Vehicular Jihad at the Barcelona Airport

Nothing stops the Great Jihad, not even the Wuhan Coronavirus. A couple of a culture-enriching Albanians drove their vehicle through the doors of the airport in Barcelona today, shouting Islamic slogans when they got out of their car. Whatever it was they intended, there wouldn’t have been many victims, because hardly anyone was at the airport, thanks to the ChiCom virus.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   This is the vehicle in which two men accessed the intermodal zone
00:08   of Barcelona — El Prat airport terminal 1 early this morning.
00:12   Barcelona police detained the two occupants, who were not armed, although they were carrying
00:16   more than €10,000 in cash. One of them shouted Islamic proclamations, according
00:23   to the commissioner of the police, Eduard Sallent.
00:27   The detained man, who was found to be very much under the influence of drugs, was transported
00:31   to a hospital by police officers. Not known at the moment are the intentions of those detained.
00:37   They are two men of Albanian nationality, who, at the moment,
00:41   have no known record of Islamist radicalization.
00:46   At about 5 this morning the Turismo broke through into the ground level of the airport
00:50   through a door used by pedestrians,
00:54   and once inside the suspects, who were blocked
00:58   by police, got out of the car and began shouting
01:02   at a moment in which there were very few people, due to the coronavirus restrictions.
01:07   In the operation nobody was injured. The police
01:11   have ruled out that the Turismo was carrying explosives.
01:17   All hypotheses are open and the airport is operating normally.

6 thoughts on “Vehicular Jihad at the Barcelona Airport

  1. The Chinese coronavirus is real, but the THREAT of the virus is overblown. The threat provides a convenient distraction from the collapse of globalism. As nations move their industries back into the homelands and close their borders, the beneficiaries of globalism – the parasites – will need to be removed. That is a stage of the game I am looking forward to seeing. “The Purge.”

    • No need for violence. Just cut off their salaries and their budgets. Make them ineligible for public benefits. They will have to get real jobs producing real value. Now, that would be a world revolution.

  2. Papers please! No papers? Then manhandled back over the border NOW! No free stuff. You know your country of origin. You have your own money and a mobile.

  3. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d guess these two have had many interactions with the Spanish police before, but were released because of the general reluctance to be too hard on foreign “refugees”. The sanctuary cities in the US illustrate the phenomenon. Biden’s debate promise to not deport any refugees unless the refugee was convicted of a felony in the US. In other words, a drug lord murderer, convicted in Mexico, would not be deported from the US unless the drug lord was actually convicted of a murder in the US.

    So, it’s not surprising that bunches of red flags are ignored for refugees, while US citizens are denied gun rights because of divorce-fueled accusations of domestic violence.

    Slightly off track (OT), some sort of red flag provision probably makes sense. If someone is talking about the people talking about him behind his back and plotting against him because he’s black, you probably want to investigate his ability to handle firearms.

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