The Muslim Brotherhood Sinks a Taproot Into the Netherlands

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Algemeen Dagblad:

“Mosques in Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the grip of conservative Muslim Brotherhood”

The Rotterdam mosque De Middenweg and the Amsterdam Blue Mosque are in the grip of the Muslim Brotherhood. The message from the terror expert and investigator Ronald Sandee on Monday during his testimony in the mini-case in the Tweede Kamer [lower house of parliament] on unwanted foreign influence in Islamic institutions.

Although both steadfastly deny it, Sandee named Chairman of the Board Jacob van der Blom and imam Yassin Elforkani of the Blue Mosque as members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Van der Blom is also founder of the De Middenweg mosque.

Sandee has no hard evidence, but: “If it runs like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it may be a duck.” Van der Blom and Elforkani “follow the ideology” of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The mosque in New West, built with money from Kuwait and Qatar, loomed large in the hearing. Sandee, ex-employee of the military intelligence service, also spoke extensively about the international Muslim Brotherhood. According to him, the organization strives for a “sharia state” in which Islam leads.


The Muslim Brotherhood are commonly well-educated, articulate, and “anti-integration”, said Sandee. According to him, they encourage women to wear veils, and hammer on “Islamophobic tendencies in society.

Sandee named the Blue Mosque as a striking example of the influence from the Gulf region. When Kuwait came in as financier around 2006, a high-ranking Kuwaiti official took over the company that owns the real estate, and according to Sandee, still determines the course of the mosque today.

Sandee also said he heard talk about young converts in the Blue Mosque, who are fairly intimidating in imposing their views. “But that is only hearsay.”


In the Blue Mosque, and also in the Middenweg (also financed by the Gulf region and with the same owner as the Blue Mosque) you see, according to Sandee, the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the speakers and training. In that connection, he also named the Essalam Mosque in Rotterdam, the largest in the Netherlands.

With respect to the money flow from the Gulf, the Netherlands is a little too naïve, perhaps gullible. “I have the feeling that countries like Turkey and Qatar follow a completely conscious strategy in influencing Muslim communities abroad. But we are stuck on freedom of religion.”

He advocated for measures to limit foreign funding. He mentioned the Austrian Islam Law as an example, which contains a ban on foreign financing. Her also suggested a European ban. “That would be a possibility to come down on unwanted influence in one blow.”

Real Estate

The Parliamentary Commission asked the necessary questions about Jacob van der Blom, the ex-director of the Essalam Mosque, which according to Sandee is well-connected with Qatra Charity, a prominent donor to Islamic institutions in Europe. Van der Blom has for years been the director of Europe Trust Netherlands, the owner of De Middenweg and the Blue Mosque. According to Sandee, that is the real estate branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which serves as a branch of the Birmingham-based mother company, Europe Trust. “I have the feeling that if Europe Trust in Birmingham claims the property, that will happen.”

Recently, Sandee signaled a cross-pollination between the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists. “A sort of Dutch Salafism or Dutch Brotherhood.”

Sandee was also asked about a detailed article that he wrote last year for an American research site, in which he swept the floor with the Amsterdam Deradicalization Policy, which, according to him, is on the leash of dubious figures. Signs of people who are radicalizing have been swept under the carpet, said Sandee.

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  1. The Dutch must pay for their liberalism . It has now come back to sink its fangs into them .

  2. Of course. How could it be any other way? What next? Turk tanks in the parking lot while the camel drivers pop in for a quick hate session? Jesus at least the Nazis went diluted fighting. Well? So? Don’t just stand there MEN. Do something. Oh I forgot. Never fight on two fronts. How silly of me.

  3. The more I read about Islam the more I am convinced that a person has to be a sociopath to become a Muslim.

  4. Monsieur Ronald Sandee’s solution, to ban foreign financing, will not work because a simple transaction from Qatar or Kuwait to a trusted local agent will do the job.

    Ban Islam and de-platform it as a religion, because it is not one. It’s a simple fact that any inexperienced teen can come up with if fed with correct data.

    If European leaders do not want to understand simple stuff, they better be removed from their positions and sent to jail for treason. They are elected to understand and solve problems, but they simply do not want to. The simple fact that Monsieur Sandee cannot directly tell them “No mosques in my town” and instead he must say “no foreign financing” is the proof that these idiots have enforced their asinine rhetoric upon everyone.

    What a foolish world we are living in. Some Europeans, with a great tradition of Christianity and Hellenic culture, now speak and act as if they carry sawdust in their cranium.

    • Banning foreign financing is just nonsense meant for public consumption of the voters. And voters are apparently dumb enough to fall for it, since they were the ones who elected and reelected the morons overseeing the destruction of the Netherlands.

  5. The EU has ruined Europe. To the freeloader Muslims that reads “ripe for conquest. No Western European country has done ANYTHING to convince them otherwise.

  6. In a supermarket today three African Muslim females walking around sneezing over everyone and everything. While one sneezed the other two laughed and jeered. Girlie europhoria is going to havevus all butchered.

  7. When they ban pork, alcohol and music will anyone realize the gravity of the situation……..

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