“Muslims Are Preparing for Civil War in France”

The following video from Résistance Républicaine features remarks by a woman (reportedly a survivor of the Bataclan massacre) about Rachid Abu Aoudefa, a.k.a Rachid Eljay, who was shot and wounded a couple of weeks ago by a native European at the Sunna Mosque in the French city of Brest. One of the imam’s congregants was also wounded in the incident when he tried to protect the imam.

For details about the shooting of Imam Rachid, see this post at Vlad Tepes.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Good day. I would like to
00:04   make a video following an attack
00:08   using a firearm a couple of days ago
00:11   against Monsieur Rachid El-Jay, the imam of the Brest mosque.
00:17   So following this attack the Muslim community
00:21   reacted a lot on the internet, on social media,
00:25   and so we have watched a number of videos
00:29   made by Muslims the day after
00:33   that attack against of the imam of Brest.
00:37   So what is totally surprising is that the Muslim community
00:41   in its great majority seems totally surprised,
00:45   stunned by this aggression towards
00:50   their imam. But I would like to remind Muslims:
00:54   What have you done in France for all those past years?!
00:58   There have been bloody attacks,
01:02   murderous attacks which have been perpetrated
01:06   on our, French, territory BY Muslims
01:10   in the name of Islam. So of course we could
01:14   mention Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan,
01:18   the Nice attack, where almost three hundred people
01:23   were killed, for no reason,
01:27   in the name of the Islamic ideology.
01:31   Therefore the result today is that you have in France
01:35   totally destroyed families, who lost
01:39   their children in those attacks, their loved ones,
01:43   a brother, a sister, a friend… You have very
01:48   numerous wounded, whose lives were totally turned upside down,
01:52   people who cannot work any longer, one can no longer
01:56   have a normal life; and so I would like to say
02:00   to Muslims: But after all those massacres which you have perpetrated
02:04   in France, what were you expecting from the
02:08   French people? Have you thought that French people
02:12   would come to bring you flowers?
02:16   To suck up to you?
02:20   to smile at you? No, no, no, no! It’s not going to happen that way!
02:25   Because I can tell you that there are numerous French people who will NEVER forgive
02:29   Muslims for what they have done to our country.
02:33   There is a rage which is growing everywhere in France
02:37   towards that Muslim community, which for the last
02:41   thirty, forty years has been bringing violence,
02:45   a multitude of problems, and being pains in the a**
02:49   to our country. Because well before
02:53   the attacks of 2015 there were other attacks
02:57   perpetrated in France in the name of Islam. There were, for example,
03:01   the attack of RER B [1995 by Algerian Islamic Armed Group],
03:06   the attack of the Rennes street [1986 Hezbollah]. And then you have all the rest,
03:10   meaning: tensions in the ghettos
03:14   all the Islamic demands, all French prisons, which are
03:18   full of Muslims. Therefore, when you come
03:22   into a country and refuse to integrate,
03:26   when you create chaos everywhere,
03:30   when you sow trouble and death, when you come to kill innocents,
03:34   you shouldn’t be surprised that there are as a result French citizens
03:38   who demand justice,
03:42   who want all those crimes, all those massacres, not to be left
03:46   unpunished. That’s that. We aren’t going to accept
03:50   this situation for centuries and centuries on end, at all. Let that be clear.
03:54   There is a general [feeling that] “enough is enough,” and anyway
03:58   [all the things] which Muslims did in those attacks are unforgivable.
