Islam: Can a Religion Actually Be Evil?

Islam: Can a religion actually be evil?

by SF

It’s human nature to love the members of your own tribe, and to hate those from enemy tribes. Many religions follow this principle to varying degrees, but none does so to the extent that Islam does. Islam is a totalitarian “religion” that demands total mind control from its adherents. It turns believers into “robots for allah”. Its supreme example is Muhammad. In early Islam, he was still a human being, and totally separate from allah. But as Islam quickly evolved, Muhammad received a promotion. He became “the only perfect human being who has ever lived, and who ever will live”. As such, “his every thought, word, and action were perfectly in tune with allah”. In other words, if allah himself came down to earth and was incarnated as a human being, that human being would be Muhammad!

As a result, Islam was “perfect” from its very beginning, and could never be improved upon. And if you ever wondered what you were supposed to do, you only had to copy Muhammad, and do whatever he used to do (including marrying and having sex with nine-year-old girls).

Accordingly, it is worthy of note that the Koran tells you not to take non-Muslims as friends, and obligates you to convert all non-Muslims or conquer them, so that the entire universe ends up under the rule of allah and his chosen people, the Muslims.

Following the example of Muhammad, Islam originally spread through the sword. Of those countries containing the most Muslims in the world, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh were all conquered by the sword. In contrast, Indonesia converted to Islam voluntarily. The rulers there saw Muslims as their most powerful potential allies, and converted in order to win their favor (similar to the way Germanic pagans converting to Roman Christianity).

Islam is designed to make it easy for men to convert. But once you do convert, it becomes like the legendary roach motel: You can check in, but you can’t check out. If you try to leave Islam, then all Muslims are given permission to kill you, and are encouraged to do so.

Islam is also designed to give its warriors an incentive to fight and die for Islam. And, following the example of Muhammad, it is obsessed with sex. If you fight an infidel and win, you immediately get all his possessions, including his wife and children, who become your sex slaves. And if you fight but die, your reward is even greater: you are given free admission to a sexual paradise. This paradise is flowing with wine, which you can drink endlessly but never get too drunk. And best of all, you are given 72 virgin sex slave angels, devoted to your endless sexual gratification. They are busty and beautiful (Muhammad was apparently a breast man), and remain forever virginal no matter how many times you have sex with them. And, if you ever get tired of women and crave a little variety, you are also surrounded by immortal beautiful young serving boys. (Predictably, it is never stated exactly what reward faithful Muslim wives will receive in the Muslim paradise, but according to them, it must be pretty good).

So should you be friends with “moderate” Muslims? Most Muslims appear to be “moderates”, who will not try to kill you as long as you do not “blaspheme Muhammad”. But I have also heard that the term “moderate Muslim” is as oxymoronic as “moderate Nazi”. In addition, some define a “moderate” Muslim as one who would not mind killing you, but not if it means that he himself dies in the process. Nonetheless, if you do do so, the odds are still vastly in your favor that he will not kill you. But if by chance he does “go all Muslim on you”, then the last words you will hear are “Allahu Akhbar”, as your head is being slowly sawed off from your body by your moderate Muslim friend (while it is being recorded for the internet). (“Kill the infidels wherever you find them.” “When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks.” These are two Koranic commands that Muslims believe came directly from allah himself, and are eternally valid; and at least a few Muslims still take them very literally.)

A final note: The Muslims flooding into Europe and the US are illegal invaders. They all come from Muslim countries where Muslims consider themselves to be allah’s master race. They have already killed or expelled all their native Jews, and the few Christians remaining alive there are treated like human animals (Muslims do not consider raping a non-Muslim to be a serious crime, if it even is a crime). That the EU and America’s Democrats are welcoming them with open arms, can’t get enough of them, and keep telling us how much better off we will be when they finally replace us; it all seems to show that, while we weren’t paying attention, we have all been transported into an Alice in Wonderland alternate universe.

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17 thoughts on “Islam: Can a Religion Actually Be Evil?

  1. Islam is Satan’s version of Christianity. Jesus Himself warned us when He said, “the Thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy…” Note the three ‘commandments you have outlined, kill the infidel, steal what is his, or hers, and destroy whatever they have, roads, farms cities etc.
    Satan will end up in solitary for a thousand years but he still won’t get it and will need to be confined to the Lake of Fire.
    Stay tuned, film at 11:00

  2. What it is difference between a religion and a cult? How do you tell it’s the one and not the other? Good luck with figuring this out.

    • This is a commonly used checklist of characteristics of cults:

      I would say that Mohammed’s original Islam ticked all the points and that for many modern Muslims’ interpretation it still does (those variously described as cultural/moderate/progressive/non-literalist etc Muslims, backsliders, secret atheists and hypocrites (Allah’s term) excluded).

      • Well, this is exactly it, you can’t possibly distinguish between religion and a cult according to this list of characteristic traits. Well, may be Buddhism and Daoism are fine, but then again those are not really religions but philosophies.

