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“The days of hiding behind borders and fences are long gone… migrants are good for a community, economically and every other way.”

— Peter Sutherland of the UN, Paid Migration Promoter

14 thoughts on “Gate-Crashers

  1. Yes , this criminals, good for reap , murder and robberies , this UN. Paid Migration Promoter scum schould be in prison for reap and murder our wife’s , daughters, to let to the country this parasites, it’s unreal what is happening in our crazy world this days , heartbreaking for my granddaughter, it’s no future for her , She is living in Germany ( Berlin) very frightening..

  2. Turkish police pull guns on refugees to get off the bus and cross the border with Greece to EU.
    EU,NATO,and European States are to cosy with Turkey..
    Erdogan intentions are obvious..Turkey is a last pat of chain to facilitating illegal migration to Europe from allover the World..There was 7 people from Togo ona greece borders..
    Uncertainty with Turkey forced USA to move nukes from there to Poland..Yes you hear me Poland !
    Germans are not to comfortable with this development .. but US doesn’t care with theirs yackings..because their Love affair with Russia..
    My very good friend ( working for the Air Mobility Command) said that the nuclear ammunition had already been delivered to Powidz, Poland in early March 2020.
    Five C-17A Globemasters III arrived to Incerlik AB from Ramstein Air Base and took the whole bulk of nukes out to Poland..

  3. This is complete and utter nonsense – as everyone knows. Isn’t Sutherlad dead? Anyway, he can/could only come out with such self evident idiocy because he only ever addresses/addressed those of like mind and thus was never in a position where he had to defend his absolute utter lack of logic.

  4. Map what a criminal boss would want onto EU leadership behavior. Any difference? Besides the larger scale of criminal support in the EU?

  5. Today the government of Albania accepted 30.000 Pakistanis immigrants sent from Turkey.
    The will try to enter Greece before trying the way up north,and nobody in the west cares.
    The Pakistanis are the most fanatics and dirty minds in the whole of Islam.
    I have written before the plan is to establish Islam in the WHOLE of Europe not just the Balkans.
    This time Erdogan desperately wishes the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire and his best followers are the Pakistanis.
    The Greek airspace is almost daily violated by Pakistani airplanes.

    Germany wishes Albania into Europe!

  6. Well it seems like the way to go for so many is nicely and politely. Just like those Jewish people waited obediently for their turn. You have got to give it to the Muslims this far though.

  7. The late Peter Sutherland was the UN Secretary General’s “Special Representative for Migration”. He was responsible for establishing the UN’s “Global Forum on Migration and Development” (while at the same time being Chairman of BP and a director of Goldman Sachs). Note “Global” is code for brushing aside national boundaries and identities, and “Development” covers population dilution and replacement, what the UN called “Replacement Migration”. Sutherland was paid to promote migration. The UN propaganda made three questionable and dishonest assertions:

    Migration is Inevitable
    Migration is Necessary
    Migration is Desirable

    These are part of the UN’s sinister objective to dissolve national sovereignties in favour of a One World Order.

    The quotation above comes from Sutherland’s evidence (that is, propaganda) given to the House of Lords Select Committee concerning “The EU’s Global Approach to Migration and Mobility” (code for invasion and replacement).

    Sutherland, Mogherini, and Ban Ki Moon publicly urged “Search and Rescue” of persons in the Mediterranean (most neither Syrians nor refugees), with NGO ships ferrying them all the way to Italy instead of taking them to the nearest ports, as international law requires. This policy is responsible for the many drownings, as it encouraged more and more people-trafficking.

    See also “Sutherland: Bilderberg zealot trying to end national identity”

  8. What I find ironic is, this 3rd world invasion at the Greek borders and the rest of the Europeans now locking up their borders, is that they have accelerated the coming conflict because good ole Erdogon didn’t have the patience to wait, instead the new Pasha muslim pushed these savages into our countries, and now with the chicom flu and daily shutdown, it has made the natives very restless where taking the law into their own hands is now a daily occurrence. Let it rain!

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