Pedagogy in the Fourth Reich

So this is what secondary school is like in Modern Multicultural Germany, eh? Three cheers for “democracy”!

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We don’t want right-wing brown scumbags in our city!
00:04   Well, what else can they be called? We should be ashamed that
00:08   people vote for these brown scum of the AfD!
00:13   But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
00:17   [Screams] Opinion doesn’t have anything to do with… How many time do I have to…!?
00:21   Freedom of opinion has its limits, boy! Hey, how did you even manage to get into the 9th grade!?
00:26   How can you still not understand? That’s a pubescent danger [mocking the student].
00:29   Well, that’s my opinion.
00:32   At some point individual opinion and freedom of opinion come to an end.
00:36   [Now teacher compares voting for the AfD with a shooting spree] If you run down the Königsstraße
00:40   with a Kalashnikov shooting shop windows to feel more relaxed, that’s not freedom of opinion!
00:44   —That’s not what I said. —You keep your mouth shut in the future, if you aren’t asked.
00:48   —Oh sure, OK. —Unbelievable! We are at an historical turning point. Will we remain
00:54   a cultivated nation under the rule of law or become a brown [Nazi] soup!?

19 thoughts on “Pedagogy in the Fourth Reich

  1. “We don’t want right-wing brown scumbags in our city!”

    so he doesn’t want brown people in his city? good to know?

  2. At this point that is likely the best thing that could happen to Germany; a real far-right government to go about unashamedly expelling non-christian foreigners, leftists, socialists, elites, globalists, etc., as required. The next step if there is not some peaceful balancing of German society will be a violent rebalancing, and Germans have quite a knack for doing to excess when they set their minds to it.

    • Alas also here as well as there. When the very late PM Blair opened the EUs UK territory to settlement by all comers including every shade of illegal and criminally insane alien from as far out as you want to go. The right government is way past due.

  3. The right thing that happens to Germany ie alternative sensible party to rule will not come easily. It not part of human nature to solve a problem in the bud. In needs some blood and corpses. Sometimes many piles of corpses. This time no one will survive to sign any treaties. Armageddon Unless the prince of peace stops our folly as he promised.

  4. That’s what happens when you let leftist teachers have the run of the classroom – but who is enabling them?

  5. “.. right-wing brown scumbags?”

    The biggest lie after the war was that Nazis were “right-wing”.

    The Nazis wore brown shirts. Their Stormtroopers wore black, just like the Antifa today.

    Today’s leftoids behave exactly like the Nazis did.

    The AfD are regular conservatives, not left-wing loons.

    Socialist subversives always accuse conservatives of the crimes they commit. They are experts in gaslighting & in changing perceptions.

    • Warren, I am afraid you got your history quite wrong, the brown shirts were formed to fight the communists and they did a remarkable job in doing so, then when they were through with the communists and those that supported them, they became a threat to good ole Adolf, who then had the black shirts(SS) Purge the entire leadership of the SA(brown shirts)and absorbed the rest into the various armed forces including the SS, hence the name of the Night of the Long Knives.
      The AfD could be considered center if we are to be picky about labels. The left have power in Germany at the moment and that is going to become a very fragile thing as the whole 3rd world invasion problem and people turn to their own for defense and support, who will be on the right and very nationalist, especially as these 3rd world invaders bring disease and literally break the bank. Now will see the rise of the right( all over Europe), for nature demands it, for there is only strength in unity not diversity.

  6. Now that isn’t pedagogy is it? They are the opinions which much like interpretations are the worthless rantings based on the bigotry of a certain strain of extremist prejudices and ignorant stereotypes. How does such a person get to stand in the front of a classroom and verbally abuse young minds? Most likely it’s because he’s affiliated with the politically correct party who for all intents and purposes are the disciples of the national socialists that ran Germany from 1933 to 1945. Who’ve learned nothing from history so as to totally deserve the same fruits a third time after destroying the world twice in one century after trying to remake it in its own abhorrent, disgusting image which they called their “new world order”…

    “National Socialism will use its own revolution for the establishing of a New World Order.” – Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

    …all of which have the usual sycophantic apparatchiks, the political commissars masquerading as teachers and professors like the goon in the video. So then nothing has changed whatsoever since 1914 and there’s nothing new under the sun. Have I ever told you what the definition of insanity is?

    • The British would have sided with the Devil himself against whoever was perceived to be a threat to the realm of the British Empire, hence why we had 2 world wars in the first place and certainly was the cause of the 2nd. They even sided with the bloody Turks in the 19th Century against the Russians. It is the reason why we had the rise of national and international socialism and why even now is rearing it’s ugly head. What we will be fighting shortly is islam and it’s leftist enablers and financial elites playing the Great Game once again. Unfortunately for all of them, they forgot something that is the most important element in their coming downfall, human nature, and nature is tribal at it’s base, nature is about unity, not diversity. This is going to be sudden, brutal, bloody and widespread when the fun and festivities kicks off. We certainly are living in the most interesting of times.

    • O my,o my..
      3 years ago when i mentioned here on this very side that forbidden but known for everybody word “IV Reich” i was explicitly banned ..
      and there we are :-))
      Perhaps in some distance future i will witness here, similar transmutation known and only politically correct word in “West” “Nazi” to it real meaning and context Germans and theirs more then 1000 years old Herrenvolk culture..:-)) who knows..the truth is slowly but surly surfacing…even on this valuable site..
      Please to notice that GOV abandoned one sided ,Anglo-saxons narration of History to more balanced approach..I/m sure Baron ,Dymphna is very proud of you seeing your change of perception.. as i/m and many Poles like me..
      Dymphna and her CEE Soul is greatly missed..

      • Maria, my Dear Polish girl. The Nazi’s are long dead and gone. The current Germans will be far too busy fighting in their own lands to be bothered by the Poles.
        Interesting fun fact for you, if the Kaiser had not been overthrown, there would not had been a Nazi takeover of the country and by the way, Polish nobility were well represented in the Kaiser’s Court.
        The Brits threw the Poles under the bus many times including conspiring with Stalin to cover up the Katayan Massacre and then did them dirty after the war letting Stalin take over Poland
        Half my family is from East Prussia.

        • .”The Brits threw the Poles under the bus many time”
          Just like that,from a blue sky ? was there any context to it ?..just asking..
          Still i can’t find from where those “nazi” come from ?
          Can you help me to find answer ? SVP
          Anybody know ?

        • ..”Interesting fun fact for you, if the Kaiser had not been overthrown, there would not had been a Nazi takeover”..
          O my,o my..Inded hi become the owner of the Polish Land and territories ?
          Can you enlighten me SVP ?
          I don’t know who you are..ether care for..but want to tell this to you and others like you..”what goes around,comes around”..
          Your Germans due day to pay a bill come..For what you have done to this part of Europe,to those ethnicities you genocide and wipe out from the book of History like original Prussian Nation,will [redacted].

  7. The student who has the nerve to stand up for his opinion when facing his teacher who is on a rant has my admiration. They are what, 14 years old? I don’t think I would have done that.

  8. “Nothing new under the sun. The more things change the more they remain the same”. Not difficult to see which way this EU is is going to collapse.

  9. that kid (14 years old) is awesome !!!

    makes me proud to be a member of his people (homo sapiens).

    can we do something for him, send support verbally or even monetary ?

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