A National Special Incident in Sweden

After the latest “youth” murder in Malmö, the Swedish police have declared the crime wave in southern Sweden to be a “National Special Incident”. They have now launched an offensive called “Operation Rimfrost” to counter all the violence. One of the four pillars of the new police strategy is to… invite criminal gangs to take part in dialogue. Heck, that’s bound to work. What a great idea!

Below are two news reports from Swedish TV about the National Special Incident. Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1 features a criminologist with an Iranian name (I don’t know if he has an Iranian accent; our Swedish readers may be able to tell us) who is absolutely baffled as to why Sweden is experiencing such an extreme wave of youth violence. He’s waiting for more research on the topic by social scientists:

Video #2 features a police officer named Stefan Hector, the leader of “Operation Rimfrost”. Mr. Hector explains the rationale behind the National Special Incident, and says that the police will work out their methodology of implementation as they go along:

Video transcript #1:

00:05   After the assassination in Malmö the police unleash a “National Special Incident”
00:12   and join forces to counter criminals gangs.
00:15   “It was the last straw” — We assess this operation and situation will take six months at least.
00:22   At the same time, a new shooting in Malmö this evening.
00:37   We will broadcast a large part of our program from Möllvång Square in Malmö.
00:41   Here a 15-year-old boy was shot dead last Saturday evening.
00:45   We’ll have several guests, among them Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson.
03:42   The police are transferring more staff to Malmö to overcome the criminals in the city.
03:49   When we saw what happened in Malmö, where a 15-year-old was shot dead
03:54   in a posture like that of an execution,
03:58   we became suspicious that it was coordinated with the car bombing
04:01   which took place just a few minute earlier
04:04   to distract the police …
04:09   For the police that was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, and therefore we made the decision.
04:14   We’re going to use this method of leadership within six months, according to our assessments.
12:02   Let’s talk to Ardavan Khoshnood, a criminologist in Malmö.
12:05   You have also have a background within the Christian Democrats,
12:10   But haven’t been a member for many years and hold no political offices.
12:14   The victims were 15 years old.
12:19   Sweden stands out in such statistics. Why and how is that?
12:25   We don’t know what it depends on, but when it come to teenagers between 15 and 19 years old.
12:33   Sweden stands out in statistics in all of Western Europe.
12:37   There is no other country in Western Europe that has as many youths in that age group…
12:43   Do you mean Sweden is the worst in all of Europe?
12:46   Sweden is the worst in all of Western Europe, absolutely, yes.
12:49   A lot more teenagers between 15 and 29 are absolutely subjected to more shootings and assassinations
12:57   Why is that? —We don’t know why. Unfortunately there isn’t any research
13:01   regarding this; all we have is speculation.
13:04   We know access to weapons is very easy, as mentioned earlier.
13:08   Another reason is that
13:12   we have been very naïve in Sweden about this situation for a very long time.
13:17   There are people who have been screaming themselves hoarse for 20 to 30 years,
13:23   but this hasn’t been taken seriously.
13:27   To clarify what you say: do you mean Denmark is better than Sweden in the way they counter crimes?
13:32   What differentiates them? —Denmark is better. A few points we can mention, among others:
13:39   Denmark is better when it comes to confidentiality law.
13:42   The Swedish confidentiality law impedes and puts up obstacles very often.
13:47   The Migration Agency, the Employment Agency, Police and Social Services can’t
13:51   share certain information among themselves
13:54   because of the confidentiality law.
13:57   Denmark doesn’t have this problem. They have been much faster
14:02   to implement preventive measures and stricter laws,
14:06   such as ‘visitation zones’ and ‘forbidden zones’, etc.
14:11   The police are now mobilizing to increase the number of officers
14:16   and the amount of resources with the support of the government.
14:21   What do you think this will lead to?
14:24   This is a very positive step. It reminds me of the situation in 2012.
14:30   Malmö had a number of bloody years,
14:34   and the police started Operation Alfred which had a wonderful outcome.
14:38   I have good expectations about Operation Rimfrost, that it will contribute to
14:45   more confiscation of weapons, more arrests, and that we will cause a powerful decrease in violence.
14:52   What do you mean, the police will do what they haven’t done so far?
14:56   There will be a sharper watch on the most influential criminals,
14:59   a lot more national resources; the investigations could become
15:04   more effective than, for example, the current ones.
15:08   Will they lead to a halt in the development of violence? —No, but
15:12   it will contribute significantly to a decrease in violence.
15:16   The question which will arise is how long the government
15:20   and the coming cabinets will be willing to invest in this operation.
15:25   What do you mean? —Operation Rimfrost directs more reinforcement to the Malmö police;
15:31   what will happen in six months or a year from now?
15:37   Will these resources be withdrawn?
15:40   Or can they be kept here? This is an essential question.
15:43   Are you worried about what might happen in the next 6 to 12 months?
15:46   Yes, very much! When it comes to shootings and explosions, Sweden is very unique.
15:51   From the perspective of the number of shootings and explosions,
15:55   it’s very unique for a country which is not at war.
15:59   We should stop this before the situation deteriorates even further;
16:05   then it will require much stronger joint forces.
16:08   Thank you for coming here to Möllevång Square, in Malmö and the live broadcast program.
16:14   After the murder on Saturday, the Sweden Democrats stated that
16:19   they’re planning to ask for a motion of no confidence against Minster of Justice Morgan Johansson.
16:24   Parliament should send a clear signal to the government stating
16:29   that we aren’t satisfied with what the government has achieved so far.
16:34   The government talks, and comes out with many statements about
16:39   what is not acceptable according to [PM Stefan] Löfven and [Morgan] Johansson and several others,
16:44   But in reality they do none of what is needed. If they do anything, it’s very little and very late.

