The Murder in Chemnitz, One Year Later

Cast your mind back to the events of twelve months ago in the East German city of Chemnitz (or, if you’re not a long-time reader, see this post). A man named Daniel Hillig was murdered by a Syrian culture-enricher on the streets of Chemnitz. The killer was only recently convicted and sentenced to nine and a half years in prison, as reported in suitably pixelated TV newscasts.

The murder of Mr. Hillig caused outrage in Chemnitz, and sparked a series of angry spontaneous demonstrations. A leftist website used a brief snip of video to spin a fabricated tale about “right-wing extremists” hunting down immigrants on the streets of Chemnitz.

At the time of the incident Hans-Georg Maaßen was the head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, BfV), the German intelligence service. The BfV was in a position to know that no such “manhunt” had occurred, and Mr. Maaßen said as much in a press conference. For sinning against The Narrative on Chemnitz, he was forced out of his position.

Opponents of mass migration staged a demonstration in Chemnitz on the first anniversary of the murder of Daniel Hillig. The two videos below report on what happened that day in Chemnitz. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video contains The Narrative on Chemnitz as presented by the German MSM:

The second video is much more interesting. In it you can see what happened in the demonstration, instead of just being told about it:

Video transcript #1:

00:02   German flags and shouts of “This is our country”.
00:05   One year after the deadly city festival attack in Chemnitz,
00:08   the “Pro Chemnitz” movement organised another rally in the city.
00:11   According to police, approximately 450 people
00:14   took part in the demonstration — far fewer than the city had expected. “Pro Chemnitz” is classified
00:19   as a right-wing extremist group by the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution.
00:24   Exactly one year ago, a 35-year-old German was stabbed to death
00:27   in Chemnitz. The crime triggered right-wing
00:30   demonstrations and xenophobic attacks. On Thursday,
00:34   a Syrian man was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison.
00:39   Simultaneously in Dresden, 60 kilometers away from Chemnitz,
00:42   tens of thousands of people demonstrated for
00:45   an open society and solidarity this past weekend.
00:48   According to estimates by the organisers, 40,000 people
00:51   participated in the “Indivisible” march showing their solidarity
00:54   in sending a signal against racism and exclusion.
00:57   In one week, elections will be held in Saxony and Brandenburg. A further strengthening of the AfD
01:03   is expected. In Brandenburg, the right-wing populist party could even become the strongest force.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   “Multi-Culti — End of the line!”
00:29   “Deportation”
00:56   “Get out! Get out!”
01:15   “It is our country! It is our country!”
01:32   [Henryk Stoeckl] —I can’t wait to see what kind of story
01:35   will be made up here. It will probably be reported that foreigners were
01:38   being harassed, but I recorded everything. You were aggressive and wanted to attack people,
01:41   but your girlfriend held you back. [Sven Liebich from Halle Leaks] —Henrik Merker
01:46   stay honest! Henrik Merker stay honest!
01:51   Please continue walking!
01:55   Henrik Merker the incident detector [journalist] for the Zeit and NZ [Nürnberger paper] and so on.
01:59   Henrik Merker enjoys stirring up hatred. His photographs/videos
02:02   will probably end up on the Antifa website.
02:05   Henrik Merker. [Red shorts, glasses, + tiny man bun] Just always stay honest. — There he is!
02:09   Lying press! Lying press! Deportation! Deportation!
02:19   Send Antifa to Africa! Deportation! Send Antifa to Africa! Deportation!
02:30   Hello! We see each other all the time. Here again?
02:34   I met Andreas at a demonstration in Chemnitz. —Good.
02:47   Multi-Culti — End of the line! Lying Press, Lying Press!
03:32   We are the people! We are the people!