Get Off This Bus And Across That Border!

The following video shows migrants in Turkey being forced off a bus at gunpoint so they can be ferried to the Greek border.

Many thanks to Bose for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Get off the bus. You are going across now.
00:05   What do you mean off? What about the kids?
00:09   We will cross on a boat. On a boat…
00:12   Look, Turkish soldiers will take you on a boat. We will take a boat to Greece.
00:17   I don’t want to. I don’t want Greece. —Then, why did you come?
00:21   Why did you come? Why did you come?
00:25   [unintelligible]
00:31   Everyone get off now! I will beat anyone who doesn’t. Now! Run! Go. Go. Go.
00:37   Move it! Get off! Get off, son! I am telling you to get off! Move it!
00:42   Quickly! Quickly! Empty this bus! Are we going to take care of you!
00:47   [unintelligible] Move it. Get off! Come on!
00:53   OK, OK, OK… Don’t be a drama queen. Get off!
00:57   [unintelligible] Everyone off!
01:02   Everyone out! Then why did you come? What do you think this is?
01:06   Get off the bus! Don’t make this difficult! Don’t cause trouble!
01:12   Everyone off the bus! Shut up! I’m not going to mess with you.
01:15   Did you ask me before you had the child?
01:18   Get off! OK, get out! Everyone off the bus!
01:24   OK. Move it. Get off! Look? Get off now!
01:30   There is no going back. Get off. Get offff!
01:35   Don’t make me use force! Get off the bus!
01:40   Quick… Let’s go quickly…
01:44   Look, I don’t want to turn you over to the soldiers.
01:50   How is that my problem? What did you come here for?
01:55   Why did you come? Get off!

11 thoughts on “Get Off This Bus And Across That Border!

  1. Seems the Turks still know how to deal with a bunch of unwelcome “guests”.

  2. This is absolutely normal:

    Frontex patrol has refused Greece’s orders to expel rescued migrants on the Aegean

    A Danish patrol within the mission of the European Border Control Agency (Frontex) deployed in the Aegean Sea has refused orders from the Greek command to return to Turkey a group of 33 migrants, Danish public broadcaster DR, quoted by the EFE agency, said on Friday. agerpres .

  3. An old tactic revived.

    At the beginning of this clip (from Enemy at the Gate (Battle of Stalingrad), you’ll see the NKVD troops. One of them blows the whistle for the Russians regulars to charge. You’ll note the NKVD troops (red ribbon on hat) just stay put as the regulars rush past to face the German guns. The NKVD will then (though not shown in this clip) position themselves behind the front line Russian troops and will shoot to kill and any Russian troop who leaves the front line without permission.

    The NKVD were the principal enforcers of Stalin’s July 1942 famous Order 227, the Not One Step Back directive.

    “Order No. 227 also stipulated the capture or shooting of “cowards” and fleeing panicked troops at the rear the blocking detachments, who in the first three months shot 1,000 penal troops and sent 24,993 to penal battalions. By October 1942 the idea of regular blocking detachments was quietly dropped, on 29 October 1944 Stalin officially ordered the disbanding of the units.”

  4. Imagine how these [epithets] will act out in the UK or anywhere else
    if they ever get the upper gland. This is how they treat their women and children. How long are we going to pretend not to notice the danger everywhere? Do we want our grandchildren living as passive minorities? Do we care?

  5. I feel sorry for anyone who thought that any of this chaos was spontaneous.

  6. How long until people realize that, while Erdogan is in power, Turkey is the enemy?

    Turkey was only a semi democracy and moderate (by muslim standards) while the army controlled the political process.

    It is about time for the government building in Ankara to receive the Soleimani treatment.

    • Turkey will always be an enemy to our way of life and to our civilization no matter who is in power.
      They want to spread Islam and enslave the non Muslims.
      We in the Balkan know them well.
      We lived under Ottoman rule for 368 years,when they conquer Konstantinopole we were Greeks and ,after 100 uprisings we were liberated,our population was 900.000.
      Genocide of the so called “infidels” is their duty.

      • And This stupid EU. Pussies , cowards , want Turkey to join EU..!!! How crazy can You be !!, somebody tell me ?

  7. “Look, Turkish soldiers will take you on a boat. We will take a boat to Greece.”

    Yes this is indeed an invasion force. A force being managed by Erdogan’s government, military, militia, gangs, whatever. It is indeed an act of war by Turkey against Greece and the rest of the European countries and former NATO allies.

    I’m just waiting like everyone else to see when Greece and its allies will in turn also declare war against the governing agents under the belligerent Erdogan who are following his orders to conduct an invasion using mostly unarmed combatants. Seems to be a war crime in there somewhere too. I keep hearing the rumblings but little else. Only the Greeks have barely begun to mobilize their forces. We’ll have to wait and see if all of this ends with just another whimper.

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