Mexican Racists Thwart the Will of African Migrants

Angry African migrants have gathered at the border crossing from Guatemala to Tapachula in southern Mexico. These culture-enrichers have been battling with the police and demanding free passage through Mexico to El Norte, which they consider their rightful future abode. Anyone who hinders them in their journey is of necessity a WAYCIST.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Yesterday in Chiapas at least 150 African immigrants
00:05   blocked access to the Century 21 immigration station,
00:09   which is located in Tapachula, Chiapas. While
00:13   the workers remained in the street, the undocumented
00:17   performed dances and chants. After
00:21   eight days of protest, they point out that the only thing they want
00:25   is to obtain their departure pass to continue with their trip to [the US or Canada].
00:34   Today we are completing 20 days here without solutions, without food,
00:39   without a roof to sleep under, without medical services, without health services.
00:47   We have pregnant women. We have babies who need entry,
00:51   who need care. We are asking for a future
00:55   for dehumanized man; the black race is dehumanized
01:01   here in Mexico, principally here in Chiapas.
01:04   We need the national and international press here to give notice
01:09   [unintelligible]
01:14   Racism… racism is serious discrimination.

17 thoughts on “Mexican Racists Thwart the Will of African Migrants

  1. I wonder how they got to Guatemala in the first place.

    I somehow feel that Guatemala might need to extra visa restrictions…

    • I can imagine Soros parachuting them from the sky or ferry them across the ocean to drop them just a few yards from the shore, like they do in the Mediterranian, lol.
      Jokes aside, I too, would be very interested in how Africans have enough money to go to Latin/South America. I’d say the majority of anyone else in the world (especially Europeans, since the distance would be roughly the same) doesn’t have that kind of money readily avaiable and Africans are supposed to be the poorest of the poor. It just doesn’t add up.

    • Their absolute sense of entitlement is plain for all to see. The Left and Globalists love them. Look what they are doing in South Africa and now even in Europe. They even steal our history and culture. They will never change. In 40,000 years the same. They are the victims of their own behaviour. They have achieved nothing and will continue in the same vein. All the white man’s fault in their eyes. And they teach this stolen history to our children. My Granddaughter was taught that the Romans were black and so was Shakespeare. I had to spends weeks teaching my grandchildren the truth about ancient Egypt too. When the West is no more- as is their intention to exterminate the white European whom they blame for all their ills, they will then fight among themselves. There is no hope for these thieving violent carrion.

      • It started with black Jesus, then black Pharaons, then there was some talk about how Europe used to be black in prehistoric times and now we’re at black Shakespear already? That’s just ridiculous!
        With the “West” do you mean all of Europe and North America or just Western Europe? I’m asking because you folks tend to ignore Central and Eastern Europe and us in those parts certainly don’t intend to give up just yet.
        It’s funny how the same thing that’s ruining America now has made us stronger against such influences. I mean it’s the same people doing it. Though our current teenagers aren’t doing so great either, to be fair.

      • (irony on)
        what do you know,Bishop? Mozart was black, Bach too, Einstein, Hobbes, Walt Whitmann would never have accomplished his Leafs of Serengeti Gras had he not been black. Edison? Bell? Why were all phones black? And the markets too.Well, what after all did Whity invent but toast loafs?

          • The only true invention I have found that was a product of black ingenuity is the Super Soaker. The inventor became a very rich man.

        • Henry Ford too; that’s why one could have any color Model T automobile they wanted as long as it was black. And lets never forget the african contribution to victory in WWII; if it hadn’t been for african ingenuity in mass production techniques and logistics, the Allies would have never been able to win the war.

          • That’s harsh. While there were many volunteers from the “white” Commonwealth, which didn’t have conscription (around 10,000 of RAF Bomber Command’s 55,000 fatalties were Canadian,), there were others from the Caribbean and West Africa, which didn’t have the degree of self- government enjoyed by Canada, Australia etc.

    • Ugly parasites. If they want a future why don’t they build one? Why are whites responsible for their welfare?

  2. I don’t believe they are intelligent enough to make the route themselves. Someone is guiding them.

  3. I’m sure some DemSoc Quisling Congress critters will go to them and escort them across the border, where they will be given drivers licenses, voter cards (already filled out for the Dems), EBT cards, and section 8 housing allowances.

  4. A serious example needs to be made of these people sending a message to their brethren that it is up to them to solve their own problems. We are not interested. We should pay no attention to their plight because by doing so we merely encourage their feelings of entitlement and worsen our own situation. There is no alternative.

  5. Someone with very deep pockets is orchestrating this mass infiltration of central Africans into the US. Recall several months ago the ‘caravan’ of 15,000 Africans who somehow just showed up in Panama, were given safe passage through Guatemala and Mexico, and after being allowed to enter the US, were swiftly whisked away and seeded in towns and cities all across America.

    All of them were flown on airliners from equatorial West Africa to Panama. Collectively, the airfare would have been, at a minimum, about FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS. Somebody ponied up this money. If our government were the least bit interested in looking into this, it would be trivially easy to follow the money trail and find out exactly who is funding this invasion.

    Probably our intelligence agencies already know. Could it be that they were even involved ab initio? Whether it is Soros, or some other globalist entity that is enacting this most recent stage of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, the fact that our government just sits on its hands tells me that our own government WANTS this invasion to happen.

    It is also worth reflecting on the fact that a significant number of these African transplants are coming from the very regions in central Africa where the latest Ebola epidemic is raging. Yet, there is essentially no health screening of these people being done, let alone any actual quarantine of even one person so far. Are we really this negligent and incompetent, or is this also being allowed on purpose?

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