04:02   There are a lot of French people who will NEVER forgive
04:07   the Muslim community, the Muslims
04:11   Who have killed innocents in the name
04:15   of a religion, which isn’t a French religion. Voilà. France isn’t
04:19   an Islamic Republic. It’s not Islam that makes laws in our country.
04:23   Therefore it isn’t acceptable. Voilà. If Muslims
04:27   want to live according to the Quran, the Shariah, and so on, they must return to their countries.
04:31   In France it will be a NO. It will be a NO. Voilà. So I already wanted to remind
04:35   this point that Muslims complain about Islamophobia.
04:39   They whimper on the internet, saying: Our imam was shot in a leg and in a finger!
04:44   But wait! Compare it with what you have done, you, the Muslims! Huh?
04:48   For us, it’s not one or two victims who
04:52   were shot with a couple of bullets in the foot. No, no, no! For us it was hundreds
04:56   of dead. Hundreds of dead. Families absolutely annihilated,
05:00   people shocked and traumatized. So I’m simply telling you
05:04   the human rule is that if you act like that
05:08   with abominations, there is a comeback , there is a just revenge,
05:12   and it’s certainly what happened concerning the imam of Brest.
05:17   So, then, I would like to go back to the itinerary
05:21   of this imam, Monsieur Rachid El-Jay,
05:25   saying already in the introduction: How is it possible
05:29   to build a mosque in Brest?
05:33   Brest is a town situated in Brittany, and Brittany is
05:38   one of the cradles of Christianity in France. In particular in Brittany there is La Sainte Trinité
05:42   [probably the Breton port La Trinité-sur-Mer, the birthplace of Jean-Marie Le Pen]
05:45   all the history of Brittany was forged by Christianity.
05:50   You have crosses, and Calvaries here and there,
05:54   so what are those mosques doing — I would say — in a territory with Christian roots?
05:58   There’s already a problem. Incidentally, it’s not only Brest, it’s like that
06:02   for the whole of France! How is it possible that all those mosques are proliferating
06:06   on territory that isn’t an Islamic territory? This is causing
06:10   problems. It’s going to bring big, big, troubles
06:15   in our country. And then, going back
06:19   to the itinerary of Monsieur Rachid El-Jay,
06:23   I think that I have to be very clear and remind
06:27   in the introduction that this man is an Islamist.
06:31   All you have to do is listen to his speeches
06:35   in his mosque, on the internet. The man
06:40   in all his,
06:44   in all his sermons, says he’s there to impose Islam in France,
06:48   but a rigorous Islam.
06:52   I think that he really totally swept away French Republican laws
06:56   in order to impose the rules of the Quran.
07:00   So he made himself especially known
07:04   by his discourse about music; since
07:09   Monsieur Rachid El-Jay thinks that music
07:13   should be forbidden in France, that people who are listening to music
07:17   should be transformed in apes and pigs, and that
07:21   is totally the rhetoric of the Islamists. The only goal of the Islamists is Shariah.
07:29   Voilà. And artistic creations
07:33   are things that are totally forbidden.
07:37   The Islamists consider those to be satanic things.
07:41   The Islamists consider music, artistic disciplines,
07:44   to belong to Satan, and that they’re forbidden by Islam. So
07:50   Monsieur Rachid El-Jay would like to absolutely destroy all that,
07:54   so it would cease to exist in our country. And in that
07:58   he grows closer, he is directly linked with the
08:02   Ideology of the Bataclan terrorists. The Muslims
08:06   who came to attack the concert venue, who came to kill innocents,
08:10   were simply opposed
08:15   to young people going to listen to music. For them those are
