Sweden Must Die

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Demonstration in Malmö: “Sweden must die”

March 9, 2020

“Sweden must die.” This was one of the messages when left-wing activists demonstrated at Möllevångstorget in Malmö.

During a march in Malmö on International Women’s Day on Sunday one of the protesters carried a sign with the message that Sweden must die. On other signs there were, among others, slogans such as “Klasskamp = transkamp“ (Class struggle = trans fight).

“Not really what the labor movement’s pioneers August Palm and Kata Dalström might have intended,” writes the local party Malmölistan, which published the photo from the demonstration.

The newly-formed Malmö list consists of a large breakaway group from the Communist Party in Malmö that has had enough of the so-called “middle-class left” and its focus on cultural Marxist issues.

“They do not understand why so many workers do not think that multiculturalism, the LGBTQ movement and Greta Thunberg are something fantastic, but think we are in 1930s Germany and that workers who vote SD were infected by some Nazi illness,” said Nils Littorin, who is now the party leader for the Malmö list, to the local newspaper in connection with the mass outflow from the Communist Party in December.

14 thoughts on “Sweden Must Die

  1. I’m thinking more along the lines of a quarantine. Let them go to their fate as a lesson for the rest.

  2. “It” looks very culturally enriched. In a sane world, such an idiot would be immediately deported back to where it came from, or at least given a beating they will not soon forget. No one forced that culture enricher to go to Sweden and if they don’t like it then they can go back to the feces-hole from whence they came.

    Ironic that cultural marxists have so destroyed their own party and alienated their constituency that real marxists are being forced to break away and start their own blue collar “workers” party. In a situation like this, one must ask themselves “what would Uncle Joe (Stalin, not Biden) do?” And the answer as always would be to break a few eggs…

    • I find it quite ironic that the new Russians would be able to walk across Sweden in a day or two and barely fire a shot and the Swedes would profusely apologize to the Russians if they got so much as a hair out of place. Then the Swedes who haven’t been woke would throw flowers at them for liberating the place.

    • There will come a time when these creatures will get feedback and front followed by a wake up somewhere else.

  3. I wonder if there will eventually be a race war? On one side the collectivist white-race haters and all the ethnics. On the other side all the white people from all the white Western countries?

    • This is a very simplistic view, if I may say so. Many immigrants, and their descendants, are well integrated; it would be a crime and a tragedy if they were caught up in such a scenario.

      • Mark, once the fun and festivities begins, nobody is going to care which 3rd worlder is god, bad or indifferent, they will all go. Crime and tragedy will have nothing to do with it, because when push comes to shove, we all go tribal because that is what nature always intended.

      • It is also extremely difficult to tell who is well integrated and who is a sharia advocate by appearance alone, which if it should come to war will likely wind up being the only criteria that will be used. I agree, it will be a tragedy for those who are peaceful and integrated; however they should have done more to oppose the islamists and ignorant white liberals who invited the invasion.

      • Agreed, Mark. Part of the issue is that the Left, seeing a lot of non-white immigrants rising out of poverty, gaining a stake in a civilized Westernized society, and assimilating into a decreasingly racist society, the Left realizes it’s in danger of losing a key constituency. Hence, Obama and his ilk come along to reopen the wounds.

    • John, It will be race, religion and politics that will be the uniform of the day, but one thing is absolutely certain, all the 3rd worlders will go, one way or another and those that step in the way will be dealt with in the same fashion. The Purge of the so called elites and hangers on and politicians who got us here in the first place will be real old testament.

  4. Whenever I hear or see articles about “Women’s Day” in Sweden I am reminded of that February 2017 Swedish Trade mission to Iran led by Feminist Trade Minister Ann Linde (see “Sweden’s first Feminist Government”) by Lofven’s “fems” when all 7 women delegates including Linde wore hijabs! Iran, incidently, is still jailing women for not wearing the hijab. Recently an Iranian chess judge at the Women’s World Chess Championship who was actually wearing one but it had slipped to the back of her head and which caused an outcry amongst the religous extremists in Iran refused to go back to Iran (and jail). I wonder is Linde offered her a place in her home?

  5. And what makes any other Western European country think it is doing any better than Sweden? Smaller Mosques? Bigger Mosques? Everything must be lowered on a rope? Widespread mental illness? Transgender population?

  6. Hmmm.Before this Protestant and Islam blend country will die ,with theirs new Brown religion,we Poles want our Royal and Polish Kingdom ,Historical heritage, stolen from Poland by Swedes and kept in Upsala back !! to where it belong !…because what’s ours is ours ! .afther that ,you can go to your Lutheran Hell as you wish….

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