Denny Abrahamsson Experiences the Full Force of Swedish “Justice”

Our Swedish correspondent LN has compiled a report on the persecution by Sweden’s “justice” system of a Swede named Denny Abrahamsson, who committed the unpardonable crime of saying negative things about Islam on social media.

First, LN’s prefatory note:

The government and agencies in Sweden are constantly working to reinforce anarcho-fascist tyranny. State-funded denunciation, primarily through the “Net Hate Examiner”, of forbidden thoughts spoken or published, or so-called “net hate crimes” against foreigners, Muslims, etc., is growing all the time. 2019 was a record year for the Net Hate Examiner’s operations: “We are up by 1400-1500 cases”.

Below is a typical example showing the result of such a state-sponsored denunciation, from Samhällsnytt, February 14, 2020.

The translated article:

Denny Abrahamsson, 73, is a native of Stockholm, but lives during the winter season in Thailand. After a defeat in the Court of Appeals, the Net Hate Examiner has notified him again, and now he will stand trial. Thai doctors discourage him from flying home, but Stockholm District Court rejects the certificates and threatens the pensioner with a fine.

Samhällsnytt has previously reported on Denny Abrahamsson who, after a long battle with the judiciary, was finally acquitted in the High Court (Hovrätten) on the charge of incitement of hatred against an ethnic group. At that time he was charged, among other things, for writing that Islam is a “fascist ideology”. However, it did not take long before he was denounced again to the police by the same actor (the Net Hate Examiner) as last time.

Previously: 71-year-old Denny called Islam “fascist ideology” — was prosecuted with hatred against ethnic Group.

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Excerpt from the lawsuit:

Responsibility claims, etc.

Hatred Against a Group of People

5000 K352049-17

Denny Abrahamsson has expressed disdain for Muslims with a creed. He has written several posts in an open group on Facebook with anti-Muslim content. The messages are propagated by being available on Facebook. It happened on March 17, 2017 in an unknown place, Stockholm city.

Denny Abrahamsson committed the act with intent.

Legal basis: Chapter 16 § 8 § 1 of the Criminal Code

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Samhällsnytt has had access to police interviews with the man. According to the interrogation, he is now suspected, among other things, of having written on Facebook that “low-IQ cultures do not mix well with high-IQ societies” and that “cousin marriage and inbreeding in Islamic culture cause birth defects, low IQ and aggression.”

This was reported to the police by the state-funded Net Hate Examiner sometime in 2018.

Since then, the trial date has been moved several times, finally to January 27 of this year. Abrahamsson has sent two medical certificates from Thai doctors showing that his legs have swollen, probably as a result of blood clots. He has been prescribed blood thinners to take to dissolve the clots. At the same time, he is advised against air travel for more than four hours, for the reason that blood clots are often formed after sitting still for too long and can settle into the heart or lungs at risk to life.

Abrahamsson has also sent pictures of his swollen legs to the district court through his lawyer.

Despite the certificates, pictures and physical blood samples, the court in a special decision rejected the documentation. To assist them, an expert council of four persons has been assigned from the National Board of Health and Welfare (Medicinalstyrelsen). According to the decision that Samhällsnytt has taken note of, the pensioner is charged with a fine of four thousand kronor for missing the trial without having “legal failure to appear“ — that is, without a legitimate reason for it. In addition, he will be forced to pay SEK 8,000 if he does not appear at the next date, sometime in February:

In its opinion, the legal council of the National Board of Social Affairs (Socialstyrelsen) states that his “complaints according to the diagnoses in the two Thai medical certificates are such that they should not hinder him; that is, his medical condition can typically be treated with medicine”. Furthermore, it is believed that the risks of flying then will not be greater than for any healthy person.”

In a comment to Samhällsnytt, Abrahamsson describes the following statement from the National Board of Social Affairs (Socialstyrelsen): — They want to drag me home for a new trial even though I sent medical certificates that discourage me from long flights while I take blood thinning medicine. Also, use support socks, when I still have blood clots in my legs and lungs. Strange that they question my doctor’s assessment.

At the same time, he wonders why the hard-pressed justice system chooses to devote resources to having four experts from the National Board of Health (Medicinalstyrelsen) to examine his medical certificates.

He does not regret the statements he made earlier and adds the following: “Today I would write that Islam is worse than fascism as it legitimizes both pedophilia, rape and women oppression. Unfortunately, I can’t post to my Facebook groups because I’m off for life.”

Despite the threat of a penalty/fine, he does not plan to follow the district court’s decision: “The court appearance, I think, is scheduled for the end of February, but I will not find myself in it, that is, accept it.”

Here’s the decision that he received from the Court:


Denny Abrahamsson has not shown that he has had a legal failure to appear to the main hearing on January 27, 2020, therefore he shall pay a penalty/fine of 4,000 kr. Denny Abrahamsson shall, at an elevated penalty/fine of 8,000 kr, again be called to the main hearing at a time that will be announced later.

