Hypocritical Jewish Organizations and the Armenian Genocide

Hypocritical Jewish Organizations and the Armenian Genocide

by David Boyajian

“It’s all about the Benjamins [$100 bills], baby,” Tweeted Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in February. She was the accusing super-wealthy AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) of bribing Congress into supporting Israel.

AIPAC, ADL (Anti-Defamation League), AJC (American Jewish Committee), B’nai B’rith, and Congress condemned Omar as anti-Jewish.

2,153 persons at JewsWithIlhan.org, however, defended her.

AIPAC can’t legally donate to politicians. Its Congressional Club members, however, must do so. AIPAC members ‘bundle’ individual political contributions. Some AIPAC officials head political action committees (PACs) which back candidates. And an AIPAC affiliate flies Congresspersons to Israel.

After Israel, the Jewish organizations’ imperative is the Holocaust.

They’ve steered Holocaust legislation — regarding commemorations, education, monuments, museums, reparations, and war crimes — through Congress, state and foreign legislatures, and the U.N.

America has special Holocaust and Anti-Semitism envoys.

Diminishing/denying the Holocaust is a crime in many European countries.

Yet leading Jewish organizations have long diminished/denied the 1915—23 genocide Turkey committed against 1.5 million Christian Armenians on their ancient homeland.

Also, AIPAC, ADL, AJC, B’nai B’rith, and JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security of America) have colluded with Turkey to defeat Armenian Genocide resolutions in Congress. Demanding Holocaust legislation while thwarting recognition of another genocide is hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy.

“The Holocaust,” says Israeli journalist Yossi Melman, “is often an instrument of policy, not a moral compass.”

Turkish-Israeli-American Jewish collusion

Beginning in or before the 1980s, Turkey sought help against critics, including Armenian and Greek Americans, of its human rights abuses. Turkey’s then-ally Israel enlisted Jewish American organizations into defending Turkey. Jewish/Israeli/Turkish media have penned millions of words confirming this.

JINSA’s Yola Habif Johnston confessed in 2006 that AIPAC, AJC, B’nai B’rith, and her organization “have been working with the Turks” for more than 15 years. “The Jewish lobby has quite actively supported Turkey to prevent the so-called Armenian genocide resolution from passing.” ADL was similarly guilty.

In 2007-8, Massachusetts’ Armenian Americans confronted the ADL. Hundreds of principled Jewish and non-Jewish activists, scholars, journalists, and organizations throughout America and internationally approved of the Armenian-led campaign.

Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Lexington, Medford, Needham, Newburyport, Newton, Northampton, Peabody, Somerville, Watertown, Westwood, and the Mass. Municipal Assoc. expelled ADL’s phony No-Place-for-Hate program.

Numerous Jews and Israelis have sympathized with Armenians more than have many Christians. Though Israel won’t acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, the Knesset’s Education Committee wants it to.

Three years ago, the ADL finally recognized the Armenian Genocide but merely on a “blog.” And its pledge to boost Armenian resolutions remains unfulfilled. Too little, too late, anyway. The ADL is certainly no civil/human rights group.

For example, in 1993-2002 the ADL settled two lawsuits and paid compensation to San Francisco after — among innumerable illegalities — spying on thousands of civil rights, labor, progressive, Democratic, Black, Latino, Arab, Asian, Jewish, anti-Apartheid, and LGBT organizations and individuals.

More genocide hypocrisy

In Turkey’s propaganda film Blonde Bride, AJC Director Barry Jacobs illogically claimed the Armenian massacres couldn’t be genocide since the Holocaust was “unique.” The Jewish jurist Raphael Lemkin, however, coined the word ‘genocide’ in 1944 and cited the Armenian massacres as a seminal genocide.

Jacobs once cruelly boasted that the AJC’s stance on the Armenian Genocide was “b***s***.” AJC, he vowed, “will be Turkey’s friends officially in Congress.”

“Official” AJC-Turkish collusion probably violates the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

AJC board member and Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan once maliciously compared an Armenian Genocide resolution to designating a state cat.

According to Israeli President Shimon Peres, AJC Executive Director David Harris is the Jews’ “foreign minister.” Harris and AJC are allies of Azerbaijan (Turkey’s corrupt, repressive ally) and its Armenian-Genocide-denying tyrant, Pres. Ilham Aliyev.

AJC’s “Democratic values for all” motto rings hollow, especially as Harris proudly accepted the tyrant’s coveted “Order of Friendship” award.

Azerbaijan’s “lobby in the U.S.,” declared Aliyev, “is the Jewish community.”

Indeed, Boston-based Rasky Partners officially represents Aliyev’s brutal regime. CEO Larry Rasky is an ADL board member/honoree and an adviser/fundraiser for Joe Biden. Interestingly, Rasky’s friend, workmate, and fellow ADL board member Peter Meade, a Catholic, loudly opposed Boston’s Armenian Heritage Park.

Shamefully, many Jewish writers worldwide have been gratuitously slandering Armenian Americans and Armenia, all because Israel buys oil from and sells billions in weapons to Azerbaijan, Armenia’s adversary.

Only in 2015 did AJC say it would support U.S. acknowledgment of the Genocide. AJC’s promise remains unfulfilled. Too little, way too late.

AIPAC, revealed Turkish journalist Sedat Sertoglu, once threatened House Speaker Dennis Hastert that he’d lose “Jewish votes” if an Armenian Genocide resolution succeeded. Shimon Peres pushed President Clinton into stopping the resolution. The scholar Israel Charny blasted Peres: You’ve crossed “a moral boundary no Jew… should trespass… [your] denial of the Armenian Genocide [is] comparable to denials of the Holocaust.”

Investigations needed

Though Jewish groups aren’t solely at fault, their genocide hypocrisy and clout make them uniquely blameworthy.

