized Child Abuse Centers aka -public schools – every day for 12 years then continued for 4 more years on 90% of college campuses.

    • You might be interested in the videos of Ed Dutton and Michael Woodley (The Jolly Heretic). They speak about the Spiteful Mutant. The Spiteful Mutant is the genetically-damaged individual who not only cannot effectively function by himself; he actively brings down the society with him. It’s as if the damaged genes were trying to reproduce the milieu in which they express themselves best.

      So, it is entirely possible to conceive of individuals who destroy their functioning society out of a primal drive to do so, rather than for monetary rewards.

      This is an interview with Ed Dutton. I wanted to find a video produced by the Jolly Heretic, but YouTube is busy eliminating the Jolly Heretic videos, and Bitchute has a miserable search function, so this is what I came up with.

      • I had not previously heard of Mr Dutton.

        Quite fascinating, and it makes a lot of sense.

        I have been a firm believer in the principle of dysgenics, and Mr Dutton’s assertion that these mutations should first show up and be perpetuated among the elite and upper classes due to more money, better care, etc., goes a long way to explaining why those who should be doing the most to preserve the status quo (and their own interests) often are those who are working the hardest to damage the societies to which they belong.

        After all, it isn’t the poor and ignorant hordes from Africa and the Third World who are the drivers of the destruction of Western society. They are the human equivalent of an opportunistic infection, but the real sickness in western society starts at the top among those who should be functioning as the immune system to the body politic and society at large.

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