Marine Le Pen: “Haven’t We Learned Anything?”

Marine Le Pen is the leader of National Rally (Rassemblement National, formerly Front National) in France. In the following video Ms. Le Pen addresses voters ahead of local elections on March 15. She discusses the current migration crisis in Greece, in which thousands of migrants brought to the border by Turkey are attempting to force their way into Greece.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Dear compatriots, you have probably seen the images coming to us from Greece of thousands
00:07   of men trying to enter in force by attacking the border guards, including with firearms.
00:12   This news must alert all the citizens of European countries. Europe must face the facts
00:18   and realize that it is experiencing an attempted invasion. The term invasion isn’t too strong
00:23   when a country masses thousands of men at a border and their orders are to enter with force.
00:28   It has a name. An INVASION. Turkey, feeling protected by America, launches a double offensive.
00:34   In Syria to help jihadist terrorists taking refuge in the so-called “free zone”, and against Europe as
00:40   a whole with its blackmail using migratory flooding. In the face of what is an act of unprecedented
00:45   gravity, the soft and enslaved European Union says nothing. It pretends to look the other way.
00:51   Even worse, television reports show the way Frontex agents physically assisted the zodiacs to
00:56   reach the shore and allowed them to land on the Greek coasts.
01:01   The National Rally stands with the Greeks. The Greek people are defending themselves.
01:07   By protecting their borders alone, they are defending ours as well. By bravely, physically
01:13   fighting an organized submergence, it teaches us a lesson in resistance and patriotism which should
01:18   somehow remind our countries of their duties.
01:22   Emmanuel Macron obliges France to an absurd solidarity towards NATO, supports de facto
01:27   the warlike will of Erdogan, the sultan of Turkey, who dreams of a new Ottoman Empire while claiming
01:32   he’s fighting terrorism. The French government supports the power that is trying to save the last
01:38   representatives of the Islamist hydra, often war criminals who will then come to sow death
01:43   in our country. Let us try to analyse politically what is happening. These emblematic events,
01:48   just as the spread of the coronavirus in a deregulated world, these highlight all the flaws
01:54   of the globalist and European system. A system that we have been denouncing for years.
01:58   A system that is leading our countries towards the abyss. The European Union has given
02:02   billions to a Turkey which has renounced Kemalism and then slipped into Islamism.
02:06   Its authoritarian government, which makes no secret of its fierce desire to Islamise Europe,
02:11   is now using our money to arm itself and support the so-called free terrorists it intends
02:16   to turn into mercenaries in Libya and elsewhere and perhaps even here at home.
02:22   The United States is forcing us to support this belligerent country in the name of
02:26   the Atlantic alliance. Haven’t we learned anything?
02:29   Since 1914, we have known that the game of alliances can drag the world into terrible wars
02:34   that it doesn’t want. Emmanuel Macron follows sheep-like when what we need at this time
02:41   of crisis is to find the voices of independence. We must re-found Europe, get out of the
02:45   integrated command of NATO and the logic of these dangerous alliances.
02:51   France, aware of its national interests, can once again become a power of balanced peace.
02:57   We can see right in front of our eyes what history has taught us, that a demographic or
03:02   migratory weapon is used as a weapon of war. To submerge our countries and no doubt,
03:08   if nothing is done about it, for subjugation. Concretely, at all costs, it is necessary to
03:12   immediately suspend Schengen, which organizes the opening of our borders, and to declare
03:16   an immediate moratorium on the immigration in our country. Illegal immigrants must be
03:21   sent back to where they came from without any exception. The countries of emigration must
03:25   be vigorously encouraged to collaborate in the policy of return. This policy is in defense of
03:29   our vital national interests. French women and French men, you have before your eyes
03:35   the images which are far from being trivial but which must awaken your consciousness as citizens.
03:40   This international crisis must mobilise us, dear compatriots. It is no longer time to watch
03:45   distractedly and comment, but to commit and act.
03:48   To commit means to find the right political solutions
03:52   by joining the National Rally. To act, dear voters,
03:56   also means going to vote on March 15
03:59   in the municipal elections. All elections are political. And the one approaching, in this period,
04:05   more so than the others. So I am counting on you.

14 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: “Haven’t We Learned Anything?”

  1. Those Frontex traitors must have somewhere they go to sleep at night. If they are billeted on Greek islands then maybe they can be confronted there with regards to their siding with the people smugglers and Goat Boy.