08:19   places of debauchery, of shame, and therefore everybody has to be killed.
08:23   So Monsieur Rachid El-Jay
08:27   is totally in correlation
08:31   with the Islamic danger, this deadly
08:35   and pernicious ideology that is striking France.
08:39   It’s very clear. It has to be remembered that France
08:43   is a country which gave a shining example
08:47   from an international point of view with its artists; with its artistic creations.
08:51   You truly have
08:55   composers, creators who are at the heart
08:59   of our country, who marked French history:
09:04   classical composers, all the singers who accompanied
09:08   all the [past] generations; so I think that we really have to
09:12   celebrate all those artists, go to concerts,
09:16   to party, as an act of resistance
09:20   against this radical Islamism,
09:24   which is growing in our country, which increasingly starting
09:28   to, say, go on the offensive, in order to
09:32   impose itself and replace our civilization. Voilà. I think that today
09:36   going to a concert, drinking a glass of wine,
09:41   partying, is already resisting.
09:45   It’s already saying: Listen, we stick to our culture
09:49   we stick to our identity. So, back to
09:53   to Monsieur Rachid El-Jay. I think that
09:57   it has to be remembered that in all those mosques really dangerous
10:01   things happen, things more than suspect, because
10:05   basically all those imams in their mosques
10:09   are preaching very hostile sermons;
10:13   those are places of hate.
10:17   In a certain way, say, the mosques
10:21   are already military barracks, those are already places
10:25   where Muslims are preparing for civil war in France.
10:30   They created a mesh [network] over the entire territory. You have mosques absolutely
10:34   everywhere, and truly they are all in connection,
10:38   and they are preparing in the case of an attack to be able to
10:42   make an assault on France. This is very clear. And all those imams
10:46   who connected, of course, with the spheres of radical Islam,
10:50   the jihadis and even
10:54   the movements of Islamic terrorism. You need to know that in the mosques
10:59   you have many people who have more or less been the accomplices
11:03   of terrorists, who protected jihadis, who helped them to go to Syria.
11:07   Well, a mountain of things, say, which are obvious today.
11:11   Obvious. So all those imams who
11:15   walk around free, on our French territory, They’re a danger
11:19   They’re a danger to our families, to our children.
11:23   Those are very dangerous people, because of their ideology,
11:28   because of their capacity, say,
11:32   to sow trouble, to spill blood in our country.
11:36   It’s obvious. I think that all those radicalized imams
11:40   are people who are sick.
11:44   Those are people who should be
11:48   either expelled from French territory, or placed
11:53   in a psychiatric hospital. Voilà. When you listen for example to
11:57   Monsieur Rachid El-Jay with all those videos on YouTube,
12:01   you will see the rhetoric. I mean: you aren’t in France any longer.
12:05   This imam, he has, every two minutes, the word Allah coming out of his mouth.
12:09   Meaning that for him there is one interpretation of things now:
12:13   all is filtered through Islam and the Quran. Even if the tiniest thing happens
12:17   in France: Ah, listen, it’s Allah’s will.
12:22   It’s the will of our prophet.
12:26   It’s not possible. It’s not possible. Those are people who have been given
12:30   airtime; we give them the possibility
12:34   to say anything on the internet; and truly
12:38   things will have to change if we want to save France.
12:42   It’s impossible to continue this way for years to come.
12:47   It won’t work. And it’ll lead us straight to very tough and very violent conflicts.
12:55   Thank you for listening.

