The A$AP Rocky Verdict in 15 Steps

As reported in yesterday’s news, the Swedish court reached a verdict in the assault case against the American rapper A$AP Rocky and his entourage, as scheduled. The defendants were convicted, but were sentenced to pay only minuscule fines. Our Swedish correspondent LN has prepared a summary report on the court proceedings.

The A$AP Rocky Verdict in 15 Steps

by LN

Summary of a completely trivial episode in Stockholm City and its consequences:

1.   By chance, two groups of people meet.
2.   Group A: Rocky, two or more companions as well as a bodyguard.
Group B: an Afghan-Arab culture-enricher and at least one companion.
3.   Group B begins to follow Group A. Probably some form of verbal communication begins.
4.   Group B is asked by Group A — perhaps only by the bodyguard — to f*** off, or go to hell.
5.   Group A continues, but Group B follows.
6.   Possibly, probably steps 4 + 5 are repeated several times — it is now a matter of persecution on the part of Group B. Gibes might have been exchanged. No form of serious scuffle or bodily contact from either group has occurred.
7.   Group A is now tired of the persecution — shoves and the like are possibly made by Group A against Group B. Some sort of mêlée arises; the bodyguard acts.
8.   Someone in Group A, (maybe) Rocky, lifts the Afghan up and throws him elegantly into the street; two Group A companions rush forward and hit the lying Afghan, who also receives one kick.
9.   The Afghan claims to the police that he was hit on the back of the head with an empty bottle; however, the bottle was missing.
10.   The Afghan’s forearm has wounds from broken glass; how these were inflicted has remained unknown.
11.   This is a case of illegal retaliation, not of adapted legal self-defense.
12.   According to Swedish law, there was no attack from Group B that could motivate self-defense by Group A as described in Step 8. The Swedish judiciary as usual is not interested in the causes, which is what happened before Step 7.
13.   The verdict is judicially 90% correct — consideration should have been taken of Steps 5 and 6, and of the Afghan’s lying, false statement, Step 9.
14.   All taken together, it should have resulted in Step 15. One month in Swedish indecent detention is punishment enough for this trifle.
15.   Benefit of the doubt should have prevailed.

For details on the verdict, see Fria Tider (and use Google translate).

More about the plaintiff.

Note. Sweden today is a kretinocratic, stupido feminist, socialist country, reminiscent of the old DDR, which does not resort to exercising anarcho-tyranny against its own indigenous population.

16 thoughts on “The A$AP Rocky Verdict in 15 Steps

  1. I suspect the verdict has nothing to do with Rocky and company. Rather, it is a political middle finger extended and rubbed prominently in the President Trump’s face. The Swedes are known for their disdain for all things American, especially the President.

    Pay the stupid fines and make a point to never again visit Sweden or any other EU member state. An American touring in that region is taking his life into his own hands.

    President Trump isn’t likely to do anything petty like add tariffs to Swedish imports, but it would be funny if he allowed any trade agreements with Sweden to lapse and maybe go an entire QF or two without renewal. I wonder what effect that might have on their GDP. Ah, but the President would be better served by not playing their trifling little games. Even so…

    • What would the downside be to such an action? It isn’t as if we actually need anything that comes from the feminist superpower/kretinocracy. Let their IKEA and Volvos get tarriffed to the hilt for their disrespect.

      “it is much safer to be feared than loved because …love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails.”

      ― Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

      • As the laws continue to fail the native populations, extra judicial actions will come to the forefront sooner or later as human nature will demand it. Let it rain. As they say where I am from, shoot, shovel and shut up actually does work.

    • ” Rather, it is a political middle finger extended and rubbed prominently in the President Trump’s face.”

      Oh, gosh! Heavens you are perfectly right. They twist anything, everything against Pres. Trump Have you noticed you never hear on TV and in the media the montion of the words “first Lady” , like you hears about Hussein’s Obama ‘s.

      What Pres. Trump is doing Is not neglecting anyone segment of the American people.

      I actually saw the whole video: Rocky and his companions really had a lot of patience and tried to avoid confrontation, thinking probably they were guest and had to be polite.

      But the aboriginal, indigenous afghani natives of Sweden and Europe were aggressive and belligerent. They were deliberately picking a fight as if they knew they would be supported even if they initiated the fight. As it has turned out.

      That’s the reason they are so emboldened by Tell Mama.

