5 thoughts on “Our World is a Work in Progress

  1. Firstly, Prof James Hansen and other climate people will have forgottten more maths, physics and chem than Captain F ever knew.

    Citing him as a USN Captain and engineer is thus as relevant as citing my electrician to a man doing semiconductor research.

    Secondly, Korol shares the habit of Alt Right writers of rarely looking at the business and military press.

    Because it shows that far from wanting to take us all back to low-carbon 1700 lifestyles, the entire US Congress is eager for war with a No. 1 fossil fuel state it wants to get under control, as in the days of good old Yeltsin, darling of the US lamestream presstitutes.

    After all, the Minnesota Somalis and Connecticut Congolese and Diversity equivalents in the EU need to have things to buy, debts to incur so as to swell homoglobalist corporate profits. That means destroying and fracturing countries that resist Western banks and other corporations. Looking forward to Uighur-stan as an independent country in ex-China?

    The Alt Right has to decide namely whether climate change is just an elite media-driven diversion aimed at distracting attention from immi-vasion or a genuine attempt to reduce carbon footprints; the logic of homoglobalism, which continually refers to GDP growth and the need for migrants, indicates the former.

  2. Like earthquakes and climate there are war and conflict changes to be ignored at great risk of crushing bloody defeat. I machine,

  3. Sand is an excellent founding material and is second only to rock. Rock as a founding material must be solid and not as ‘floaters’ — large unconnected rocks. However, sand to be a successful foundation must be contained. That is, it must not be subject to water flow where is could be washed away. All the beachfront skyscraper unit blocks on the Gold Coast (Australia) are built on sand but it is contained sand as huge concrete piles have been built around the perimeter of each building protecting the skyscraper from erosion from the ocean. What Jesus said about the wise and foolish builders is correct.
    Uncontained sand will wash away easily under tides and storm conditions.

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