25 thoughts on ““Muslims Are Preparing for Civil War in France”

  1. Muslims in the West are a secondary problem. They are here because our politicians are traitors.

    • That’s how I’ve begun to feel, as well.

      The fascist left / social justice warriors / communists / whatever you call them are the actual problem without which none of this would be happening.

      • I would put the press at the top of the list. These are the low-IQ keyboard punchers who make everything possible.
        – Imagine a world where journalists did their jobs and reported facts instead of trying to be activists.

  2. Heartbreaking!!, once upon the time beautiful country, just look at this Notre Dame, arson attack by Muslim disgusting savages, just before Easter , this lies of this traitor Macron is unbelievable, fight for You country,otherwise your children and grandchildren, never see the beauty what used to West created ..

  3. Pan Western European civil war. Inevitable IMHO. Will there be military coups early enough to start the deportations early enough to reduce the body count by tens of millions?

    • Western Europe will fall to Islamic rule, France and Sweden outa control now, England (Londonstan) people are leaving and heading to other towns. Mayor there is pushing for Islamic gov.. People don’t seem motivated to act, for fear of losing jobs or being arrested like Tommy R. recently, who is asking for asylum in the U.S.

    • I’d expected the reaction to recent elections of populist conservatives in Europe & the USA to mean martial law in Western Europe and civil war in the US, but the Islamic wild card in Europe seems to be escalating things very fast. The Tommy Robinson crisis in Britain makes it clear now that European governments are actively working to install Islam in positions of control while suppressing ‘nativist’ dissent. The populist pushback may have come too late. Expect rapid escalation throughout Europe in the next few years.

      • S. Carter: Only so few protest, majority will go along with any type gov. just like they did with Stalin, Mao Zedong and Hitler.

    • You are dreaming.
      Long ago, when Charles de Gaulle was president of France and there was a putsch against him, the german chancellor Adenauer asked one of his aides if this was also possible in Germany.
      His Aide replied: “Dont worry. The way we select our officers makes sure that this is not possible in Germany.”
      You can bet your life savings that every officer of the armed forces is either totally on the train (ideologically speaking) or such a mercenary that he will do anything for the right amount of money. So, do not expect anything from the police or the armed forces – except being gunned down by them.
      Our politicians always say that our soldiers are citizens in uniform like Count Baudissin envisioned and they always point to Count Stauffenberg as an example, but in reality it is nothing more than Kadavergehorsam.
      Point in fact: When Guenther Beckstein, former secretary of interior affairs of Bavaria admitted that the law was broken while moving against right-wing People, do you think that even one Police officer, lawyer, state attorney or judge had moved against him with the accusation “Crimes against humanity”? Nope, not one.

  4. She’s a brave woman, more so if she survived Bataclan. Hope she stays safe.

  5. When peaceful recourse is denied, then violent redress is justified, it is manifold.

  6. this is exactly why your leftist politicians brought the muslim colonists to your country. you have no one to blame but yourselves you voted for the leftists. the democrat party is doing the same thing in the united states with the central and south American colonists. and in the united states the people still vote for them.

    • The brutal truth. Mere voting is a blunt instrument for the electorate at best but it can effect major upsets. However, time and time and time and time again Western electorates have resolutely failed to support patriot/salvationsist/nationalist politicians. Slime like Macron, Timmermans and Merkel prosper but Wilders and Le Pen struggle to breathe.

  7. Why do the elites maintain this policy? They haven’t just allowed this situation to develop through neglect, they’ve deliberately pursued it. Why? It seems their goal is to sweep away the old culture to make way for a radical transformation. They’re using Islam to achieve a fundamental transformation. The open borders ideology is to spread the wealth around, and ultimately to bring the First & Third Worlds to the same level. Except Islam has a different plan: conquest.

    • I think it is even more sinister than that. It seems that the real agenda is to destroy the economic engine of the West by pushing the green agenda, limitating the “carbon footprint,” and importing competitors for wages and vile enemies intent on conquest. Why? To create a catastrophe that will starve and kill millions. It is a fantastical notion but Holmes’s dictum rides to the rescue: When you eliminate the impossible what you are left with is the truth no matter how improbable.

      Is this not the dream of the enviro and “climate” fanatics? A world cleansed of execrable human eaters and despoilers?

      Mass third-world immigration to the first world, esp. of Muslims, is a policy of distilled malevolence. Any claim that it in some way is a benefit to the West or the world is a stinking lie. Some other agenda is being pursued. The one I just outlined.

      • Sorry. That was incomplete. The impossible that must can eliminated is the notion that there is in the leftist, globalists, multiculturalist agenda anything that is rational, benign, or decent.

      • When I read the first part of your comment I was reminded of the Georgia Guidestones: Reduce humanity to 500 million people.

        On the other Hand: muslims have many children, so they wont care about this number. So, whats the secondary plan, if our elites really follow the Georgia Guidestones?