Video transcript #2:

00:15   We’ll go to Malmö. There was another shooting over the weekend, and even yesterday.
00:20   A teenager was injured over the weekend and two others have been arrested.
00:26   All of this taking place just a few days after the event last Saturday
00:29   when a 15-year-old boy was shot dead, as well another in his age-group
00:32   who is still being treated for life-threatening injuries.
00:35   Many Malmö residents seem to be very confused regarding the development in their home town.
00:41   I’m very sorry about what happened.
00:45   I think it’s incredibly horrible.
00:49   But at the same time, we unfortunately aren’t shocked,
00:53   because society hasn’t done what is required when we see
00:57   the fate of many youths who end up in such a manner.
01:00   We should work even faster than we currently do.
01:05   A little less chit-chat, a little more work.
01:08   Malmö residents want to see more work.
01:11   The police have announced the so-called “National Special Incident”,
01:15   which is called “Operation Rimfrost”.
01:18   Welcome, Stefan Hector! You lead this operation.
01:23   To begin, we heard this morning that the police will have meetings
01:27   with criminal groups in Malmö throughout the day today.
01:30   What can you say about that?
01:33   Police Regions have various methods to counter the developments.
01:37   The method used by Region South is to create dialogues
01:43   with the criminal operators to generate better results.
01:48   You classify these events as “National Special Incident”.
01:52   Earlier events which were classified similarly
01:56   were the terrorist attack in Stockholm in 2017 and forest fires in 2018.
02:01   What are the implications when the police classifies the current events using this label?
02:05   “National Special Incident” is another way to lead the operation.
02:11   Generally, leading groups and habitual routines operate according to their guidelines,
02:17   but when something happens beyond the border of organizational capability, we organize
02:21   and lead the operation in a special way; consequently it’s called “Special Incident”.
02:25   In plain English it’s “More people are focusing more on certain problems.”
02:32   That means some bosses can control other bosses who weren’t possible to be controlled otherwise?
02:38   Yes, less consensus culture, and we can generate quicker decision-making mechanisms and actions.
02:46   What will be your main objective?
02:49   The efforts will concern the incidence of explosions, shootings,
02:55   and the use of weapons in conflicts over the last few years.
03:01   We judged that the situation has reached a level which forces us to use another leading method.
03:07   We have four main objectives.
03:12   The first goal is that we want to reach a decrease in the number of shootings
03:15   and explosion attacks in criminal conflicts.
03:18   Second: decrease the number of shootings through
03:21   encouraging [criminals] to drop out, and prosecution.
03:24   Third: we’ll increase the confiscation of weapons and explosives.
03:28   The fourth is a result of the first three, which we think will increase security.
03:33   These are the goals, and not to be confused the promises, which I’ve seen made in some places.
03:38   Everything sounds great but, how do you know that you can reach these goals? How will you know
03:41   they’ve been accomplished? —We’ll know when we carry it out
03:46   and we have strategies to achieve the goals.
03:50   What is your method of measurement?
03:53   Measurement is the least of our problems, because we are well aware
03:57   of how many explosions and shootings happen.
04:00   But in order to reach the goals, let’s say within six months,
04:06   we’ll implement an operational method which will achieve these goals.
04:12   I would say, somehow, it would be ambiguous to say it this way, and now
04:18   your colleague, Mats Löfving, in this department, which is called NOA, has said in a statement
04:21   that “it was the straw that broke the camel’s back” after Saturday’s shooting
04:25   in Malmö where a 15-year-old was shot dead and his friend is still being treated in hospital.
04:29   Many would say “the camel’s back was broken a long time ago.”
04:32   Couldn’t the police have classified the situation as “National Special Incident” earlier?
04:36   The time when a “straw breaks a camel’s back” is probably a philosophical question.
04:42   We have a good organization to counter crimes, shootings, explosions, and it’s functioning well.
04:50   Our prisons, jails and detention facilities are full.
04:56   We’re achieving our main mission well, which is countering crimes,
05:03   but the development hasn’t turned out [positively] so far, which means it needs more effort.
05:08   Why couldn’t you start the decision-making mechanism a long time ago?
05:15   I should reiterate that the ground organization works relatively well.
05:20   “National Special Incident” means we concentrate on achieving a specific goal, but
05:25   it also means that something else won’t be done [properly]. For example, if we do something special
05:30   in Malmö, that means something else wouldn’t be carried out [as well] in another part of Sweden.
05:34   This is a matter of prioritizing. This is selective measures in specific cases.
05:40   It’s relatively very expensive to carry out such missions;
05:45   that’s why we don’t order such missions often.
05:48   Who is going to be paying for this? Can you say who will be prioritized in what way?
05:53   That’s difficult to say! We’re starting from a problem, and when it reaches the successful factors,
06:01   we’ll reinforce it with crews, we’ll find the method somewhere in the process and
06:07   what sort of police staff we’ll need, and the staff reinforcement will be assessed based on that.
06:10   The gaps will obviously need to be filled, but it’s currently difficult to say.
06:14   There has been a lot attention around the mother
06:18   who was shot dead while holding her baby in her arms.
06:23   How could that not to be a reason to establish a “National Special Incident”?
06:27   As I said earlier, we’ve a strong organization which investigates serious crimes.
06:33   What’s the different now with this?
06:37   It’s the development over the last couple of years.
06:43   The goal of a “National Special Incident” is not to solve
06:47   a big complex set of problems; the goal is to interrupt a development.
06:52   So if we divide this operation into three phases,
06:57   in the short term we work on the case itself; in the long term we’ll work with other authorities.
07:04   So this is a medium long-term solution. We’ll interrupt a trend,
07:07   but we won’t solve a complex problem.
07:10   In brief, what are your expectations and hopes about solving
07:14   the murder of the 15-year-old boy last Saturday?
07:17   I hope the case gets solved as soon as possible, for sure.
07:23   I need to mention that Malmö Police and Region South
07:27   are leading the preliminary investigation; it isn’t a national case.
07:32   Our job is to provide resources and specialists
07:37   so Malmö will have better conditions. —These large [operational] efforts
07:40   will take six months and will be led by you.
07:43   Thank you very much, Stefan Hector, for coming to the studio regarding the developments in Malmö.
07:49   You can follow more on our TV channel.

