Keep Calm And Obey Orders!

The three videos below are public service announcements broadcast by loudspeaker at various locations in Germany. They concern the new rules imposed on citizens because of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

They remind me of an old joke (for which I can’t remember the exact wording) about getting French people to behave themselves by shouting at them in German.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first clip from Kürnbach is an announcement of a newly-imposed curfew. WARNING: This video opens with VERY loud sirens:

In the second video, visitors to a park are instructed about precautions they must take against the virus:

The third video is from downtown Hannover, and features a police announcement that large public gatherings are prohibited:

Video transcript #1:

00:06   Attention! Attention! This is an announcement from the Mayor.
00:09   Tonight after 12 midnight a curfew goes into effect.
00:14   Further information can be found at the Kü website. Please stay calm. Thank you.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Inspections have been stepped up to ensure security for us all.
00:04   In order to reduce the risk of infection, we request that
00:09   groups be no larger than five persons. Please always maintain
00:14   the necessary 1.5 meter distance from one another.
00:19   Meeting with other people: Large gatherings for entertainment purposes
00:24   or parties are prohibited according to the Infection Protection Law.
00:30   Please contribute with responsible behavior and don’t become
00:35   a part of the chain of infection. Stay optimistic
00:38   and enjoy the sunny day with the necessary distance!

Video transcript #3:

00:00   The police would like to inform you that the very infectious Corona virus is a danger to us all.
00:09   Reduce your social contacts to a minimum.
00:14   According the obligatory general ruling in the region of Hannover, gathering in public spaces
00:19   are prohibited without exception. Right now, we’re all responsible and obliged to actively
00:27   work together to follow the rules to ensure that you and those around you stay healthy.
00:34   It is our duty and yours as citizens to reduce your social interaction to a minimum.
00:39   (A message from) your police.

12 thoughts on “Keep Calm And Obey Orders!

  1. Reminds me of that scene in Schindler’s List when the SS are putting the Jews into the Krakow ghetto.

    • SS? more like your BS. I am reminded of the Reuters correspondent who said after filing from Germany for many years that the only stories about Germany that he could ever get printed in the USA had to have the word “Nazi ” in them somewhere.

      For the long-term reason behind the Reuters comment, check John Beatty “Iron Curtain over America” from the early 50s; Amazon will likely ban it soon as part of hasbara, but it is on the Net as PDF.

      But I digress: listening to the texts of those videos, there is nothing at all to justify the smear “iron-fisted” given them by RAIR.

      After all, 2 days back, RAIR seemed to approve greatly of German police breaking up ISIS refugees in a camp, see the RAIR site for the video. So what gives?

      Note that lockdowns and full or partial curfews are not resticted to Germany; check Belgium, or (how shocking for US readers?) California.

  2. .

    Inside intensive care unit: Italy fights coronavirus outbreak

    Report from Italy:
    Respirator does not help corona patients
    Published March 19, 2020 at 5:33 pm

    Corona patients in need of respiratory therapy do not recover, but eventually die. This experience has been made by doctors in Italian Cremona, reports Channel 4 News.

    At the Cremona hospital in Corona-affected Lombardy, the staff has been working almost a month for high pressure to take care of patients with respiratory difficulties.

    But it’s not going well. Of the patients who have received respiratory care in the hospital’s intensive care unit, so far not a single one has recovered.

    “Unfortunately, at this hospital we have not yet seen any recovery,” Carla Maestrini, coordinator of the hospital’s intensive care, told Channel 4 News.

    – We really want to disconnect some patients from the respirators and see that they get better. Something good has to happen so we know we’re doing the right thing.

    Respirators are normally used with good results to save patients with severe pneumonia. The Italian doctors do not know why the outcome has become so bad in the treatment of corona patients.

    At the hospital, when Channel 4 News reportage was made, 107 of 845 admitted corona patients had died.

    – Many people have died and it is destroying us because we do not think we can do what we are here for, to treat people and make them feel better. We stand and watch as they die and we die inside too, says Carla Maestrini.

    • I wonder how many of those who have died have had the ‘flu jab’? It’s a question a friend of mine posed…

  3. They are using the wrong language; although Germans seem to be habituated to taking and obeying orders given in Russian and Austrian, neither of these are correct in this instance. Orders should be given in Arabic, Pashto, Farsi, or any of the savage gruntings of the African languages.

    • Is that supposed to be a joke, that “Austrian language” (given that German is spoken in Austria albeit with various accents and dialects; there is no “Austrian”) or are you referring to the orders given by the fellow born in Braunau am Inn, which is in Austria?

      • Seems to be a common european theme; after all, France’s greatest victories on the battlefield were at the leadership of a Corsican, and Catherine the Great, the famous equestrian who ruled Russia was actually of Prussian (german) extraction.

      • real smart people, those Austrians:,they made Hitler a German and Mozart and Beethoven Austrians!
        to those who might claim that Salzburg is in Austria: it was not in Mozarts lifetime.

  4. Where are all those Friday for Future kids? Not fearing for their future anymore? I have an idea: polish harvest workers can not help anymore due to travel restrictions. Those senior high kids would be heartly welcome picking asparagus for 8$ p.h.Well,ok, it may be a bit chilly and humid at 6 am, but the fresh country air will do good to them.
    BTW: I have not seen or heard anything about how our culture enrichers in parts of Berlin are complying with the curfews. Brothels and gambling bars are to be closed, cafés and restaurants too. OK, with the cash they have stashed they can easily survive years of drought.

  5. Great opportunity to get rid of the rampent liberalism which has ruined the Christian West. Or, in an act of true liberal perversion and denial will we place an under qualified fat lazy bearded slob and member of the Muslim Brotherhood in charge? Yeah I know. Tell me Angela doesn’t drink like a fish?

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