Gottfried Curio: “The Existence of the AfD is the Best Insurance This Country Has Against Extremism”

On February 19 a person or persons shot up two shisha bars in the German city of Hanau, killing eight culture-enrichers. Authorities identified the killer as Tobias Rathjen, who was alleged to have also killed his mother and then himself. Mr. Rathjen may or may not have been the actual perpetrator of the massacre, but he was clearly a seriously disturbed psychotic.

The media and the establishment political parties blamed the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) for the attack in Hanau, saying that the party’s anti-immigrant stance had created a “climate of hate” that influenced the killer to commit the massacre.

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag for the AfD. Below is a speech about the Hanau massacre that Mr. Curio gave recently on the floor of the Bundestag.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Video transcript:

00:00   Dear Mr. President, the murderous attack in Hanau is both shocking and disturbing.
00:04   Equally shocking is the partisan reflex
00:07   and rush to start a smear campaign to cash in on the victims.
00:11   They strap murdered people to the carts of their party polemics. Even the Attorney General
00:16   doesn’t know how the motives of the perpetrator developed,
00:21   but that perhaps he was insane. That’s what he affirms,
00:25   and not your defamation. That is the true state of affairs.
00:30   What were his thoughts? According to his manifesto: Telepathic control, ritually abused children
00:38   in underground bases, and he caused the 9/11 terror attack with his thoughts.
00:43   He was crazy, and the AfD should be blamed for it in order to make the next mistake of
00:48   the domestic intelligence more plausible for the voters. No, it wasn’t words.
00:53   It was his delusions that led to his deeds. The perpetrator describes annihilation fantasies that
01:00   affect the whole of humanity. Three quotes: Eliminate all of them, even if that means taking out
01:05   billions; if there is a button I would press it immediately; and we have to fly into
01:10   a time warp in order to destroy the planet.
01:14   Obviously, there’s no political agenda.
01:17   His psychotic state of mind cannot be separated from his actions
01:20   in order to create a purely political motive.
01:24   What drove him to his insane act? He says that after he
01:29   was a witness to a bank robbery, 90% of the suspect profiles submitted to him were foreigners.
01:35   This was the key experience for him which caused him to want to wipe out whole nations.
01:39   He names more than 20 countries. This pathological exaggeration,
01:42   that’s exactly the delusional part.
01:45   A mentally healthy person reacts to such grievances by voting for the AfD.
01:52   The fact that there are armed psychos running loose in this country is proof of government failure.
01:56   Even after the delusional criminal complaint filed by the perpetrator, there was no investigation
02:00   into the possible danger of his gun ownership. We demand prevention, not polemics.
02:04   No weapons should be in the hands of madmen.
02:08   Stop your brutalization of language. According to Mr. Merz,
02:11   the AfD is vermin. According to Mr. Laschet,
02:14   the AfD should be fought against tooth and nail, and for Mr. Wanderwitz the AfD is poisonous scum.
02:18   This kind of language is a disgrace to this country and for your chancellor candidates.
02:22   Using defamations like “fascist Nazi” has become the daily chump change of their slander.
02:28   It’s a welcoming culture for character assassination.
02:32   They seek to immunize themselves against criticism from the opposition
02:39   for their misguided government policy. We say society can handle the truth. —Mr. Curio,
02:44   would you accept a question? —No. —No questions.
02:47   It’s not hatred that drives many citizens. It’s indignation about illegality and wrong
02:52   policies that you divide the country with. Here today, with unfounded accusations,
02:56   the actual arsonists sit assigning blame to the fire alarm. The AfD shows citizens that
03:04   there is a non-violent parliamentary way to remedy the situation.
03:10   Therefore, the existence of the AfD is the best insurance this country has against extremism.
03:19   So, the controversy in the Bundestag over right-wing terrorism and hatred continues unabated.
03:25   Now the federal minister of justice.

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  1. Yes Dr. Curio , You and Your party are only hope for this dying country cultural and identity, Pls. Save Germany and Europe in the same time from this horrific people in the Bundestag and Brussels , Our children and grandchildren will be suffering the most , makes me want to cry what is happening, it’s unreal, it’s nightmare for Us Europeans,… stay strong !!, don’t gave up for any cost , and harassment, bullying, from this pussies , clowns , just disgusting..

  2. Screw affirmative action, diversity, illegal migrants and all forms of occupation.

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