Knife Jihad in Villeurbanne

A knife-wielding mujahid went on a rampage today in Villeurbanne, a suburb of the French city of Lyon. At least one person was killed, and a number of others were wounded. Concerning the assailant’s motive, media reports on the incident give no indication of any Islamic component, mentioning only that the fellow was evidently mentally disturbed.

The two videos below show two very different views of what happened in Villeurbanne. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is a news report from the mainstream media in France. There is no indication of motive, cultural enrichment, or jihad:

In the second video, the situation becomes clearer: the mujahid is checking each victim to make sure he or she is not a Muslim. In this case, he ascertains that his interlocutor is a Muslim: not only does he leave the fellow unmolested, but the two men exchange high-fives:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   One dead, nine wounded, among them two seriously, as the result of an attack
00:04   with a bladed weapon. In Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon,
00:08   a man attacked passers-by this afternoon at the metro station Laurent Bonnevay.
00:12   According to a police source it was allegedly
00:16   an Afghani, an asylum seeker. No information was suggested concerning
00:20   the motive for the attack. For now the mayor of Lyon and a former Interior Minister
00:24   are at the site. We are listening to Gérard Collomb.
00:28   I think that we have to wait for the findings of the investigation.
00:33   As long as we don’t have those findings we can’t really say anything
00:37   Additional. And we need to be very careful, in fact.
00:41   What we know is that one person passed away, that several
00:45   others were wounded, as the result of an attack by an individual
00:49   who has allegedly used a knife.
00:53   And so he attacked
00:57   people who were waiting for their bus in a
01:02   place that was obviously well-frequented. Christophe Castaner [Interior Minister]
01:06   wrote on Twitter, and I quote: “Our first thoughts go out
01:10   to the loved ones and the family of the young man who lost his life. Support and solidarity
01:14   with the wounded.” The Interior Minister also saluted the engagement
01:18   of the security forces and the first responders. An attack in Villeurbanne
01:22   of great violence, as attested by this witness. A story that — beware — can be shocking!
01:30   So what happened, there was a man who was in fact at bus stop #57 and who started
01:34   stabbing with a knife in all directions. He managed to wound a…
01:39   he managed to open the stomach of one person.
01:43   He stabbed a man in the head, and he also, in fact, opened the ear of a lady, and
01:47   the lady was dying like an animal at the bus stop and nobody came to help me, so I somehow managed…
01:51   I actually threw myself on top of her, to protect her, to prevent him from stabbing her
01:54   with the knife again. And they closed the bus doors. Fortunately they re-opened, and
01:59   I was able to lift her there with a help of a little lady over there,
02:03   and then the bus was gone. While we were leaving we saw that there was a gentlemen on the ground
02:07   losing all his blood. There was blood everywhere. The firefighters in all directions…

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Oh, he has a knife! He’s stabbing everybody. He’s attacking everybody
00:04   at the [Laurent] Bonnevay [metro station, Lyon].
00:08   [unintelligible]
00:20   Allah, insh’Allah!
00:24   Allah! Allah!

3 thoughts on “Knife Jihad in Villeurbanne

  1. To be expected when France has been conquered and condoned by their leaders like Macron and others in the E.U. Infidels are to be eliminated or taken as slaves. Why are the French people allowing this? Are there any people there who don’t want their country to be Muslim?? Some may have fled to E. Europe for safety. Not many places to run and hide to now days.

  2. Total lies by omission from the so called investigators. “No information was suggested concerning the motive for the attack.”

    This pro Sunni propaganda is really tiresome. The only people it fools are those who were not paying attention. The French had a choice who to vote for, and they voted for the moron. They have made their bed and now they can lie in it.

  3. he was an asylum seeker, does killing French citizens help you get asylum? judging by that French politician I guess it does. i don’t have any sympathy for the French people. they knew exactly what they were going to get when they voted for their leftist politicians and they still voted for them. the dole is more important to them then life itself.

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