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  1. After three hours of intense dialog with gang members, the Swedish police are happy to report that the solution to the violence is to import more muslims.

    Journalists at the press conference shrug their shoulders and reply: ‘Of course that’s the solution, we could have told you that three weeks ago.’

  2. the Swedish politicians that brought the colonists to Sweden aren’t baffled by the youth crime wave. hell, they are jumping for joy things are working out way better then they expected. see the politicians you have to vote for when the politicians have you under their control with the dole. all hail the glorious revolution!

    • I don’t necessarily buy the idea that Swedish politicians brought in the invader horde to increase their voter base; the anger and opposition among the native population has made any increase in low-info voters counterproductive. They already had plenty of native leftist fools willing to vote for them without having to introduce Somali and Afghani rapists and goat molesters into the country.

      The only explanation that makes any sense to me for specifically bringing in incompatible male muslim zoophiles of military age is that these politicians are self-loathing and do not want to see their culture or race continued (except for themselves and their lovers of course), and the destruction of the country is the desired end goal.

      • Nah, Tommy’s right, most leftist politians aren’t even hiding the fact that they want more immigration in order to raise their voter base. Some are probably selfloathing and childless, so they completely live in the now and don’t care about the future and hence about their nation’s continuation. But I’d say that’s the minority. Most of them are the opposite with huge egos and severe cases of special snowflake mentality.
        They fail to see that they’re only being used though and as soon as a sharia muslim party would run they would loose all of their migrant voter base.

      • As I wrote here elsewhere, you people do not read the business press these last 30 years in the post-Boomer era of low birth rates.

        If you had done so you could explain to me how it is precisely the finance and business Ministers of eg Germany and Sweden, of the Swedish Moderate (sic) party and the German Christian (sic) Democrat (sic) party who are the most strident in denying the existence of a Swedish culture (in a speech in W. Africa) and encouraging miscegenation in the EU respectively.

        These men are neoliberal market fanatics for whom Man is only homo oeconomicus and has no social existence.

        That is, a white Swede and a Somali tribesman are both mortgagees or hire purchase signers or tenants or retail customers whose economic activity maintains GDP.