“I suggested to the Court the beginning of June when I still have to go to Sweden. I have been advised not to fly too much.

“Maybe I can get picked up by Greta’s sailing boat,” he adds.

Afterword from the translator:

Earlier this week, Samhällsnytt could report that 2019 was a record year for the Net Hate Examiner’s operations.

2019 became a record year for the Net Hate Examiner: “We are up by 1400-1500 applications to the police.” Assume each case costs the state — that is the taxpayers — some SEK 200,000; that is total SEK 300 million + the emolument to the denouncer, the Net Hate Examiner (Mr. Tomas Åberg).

Thereto all the damages those convicted are forced to pay, some SEK 25 million.

Swedish taxpayers have to cough up more than SEK 325 million yearly for the sole pleasure of having opinions prosecuted and thought criminals convicted.

[NB: Very approximate low calculation.]

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  1. Do those fools not think that the tide of history cannot someday turn against them, and their persecution of some through lawfare and the power of the state simply for their opinions might lead to their being persecuted in turn by others with ropes or bullets? I am certain the same country that spawned such ignorant do-gooders as Ms “Put them up against the wall” Thunberg is full of such not-so-benevolent public servants who have earned themselves hemp neckties once the country is violently overthrown by the islamists or those who oppose them. To see what is in their future, one need only look at Iraq post-invasion for what happens to those who persecuted their neighbors once the state no lomger protects them.

    • Commies can’t see into their future or they wouldn’t be commies. They can’t see into their future because they can’t or refuse to see into the past. Yes, they will be dealt with by nature, by their very own nature. They are like cockroaches though, after every purge a new batch emerges. Why we always let them grab power in the first place is the real mystery.

    • I have pondered this very point for quite some time now and have concluded that they simply must feel they will continue to be holding the levers of power in perpetuity.

      An absurd notion of course but human psychology is a multi-faceted thing.

      All hopes of a “soft-landing” from this have now also long-since passed.

    • I imagine the Muslim fate (sic) healers according to the tried and true plan to bide their time lying cheating stealing and [micturating] on the over- whelming greater part of humanity.

    • “The government’s aim, however, was even farther-reaching. It did not seek only to rearrange indigenous communities from within. It wanted all indigenous people in Canada to become “enfranchised,” effectively destroying indigenous nations as distinct groups.” Sounds familiar. The thinking behind the Muslims and she-males is kind of too sick to fathom.

    • The people in charge are sentimental wishful-thinkers who have convinced themselvces that they are right. Even when all is falling down around their ears only a minority will question the ideas that have guided them.

  2. Who will be the biggest laughingstock of the world besides Sweden?
    The Vikings are facepalming hard in Valhalla.

    • The Vikings sold their fellow Europeans into Islamic slavery. The Vikings were total jerks just like the Swedes are today.

      They acted just like Muslims. Create zilch and steal other people’s stuff.

        • Peace is nothing more than a lull until the next storm. We keep telling ourselves that if we are more tolerate, accepting and vacillating that others in the world will love us for our good intentions and wishful thinking. History says otherwise, for the strong always conquer the weak. To think that we are to advanced and civilized shows that they do not understand human nature at all. It will be costly, as it always is.

      • Yes. I agree. Watch the series ‘Vikings’ for confirmation of your argument – their assault on Holy Island and slaughter of the peaceful monks could have been carried out by Muslims.

  3. UK to follow very soon with the government’s proposal of Ofcom as internet regulator to monitor even the comment sections and prosecuting ‘possible harm’.

    • And yet the police have insufficirent numbers to deal with the rape and abuse of English children by Muslims invaders.

  4. Acts 26:18
    to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those sanctified by faith in Me.’

    While a large portion of residents are still members of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, contemporary Swedish society is very secular.

    Lutheran or whatever the only relevant and influential religion and have and show reverence to in Sweden is islam.

    No other belief concerns their acephalocardium.

    Europe is dying a very strange self-inflected death.

    • Lutheran?
      It was Martin Luther who said:

      “When I have time, I must put it into German so that every man may see what a foul and shameful book it is.”

  5. Lutherans are destroying the US state of Minnesota by importing tens of thousands of somali hordes.

    Sweden being stuck bewteen Lutheran and secularism explains a lot their invited downfall.

  6. The Swedish Net Hate Examiner contends that it shows hate towards an ethnic group to
    call Islam a “fascist ideology”. Hear Maududi:

    “The Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states,
    In such a state no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private.”

    Islam “an ethnic group”? Hear Ibrahim Cooper of CAIR:

    “Islam is not a race. It is an ideology.”

  7. The big question is who finances the Net Hate Examiner . Behind this group is the real enemy.

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