Moldova Comes to Ter Apel

The following video reports on the arrival of a substantial number of Moldovan asylum seekers in the small town of Ter Apel in the Netherlands. I should say “Moldovans”, however, because like the thousands of “Romanians” dispersed all over Western Europe, these Moldovans are actually gypsies, as pointed out by Romanian visitors at Vlad’s place. Natives of that particular corner of Europe can easily tell the difference.

Also worth noting is the special migrant-transport bus that is featured in the middle section of this clip. It is staffed by special guards (or bouncers) in addition to the driver because so many would-be riders become violently enraged when they learn they are expected to pay a fare to ride the bus.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:07   Why did you flee Moldova?
00:10   We never used to see so many people from Moldova.
00:14   Why did you come now? —Life in Moldova is really tough right now.
00:19   There is no work. And we don’t get social money.
00:22   There is no work to be found that would let us stay in Moldova.
00:30   So we have to look for it elsewhere, to be able to live with our family. What else can we do?
00:36   Otherwise we won’t make it.
00:41   You’re here now. What do you expect to find here?
00:45   We expect they’ll grant us asylum.
00:50   So, asylum? —Yes. because it’s better here.
00:56   How did you leave Moldova? What did they promise you, and how did you arrange to get here?
01:03   We came by bus, because there’s no work over there.
01:10   There’s nothing there, so we look for it here. Because where can we go?
01:15   Over the course of last week, hundreds of Moldovans have arrived in the Netherlands
01:19   after a trip of over 2,000 km (1,250 mi). They fled their country due to poverty and corruption.
01:24   This is one of the buses they used.
01:27   What we’ve heard is that the Moldovans indicate that life is good in the Netherlands,
01:32   that facilities are good, that this is generally a reason to travel to the Netherlands.
01:36   In principle they don’t have a right to asylum in the Netherlands.
01:40   Some of the Moldovans walked to the bus shelter near the reception center this morning.
01:46   They’ve barely recovered from their long bus trip to the Netherlands.
01:49   How much did you have to pay to get here, and who did you pay?
01:56   We didn’t pay anything. —You didn’t pay anything? How did you get here then?
02:01   We went with friends who went abroad, they brought us.
02:07   After the transport of the Moldovans, arrests have been made.
02:10   A driver and his navigator were arrested; they’re suspected of human trafficking.
02:15   And the bus that arrives here is the shuttle bus. Exclusively for the asylum seekers in Ter Apel.
02:20   This ride is usually the busiest of the day. —Where are they going?
02:25   They’re going to Emmen Station, where they’ll split up.
02:28   One takes the train to Zwolle, the other to Groningen. I don’t know exactly.
02:32   This special bus always has security.
02:36   Why is that security guard necessary? —Because often
02:41   there are people who feel they can ride for free.
02:46   You can see it happening now. —Tomorrow!
02:50   Those are people who want to ride along for free and are very aggressive towards my colleague.
02:54   This is racist! Racist! Racist! Racist f***!
03:01   A ticket [?] Ticket! Ticket!
03:04   [Arabic swearing]
03:10   Pftoo! Ah zemmel [you a**hole]. F***!
03:13   The mayor is worried about the aggression. And the large number of
03:17   asylum seekers in his town who don’t qualify.
03:20   The general trend I’ve seen over the last eleven months in this town as a mayor.
03:26   We’re dealing with a large group that visits even though they know they don’t qualify for asylum.
03:33   What do you think of that, that they visit regularly?
03:36   Well, uncomfortable. Considering that Ter Apel has traditionally been a refuge for
03:41   war refugees. That’s how it started here.
03:45   And over time, we see that the proportion between war refugees
03:48   and people from safe countries becomes skewed,
03:51   and that puts a lot of pressure on the community.
03:54   I sometimes think that 90% of the people walking around here are economic refugees.
03:59   From safe countries? —From safe countries. And I think
04:02   that that problem [?] is getting out of hand.
04:05   Look, asylum seekers who flee from war are welcome, but not this.
04:09   Now a very large group from Moldova has arrived. —Yes, I heard. Or read, rather.
04:15   The third time already. —What do you think of that? —Well, they don’t belong here.
04:19   Moldova, they can stay in that country without problems. It’s safe.
04:24   The mayor warns that support for the asylum seekers is waning.
04:28   His town can no longer handle it by itself.
04:31   As far as I’m concerned even, I’ve asked for this before, a second reception center,
04:36   to reduce the pressure on Ter Apel. But also a shelter that’s less luxurious.
04:40   and less attractive for getting through the winter.
04:45   And why your plea for a second reception center? That has to do
04:48   with the size of Ter Apel. It’s a village of 8,000 souls,
04:51   with a shelter for 2,000. The balance between the village
04:55   and the reception center is disproportionate.
04:59   That’s why it would be good if a second reception center
05:02   were to be built somewhere else in the Netherlands.