      People in a dictatorship, where laws are the whimsical wishes of the rulers. We are helpless.

      Europe is eager to the years 39-1945.

      • Thanks for your observation on the video.

        It’s not an open-and-shut case, because we make the assumption that people are not allowed to initiate violence, even if provoked. Apparently, ASAP was in a tough place; perhaps the judges were also. The judges may not have been free to use common-sense measures outside of the explicit law involved.

        In my opinion, when you’re in a foreign country, you go far, far out of your way to avoid confrontation. If you don’t, you get caught up in a system you don’t understand and which has different ground rules than you’re used to.

        If the same situation happened in the US, even if ASAP and his bodyguard acted in the same way, his lawyers and supporters would have enough knowledge of the legal system to keep him out of trouble.

        The result is not justice, exactly, but sometimes getting along is as good or better than getting ahead.

        • » The judges may not have been free to use common-sense measures outside of the explicit law involved.«

          Sounds strange to a German. AFAIK there is a basic difference between British (English speaking countries) system of law and European continental. There is no place for the judge’s (or any bodies) common sense; he only has to find out what the law says in the case.

          ASAP’s action could only have been legal in some kind of emergency; the terms are “Notwehr” in German and “nödvärn” in Swedish. This would require an immediate danger.; but there was none, they were in central Stockholm, police would probably have been there within a few minutes if they called.

  2. Any conservative from anywhere is disdained and at risk of bureaucratic attack by the estrogenized hyper-polite Orwellian sewer that is Sweden today. Sweden shd be turned into one big rape resort for Euro-Muslims needing time-out from their proselytizing and Infidel-baiting. Stockholm Syndrome is real. Sweden Syndrome is the abject surrender of a nation to Muslim appeasement as the governing principle of the state.

  3. I say don’t waste your time and money going there, it just encourages them. They might get the hint if there are no tourists. Remember when Brussels(?) was worried about tourism and tried to convince everyone it was safe.

  4. The idea this was a political verdict seems just ridiculous to me, a German who reads Swedish fluently. This was a very thorough and unusual quick verdict. It just isn’t considered self defence if someone follows you in the public space and you throw him on the ground and then even hit him; thus is the law in Sweden or Germany.

    »Note. Sweden today is […] reminiscent of the old DDR, which does not resort to exercising anarcho-tyranny against its own indigenous population.«

    So we can hope the best: the former DDR is the region of resistance against multi-kulti in Germany. SCNR.

    • Thanks. I agree with you. I looked at the translated account, and this was by no means a reflex decision on the part of the judge. The judge is, or should be, bound by the law, rather than his own instincts.

      It is a separate question whether Sweden is a place worth being or a place worth visiting, or even if Sweden is an estrogen-driven, feminist, sissified, soft-totalitarian state. Which it is, and I would opposed the immigration of masses of Swedish immigrants into the US, where they would continue to implement the political ideas that put their original home into the mud.

  5. .
    It must obviously be pointed out that Rocky’s verdict in legal terms was a very solid job that solely and fully rested on the unimaginative Swedish law .

    Rocky could have been a leukodermic inuit named Nomen Nescio and POTUS could have been named Hillary Clinton (God preserve USA) , the outcome would have been the same.

    According to Swedish law, Rocky was guilty. It was an assault, however,
    outside of the law book, a smaller and even justified one.

    Swedish law might very well be cracy – according to the constitutional law Sweden since some 40 years is a multicultural country, today a severely failed one.

    An old verdict comes to mind: the burglar who, after completing the deed, slipped on an iced staircase and was awarded damages by the house owner.
    Sweden might well be an “estrogenized hyper-polite Orwellian and Muslim rape sewer”, this has got nothing to do with the verdict.

    • .
      Above comment was sent io GoV after only the two first replies
      had been published.

      This would have been unnecessary by the recently arrived reply from the belingul German gentleman ‘ludwig2718282’.

    • This is why the ole time honored tradition of extra judicial actions will soon become the norm as this continues. Let it rain. About bloody time these 3rd world savages start fearing us.

  6. .
    No ‘estrogenized hyper-politicized Orwellian
    and Muslim rape sewer’ but rather:

    Small Wilma, age 10, sent a proposal to Prime Minister
    Stefan Löfven to change the name of Sweden. It
    could be called “Blandland” / Mixtureland, so it
    would include everybody.

    “Inventive, with a nice thought behind ” Steffe / Stefan
    Löfven replied.

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