        • Alex…as a former military officer I think the “end game” in America & in Western nations will be 500 million AFTER bloody, brutal massacres of indigenous, non-Muslim populations! Because President Trump was elected in 2016, America has been slower in its migrant infiltration & takeover. Remember when Mad Merkel first let the “Syrian asylum seekers” into Europe during the summer of 2015. Islam is the powder keg and Muslims will light the fuses! Japan seems to be one of the few Western nations isolated by the Pacific Ocean and strong currents that may help to persevere their homogeneous culture to not being overrun by economic invaders. Yet again NGO globalists have transport ships so Japan should prepare now for future migrant invasions. Most people are ill equipped to fight hand to hand combat today. Only 2 percent of Americans volunteer to serve in the active duty military. Islam has conquered other countries with little resistance from the United Nations & so-called “Peacekeeping forces” with the exception of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s civil war & ethnic cleansing. Crickets for the recent, slaughtered Nigerian Christians, Coptic Egyptians, and raped females of Africa, India, Europe, etc. Unless indigenous populations rise up in mass protest, traitorous politicians will prevent government militaries & police forces from *attacking* “economic migrants” & “asylum seekers”. Watch this weekend to see if ICE is allowed to roundup & deport illegal migrants (over 2,000) already denied political asylum in major cities across America. Watch the lying, ultra liberal Press cry foul & migrant victimhood. Watch helplessly as our Western countries are systematically invaded and economically drained of resources. Citizens will be taxed more heavily. Many will vote with their feet but it only buys them a little more time in a less infiltrated location!

          • Normal people are simply incapable of understanding the distilled malevolence that motivates the elites. Mass immigration, for one, is unalloyed evil for native populations and urged on them by men and women with pure hatred in their hearts. The movie “Ghost Busters” captured what has happened on this earth with its river of slime flowing under New York City.

        • I infer that there will be nothing voluntary about the reduction part.

          I think the answer to your question is that the devil is in the detail. Reduce to 500M sounds so simple. Oh the bucolic vistas and grazing antelope! “But, Mr. Rockefeller/Soros/Buffet/Stresand/Biden/, I and my children will be in that 500 million, right? Right?” Anyone not slated to receive the Permission Slip is likely to come down with a rather outsized ‘tude.

          It’s evil stuff but the centerpiece of many a Greenie’s fondest dreams.

  8. So so so many people are brainwashed with pc behaviour, and the cultural marxist propaganda and enforcement of pc silence or else!!!

    Open u mouth about immigration, muslims, islam, left wing marxism, and political traitors in a public place, even amongst thise who u thought are friends, u soon see who u friends are! They will start whispering hate campaigns against you behind u back, no one wants to know u anymore, u be labeled by these brainwashed asleep at the wheell sheep zombies as a Nazi, right wing thug, u wont be welcome anymore, they gang up on you, like a clique, even ones who agree and know the truth, will keep silent, will not lend u support, or they know theyll also be banished from the clique and social circle.
    There are many women operating as stasi type sjw eyes and ears, who pedal rumours to destroy any one who dares speaks up against the destruction of europe, usa, western culture and people.

    We are according to the lies of these left retarded bastards, guilty colonialists, abd we must hand over everything we own to the third world and muslims in luded.
    Leftists peddal white guilt tactics, built on falsehoods they have engineered, they deny reality, everything icluding Darwin, is fake, Darwin was fraud according to leftists, his work, evolution of the species is fake, it wS just his own opinion, a man can be a woman, all races are equal, we are all equal,

    The war is here! The enemy are these people who are promoting and spreading the lies and propganda of cultural relatavism, these sjw lunatiks are
    All around you, watching you, listening, ready to destroy any of us who dares to speak up. I live portugal, this place is loaded with these brown rice hippy gandi peace and love types, sitting here in the sunshine miles away from the chaos nightmares they have helped create in there home countrys and towns,
    Marxism- has killed murdered 3 times more than the nazis according available data, this poisoning of people with this death cult ideology, is equivalent to how islam creates suicide bombers.
    Soon these brown rice veggie leftitists will be doing the truck and knife attacks on us in european and usa cities.

    Dont be silent anymore, speak up against the lies of marxism, loud in public, dont be cowed by the pc thought police!

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