  3. About women in Islam and heaven: I asked myself this.
    My answer: It is just like a Possession by a daemon just like in Warhammer 40.000.
    (Short: In a Story about the Iron Warriors Traitor chapter a female officer of the Imperial Guard wants revenge against an Iron Warrior. A daemon hears this and as she accepts the bargain she looses control of her body and the daemon starts having fun.)
    Translated into Islam this means: The woman dies and is taken to heaven. There a daemon chastises her for being only mortal perfect and offers her a chance to become a real perfect islamic woman. The woman agrees and the daemon takes control of her body. From this second on the woman produces the perfect food, cleans the house perfectly etc, but whereever the woman showed in her mortal days substandard behaviour (to a perfect heaven everything is substandard) she is punished by burns, lashes, but nobody sees it at the body. But the womans souls feels it. But she is trapped in her body and can just see what happens. But she can never scream or rescind the bargain.

  4. A mistake a lot of people are making, is to believe that if a Muslim is not strapping on a bomb vest, then he/she must be on our side. You do not need to be participating in, or even approving of the actions of your tribe, in order to be loyal to it.

    For Example. At the end of WWII, about 9% of the American population was under arms. Does that mean that the other 91% were pro-Japan? Of course not! A lot of Americans disapproved of the Hiroshima bombing, but they were still loyal Americans.

    Islam is a tribe, and most Muslims can be expected to be loyal to that tribe, regardless of their personal sentiments, and should not be expected to support us in our efforts to oppose Islamization, or even Islamic terrorism.

  5. It is ones that have money, that buys time, to study, prayer, mosques, socialize, but in supportive circles. The last paragraph of this article.

    Bilal Sofi runs a sanitaryware store in Khanyar and the family also owns a shopping complex. “Ahtisham is the lone heir to this property,” Shabnam said. “Who else is it for?”
    But Ahtisham has entered a different life. “Do you think this world won’t end?” he asks in his message, addressing his family . “Do we have to stay in the world all our life? I have taken my decision so that I could pray before Allah in the afterlife to seek paradise for you”.

    His belief and love for Allah, and following the sayings, guidance, and deeds of Mohammad the messenger, to bring salvation for his family.

    He believes that in laying down his life, it is so that he can intercede plea for up to 70 of his relatives.

    So what greater love is, than to sacrifice one’s life for Allah, and plus great gains for his mother and father, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, cousins etc.. family,

    After all Christians, Buddhists, atheists, etc. also sacrifice their lives for their families and friends, and the there was no sex dream.

    This is what we must know to combat more effectively. It is not just the houris and satiation of paradise, even if some may have that illusion.

    • Ubada bin Samit narrates, that the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam) said, “The shaheed [martyr] is granted seven gifts from Allah:

      1) He is forgiven at the first drop of his blood.
      2) He sees his status in Jannah.
      3) He is dressed in the clothes of Iman.
      4) He is safe from the punishment of the grave.
      5) He will be safe from the Great fear of the Day of Judgment.
      6) A crown of honor will be placed on his head.
      7) He will intercede on behalf of 70 members of his family.
      Musnad Ahmed, Tabrani, at-Targheeb wa at-Tarheeb, p.443, vol.2'an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Jihadists

      There seems to be more than the 70 eternal virgins or wine that we joke about in the reward.
      Ok it is good to joke about them.

      We must know some of these other very important points about what a “shaheed” follows!

    • From the writings of another muslim, son of a head master of a school, born in 1968, who fought the Russians in Afghanistan. pg 27

      Their intercession on behalf of anybody will be accepted.
      Whatever they request from Jannah will be given to them and whatever place they will choose in Jannah will be their abode.
      Bazzaz, Baihaqi.

      Hazrat Abu Darda (ra) narrates that I heard the Prophet (saw)

      saying that the Shaheed will intercede on behalf of 70 members of his family.

      Abu Dawood, At Targheeb Wat Tarheeb.

      Page 27

      So we must learn that though they say they love death, it is also love for redemption, not only for themselves, but for their family that is being sold.

      We must know our enemy, and we must know ourselves.
      That way we may see an effective way of cracking islam apart.

  6. Can a Religion Actually Be Evil?

    John Henry Newman said that religious error is in itself of an immoral nature.

  7. “I am the Way, the Life and the Truth, no one sees the Father except through me.”

    Jesus is the Way, The Life and the Truth. He is the promised Messiah and Salvation is by grace through faith is Him. In terms of Salvation, philosophy and religion are dead ends. Islam is just another futile religion – an imposter, a counterfeit – like so many others.

  8. Always amusing how Islamic heaven is exactly what they consider as debauched in Western culture.

  9. Jihad was also waged in Indonesia by Muslims against non-Muslims as part of the Islamization process.

    Muhammad committed according to accepted Islamic sources acts that are considered evil in other men, such as mass-murder. He also married Ayesha at six according to accepted Islamic sources.

  10. Actually, I agree with Islam on one important point:
    Islam is much more than a religion. It is a total (as in ‘totalitarian’) way of life, seeking to instruct all humans on all behaviour in all life situations. That makes Islam an ideology. Religiously justified (one needs just to read all those fairytales to know that), but first and foremost an ideology.
    It follows logically that due to its dominant political traits, Islam does not deserve the recognition, benefits or protection that we grant real, non-political religions.

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