7 thoughts on “Moldova Comes to Ter Apel

  1. Outrageous!!, just outrageous what this stupid politicians prepared for citizens of their countries, they have to go back immediately, no questions ask , they also speak Arabic, like this aggressive guy try get into the bus , Horror..

  2. Ethnic Moldavians (relatives of Romanians), a rather hardworking people. But of course, the degradation of the state system has made itself felt – the number of crime has increased. In Russia, Moldavians have long been known as guest workers.

    We also have something abnormal happening with the gypsy factor.
    June incident:
    Hundreds of Roma ‘forcibly removed’ from Russian village

    And here is how this story ended:
    According to a source from Tsargrad, the gypsies who returned to Chemodanovka “went on the counterattack.” But now they are acting smarter: they threaten the local police and prosecutors, as a result, they fine the indigenous people.

    While the investigators are completing the investigation into the cases of a mass brawl, attempted murder and murder in Chemodanovka, Penza Region, the gypsies not only returned to the village, but also began to dictate their living conditions, a source of Tsargrad from local residents said.

    • Gypsies promise to drown children – the head of the Chemodanovka will conduct a dialogue with them
      After attacking the indigenous inhabitants of the village of Chemodanovka in the Penza Region and killing 33-year-old Vladimir Grushin, the local gypsies initially fled for fear of revenge. However, having seen that the power vertical is on their side, they returned. Now, under the guise of the police, they feel confident and explain to the natives: “We lived according to your laws – now you will live according to ours!”, “This street was yours – now it will be ours!”, “We will drown your children in wells!”

      The position of the local administration was formulated by its head Zhanna Nikolaenkova: Gypsies live here and will live. Our country is large, but for some reason they chose us, and do not want to leave Blades. So, we should look for common ground, but, first of all, in my opinion, a lot of work was done this year on the part of the negotiations, and I was a representative at the meeting, when they came from minorities, the conversation was with the diaspora. But we need to work with them deeper in the sense that our Russian population treats them more than loyally. We will build a dialogue with them further. ”

      Well, those who do not want to build a dialogue with the menacing ones will be dealt with by the Rosguard and the “E center”. (Center for Countering Extremism) Because tolerance is sacred.

  3. Its all a con!!

    I was in moldova in november december 2002, there were lot arabs there, they apply to study languages at moldovian university, this gets them a visa, once inside moldova, the aimbis to find a woman, any woman, and marry, convert them to islam,
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    I met in moldovanin 2002 arabs from jordan, very dangerous, commiting robberies, beatings, rapes, scams.
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    They no interest in studying, its just trick to get entry into eu, commit crime, claim benefits, collect yiung naieve women for working in sex trade.

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    Islam is a 100% death cult!!!

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    • Terrible, consequences of open borders , We can only thank Merkel to open this pandora box , Europe is finished in couple of decades..

  4. Baron- thanks for posting and sharing all the information you can on a daily basis. It is terrifying to see what’s going on in Europe and elsewhere due to barbarian culture enrichment.

    Sadly, based on the evidence presented, it appears that it’s too late for the Netherlands and the other countries where these savages make up at least 50% of the population or more. On top of that, the native Europeans are not having babies anymore, certainly not at the replacement rate. Meanwhile the savages are having as many children as they possibly can, all expenses paid by the hard working natives.

    People like Geert Wilders have to live in fear for their lives because they dare to tell the truth about what’s happening. What a terrible situation with no solution in sight.

  5. Stop paying taxes, we are financing our own deaths at hands of muslims islam!!

    They laughing at us each time they collect hartz 4 german dole payments.

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    German eu beaurcratsvare same as muslim jihadis,
    Except they are there bomb is betrayal of us all.

    Bring it on!!!

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