    Hopefully Marine Le Pen will be elected but the rot is probably just as deep in France as it is in the US. She will have her work cut out for her in cutting the Deep State down to size.

    • “Marine Le Pen: “Haven’t We Learned Anything?”

      No. we need another 1441 years. And then no infidels will be left to understand anything.

      Oh traitors.

  2. Yes,in the West you have learned nothing.
    If you do not help,not only with words but with acts,eventually they will enter, because with every means supplied by Turkey they try to destroy the fence.Their goal is to massacre the north Greeks unless we become Muslims,raping our girls*,and then they will come north,to you.
    The spread of Islam,what you do not understand?

    Here also another purpose is in progress:replacement of the indigenous people by AfroAsians,the plan,Gudenhove-Kallergi for mixed European races.
    We Greeks are the guinea pigs.

    * they say that they like white women,that our men are not productive
    and our life will be enriched by them.

    • We could stop them quite easily any time we choose to.

      A few belts of .50 caliber swept across the invading hordes and that would be the last time that masses of invaders tried to swarm a European border. This hasn’t happened yet because EU “leaders” and the mandarins behind them wish Europe to be inundated with orcs. As country after country falls to populist and nationalist parties they might have no choice but to act decisively to prevent further takeover of EU politics by those who would have no qualms about ordering the shooting of hordes of military age males trying to force their way into Europe. The defense (or lack thereof) of the borders is, like in the US, a political problem and not a logistical or military one. They can and will be defended once there is political will to do so, and the surprising showing of solidarity with Greece this time around demonstrates how much attitudes have changed since 2015.

    • @Taiyeti. You mean Coudenhove-Kalergi, and he never had any such plan or sought any such “replacement.”

      What you read about him on the Internet is fake news that has an easy cure: read his books.

      One was called “The Defense of Western Civilization.”

  3. Imagine. Just a short time ago it was unimaginable. A war for survival with borders wide open France again not exactly coming to the rescue. Just like when it was Constantinople under siege and pleading for help. My dad said, “Son, love many, trust few – and paddle yer own canoe”. And my point? “Borders gentlemen please! Papers please?! No papers? Guards!

  4. What is even more egregious is Turkey has unleashed a wave of migrants who will bring more outbreaks of Coronavirus-19 with them, especially since the majority are migrant males with beards & facial hair! Iran is acting worse than China downplaying & deliberately misrepresenting their Coronavirus-19 death numbers. This illegal video was filmed in Iran who has since arrested the video photographer:

    Indigenous Greek citizens of Lesbos are outraged that Camp Moira already overflowing with 20K migrants since 2015, will become “ground zero” and their small island overtaken by 3 million more migrants if they storm the Greek border! Migrants would then need to catch a ferry boat to Athens to continue invading & virally infecting the rest of Europe. It’s a no-win situation for the Greek island citizens. They are also pawns in a sick political game between Turkey & the European Union!

    • Ah but those folks on those Greek Islands are starting to fight back and they treat the press, NGO’s and invaders with utter contempt and are masking up and assaulting them at will, they at some point will open fire on whoever crosses their path that is not one of them. I am actually looking forward to it.

  5. Transblender and diversity is degeneration. Dead skin. I imagine the real wake up call will be REALLY alive and very much something else. No problends.

  6. Doesn’t the Trump administration understand the nature of the Turkish threat? With Erdogan’s purges of the government and military, education of young Turks to Islamist militancy, takeover of strategic Turkish industrial and media companies, and aggressive behavior toward Greece and Europe, Turkey is likely to be a source of trouble for a long time. Which means Turkey must be kicked out of NATO forthwith.

  7. In Lesbos the people are already in war with the NGOs and with any new arrival,if any,the last few days,but the Turks we suspect that their future plan is to sent illegal immigrants to smaller islands like Symi or Kastelorizo which are very close to Anatolia’s coast.
    So the people of these small islands are ready to receive them… “with love”.

  8. And again Germany is taking “ refugee children from Greece camps “ along with parents, cousins, second cousins, uncles .. and on and on , this Evil Merkel schould be in prison , Germany ruined whole Europe and own country, never learn from mistakes, Merkel : You are the worst traitor to the German people, feeding Muslim children, where thousand of German children live in the big poverty. It is disgrace , I guess Germany is finished, RIP Deutschland…

    • Oh ye of little faith, the anger is rising by the day, that traitor Merkel and the rest of the communist filth that follow her are in for a very rude and horrific awaking soon. You say put in jail? I say hang the bloody lot of them. It’s the only way to be sure.

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