        • That’s right low both rates hedonism gayism native Swedes make alot of money off immigrants and do you expect the typical 1 child upper middle class family child is going to be changing ethnic Swedes diapers for low wages in an aging society

  3. The police in Sweden are weak, and too hesitant to do any so called police work and turn a blind eye mostly to what these 3rd worlders do. They are afraid of them. My suggestion is, pay me, and I’ll bring in 500 rough, hard men who will pacify Malmo in a few weeks, just do not argue in the methods that we bring to bare in that pacification process. It will be very messy, but very necessary. It will send the message, we are here, time to flee while you can.

    • You are exactly what Sweden and all the other Western Democracies need. Most citizens of these nations are gutless, politically correct, surrender monkeys, while the new “culture enrichers” are bullies who can spot a PC coward from a mile away. You and your ilk are exactly what is needed.

  4. Some years ago the Swedish government established a special police squad to deal with troublesome “refugees” and “migrants” called the: DIALOG POLIS, this legend in large letters emblazoned on their jackets, front and back. I believe the jackets were retired a few years after they were introduced.

    I used to occasionally browse through this collection whenever I wanted a good giggle, but more recently my mood when I look at them now is one of profound despair.

  5. That’s right low both rates hedonism gayism native Swedes make alot of money off immigrants and do you expect the typical 1 child upper middle class family child is going to be changing ethnic Swedes diapers for low wages in an aging society

  6. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Taylor Caldwell, “A Pillar of Iron”

    Old Europe is in trouble because its treasonous leadership class have thrown open the proverbial gates of their civilization to the oldest and most-lethal enemy of the West – namely, Islam.

    The prophet of Islam, Mohammed, traveled with a group of his followers from Mecca to Medina (then known as Yathrib) in 622. This journey, which marked the start of his consolidation of power over Arabia, later became known as the “hegira” – which in Arabic denotes conquest by migration.

    So important was this event in Muslim history that it came to mark the beginning of the Islamic calendar. And ever since Mohammed’s time, his followers have used the method as a highly-effective means of conquest all over the world. They migrate to non-Muslim (infidel) lands, establish a presence and continue to build their numbers until they can seize control and impose sharia law.

    Devout Muslims, we are told, engage in jihad only as an “internal struggle” for “self-betterment.” This is a baldfaced lie. When Mohammed commanded his followers to go forth into infidel lands and wage holy war (jihad), he wasn’t speaking of peaceful meditation or self-purification; he was speaking of bringing war to the enemies of Islam.

    This is proven by history: Over the last 1,400 years, over 300 large-scale military engagements and battles have been fought by Muslim and non-Muslim forces. Many were attempts to invade and conquer Old Europe/Christendom. The vast majority of these fights took place on neutral or European territory, which shows the essentially offensive nature of these struggles. Only a handful were fought in Muslim lands – and these came about because of the Crusades, military counter-attacks prompted by Islamic aggression in the first place.

    It is only over the last two centuries or so – during the rapid ascent of European civilization to world economic/military power status – that the Islamic tide threatening Old Europe has receded somewhat. Today, fueled by petrodollars and the ideological zeal of the Muslim Brotherhood, the soldiers of Allah are again on the march.

    The heart of Old Europe only narrowly missed being conquered and subjugated by the soldiers of Allah. They were stopped at Tours in 732, at Lepanto in 1571, and at Vienna in 1683. Spain fell and lived under Islamic (Moorish) rule for seven centuries until 1492, when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella kicked them out. Much of the Balkans and Southern Europe were conquered – as well as portions of Russia – and it took them centuries to eject the invaders as well.

    The danger to European civilization is greater today, however, because of the presence of a sizeable “fifth column” of traitors within its midst. These are globalists, Marxists and others who are prepared – even eager – to turn over their very own civilization to its oldest enemy. The great misfortune for ordinary Europeans is that many of these modern-day Quislings happen to hold leadership positions, including as political leaders of many of its nations, such as France, Britain, Germany, and Sweden.

    Therefore it can be seen that ordinary Europeans, if they wish to defend their homes, families and very birthrights, will have to fight not one but two foes – the soldiers of Allah themselves, and the traitors within their midst who aid and abet them.

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    As for the leadership class of Europe itself, it is a fairly good bet that many of the present generation of Cultural Marxist leaders, such as Angela Merkel, have already surrendered to the one true faith. Merkel has likely already converted to Islam. She certainly wears a headscarf like a Muslima.

    Obviously, the globalists and western ruling class have reached some sort of modus operandi under which the Muslims served as a spearhead of the new order, in return for privileges within the new caliphate or whatever emerges from the ongoing transformation of Europe.

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