Girls Just Wanna Have Protection

The following news story from Sweden reminds me of a service called “Escort” that was introduced on campus when I was an undergraduate at the College of William and Mary in the early 1970s. A co-ed who was afraid to walk back to her dorm in the dark could call Escort and get someone to accompany her, greatly reducing her chances of being raped on the way.

Fast-forward five decades, and we have “Lift for girls” in Sweden. As usual, the report makes no mention of cultural enrichment, but since the reporter cites Malmö as being especially in need of the service, there is no doubt that immigrants are what the young ladies are afraid of. I’m certain that every Swede who watches this program knows exactly what is being referred to, even if it remains unspoken.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

09:58   A Facebook group called “Lift for girls” has put down roots in a lot of places in Sweden.
10:03   The group aims to provide more security for girls in urban areas
10:07   by offering free rides in the evening and at nighttime.
10:11   “Lift for girls”, a voluntary Facebook group,
10:15   has been established in many cities in Sweden.
10:18   It has now spread even to Skåne [southern region].
10:21   The group was already established in Vellinge and Lund,
10:24   but recently Malmö has also followed the trend.
10:27   Some girls don’t want to spend their money on a taxi;
10:30   instead they’d rather walk back home. And many “tedious matters” could happen.
10:36   Therefore the group is needed in a big city like Malmö, where a lot happens.
10:39   “Lift for girls” is a way to create security for girls in the city
10:43   by offering them free rides at nighttimes or by support by phone
10:48   if a girl feels scared on her way home.
10:51   We have an availability ‘line’ every week.
10:54   If somebody is willing to help, they write that on Facebook,
10:57   and the location where they’re reachable.
11:01   Louise Malmsten, the founder, is still in the initial phase in Malmö.
11:05   However, several girls have already contacted them,
11:08   either asking for a lift or support over the phone
11:11   when they walk home late at night.
11:14   She says, however, that the group is still growing at a faster rate in small cities.
11:18   I think they grow faster in small cities,
11:22   because we feel another sort of belonging, and we feel more secure.
11:26   I hope the group will be well-enough known
11:29   that everybody who feels insecure knows we are here for them.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for an ambitious young muslim buck. Volunteer to escort drunk Swedish girls home; what could possibly go wrong?

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