Jewish organizations believe Holocaust diminishment/denial is anti-Semitism and, hence, “hate.” When those organizations diminish/deny the Armenian Genocide, are they not anti-Christian-Armenian “hate” groups?

Israeli-Turkish relations have soured. Jewish groups sold their souls for nothing.

Their opportunity to apologize, open their Turkish-related archives, and make reparations is gone.

Also gone is their credibility on civil/human rights and genocides.

Congress and state legislatures must now investigate and subpoena these two-faced organizations.

David Boyajian is an Armenian-American freelance journalist. Many of his articles are archived at www.armeniapedia.org/wiki/David_Boyajian.

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28 thoughts on “Hypocritical Jewish Organizations and the Armenian Genocide

  1. Let me make some points

    Are you holding Jews to higher standards than say Christians?

    Israel did not exist in 1915, why excoriate Israel alone and not all the other countries that do no recognize the Armenian massacre?

    Jews did not commit the massacre, Muslims did.

    Whilst I personally agree that the Armenian Massacre and the Holodomor were genocides as well as the Holocaust, I do not agree that Jews were in any way blame-able for them and their aftermath, as for the politics of US Jewish organizations, we find them very hard to understand here in Israel too, what liberal/progressive Jews do in the US (including what AIPAC does) is beyond our control, Obama forced Netanyahu to ‘apologize’ to Turkey for the shootings on the Gaza Flotilla, Turkey is a fragile but key part of NATO, I expect that this is the political connection that you are really searching for.

    • While it’s obvious Israelis are not to be blamed for the hideous activities of some Jewish U.S. groups, it’s also obvious that these Jewish U.S. groups have worked diligently for decades to make sure the U.S. doesn’t recognize the Armenian Genocide. These groups have been shills of Turkey in its denial of the Genocide. Why have Jewish U.S. groups fought Genocide recognition? It was to improve Israel/Turkey ties. They were telling Turkey if you remain friendly with Israel, we will make sure the Genocide is not recognized by the U.S. Israeli citizens can’t say they’ve nothing to do with AIPAC and other Jewish U.S. groups. AIPAC, etc. represent Israel’s interests in America. Israeli citizens can vote for a government which would tell AIPAC and Co. to cease and desist falsifying history.

      • It is really not an issue we Israelis care much about, If you had not noticed, we are in a state of war, the muslims are trying to anahilate us too ably assisted by the EU and sections of the US political spectrum (some of whom are of Jewish descent).

        I would posit that CAIR and other Islamic groups , along with anti-Israel Jewish groups (J-Street etc) have more influence in US politics than any pro-Israel group. And what of mainstream Christian groups?

        You also did not explain why the Jewish State of Israel is picked upon out of all the countries that do not support the idea of the Armenian genocide.

        Israel has little concern for Turkey, Israel is not a member of NATO, Turkey is, and is thus of great concern in the US. I Israel were to invade Turkey the the USA would have to go to war….

        Ask Cyprus about their Turkish occupation – blatantly ignorred by all and sundry.

        I am sorry, but please leave Israel out of your attempts to gain recognition for the cause, it is inapproapriate. The US admitted Turkey into NATO not Israel, and that alone is the root cause of the US inability to recognise the profoundly tragic Armenian Massacre.

    • “AJC board member and Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan once maliciously compared an Armenian Genocide resolution to designating a state cat.

      According to Israeli President Shimon Peres, AJC Executive Director David Harris is the Jews’ “foreign minister.” Harris and AJC are allies of Azerbaijan (Turkey’s corrupt, repressive ally) and its Armenian-Genocide-denying tyrant, Pres. Ilham Aliyev.’

      I think a big part of the problem is giving certain organizations, such as the ADL and the American Jewish Congress, more credibility through their calculated association with Jewish traditions, than they deserve. I know the ADL is collaborating with social media such as Google and Youtube to censor non-establishment expression. The ADL is hiding behind its supposed association with Jewish interests, and needs to be thoroughly discredited.

      I don’t know much about the American Jewish Congress, but it certainly seems in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration act. If the AJC consciously represents Turkish interests to Congress, and has not registered as foreign agents, they need to be prosecuted.

      I can sympathize with Israeli nationalists in Israel feeling they have no control over the rabidly anti-American, supposedly Jewish groups in the US. I am following a few Israeli nationals and nationalists who are thoroughly sympathetic with the nationalist movements in the US and Europe. In fact, one stated he left the US because he couldn’t stand the actions of the left-wing Jewish mainstream in the US that opposed the efforts of US nationalists.

      It’s up to the US to protect and assert its own interests. This includes, of course, abolishing things like dual citizenship, and most foreign aid and military interventions.

  2. Many thanks to the courageous David Boyajian for highlighting the blatant hypocrisy and two-faced values of Jewish organizations such as the ADL which are ceaseless in their promotion of the narrative of the (Jewish) Holocaust and its historiography, yet strangely mute when it comes to equally-ugly crimes and atrocities committed against Armenian and other Christians – not only in the 1915-1923 Armenian genocide, but many times since then.

    An act of mass murder against Christians must be held to the same standard of evil as an act of the same kind committed against Jews. Special rules for Jews are an affront and an evil against all who perish before their time in acts of genocide and democide, whether they are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, or – even Jewish!

    • Yes. I know about another genocide at around 1502, committed by Turks. Another genocide attempt by Seljuks at around 1070.

      Early Muslims would have massacred Armenians during first expansion of Islam. According to Book of Kings, Armenian brevity helped them survive, but I guess Armenians paid a lot to nearby Christians to defend them. (just a personal opinion, not that any historian I know researched this)

      And it was not only the genocide that hurts. They had to suffer for decades after 1915. My grandfather met the survivors in Tehran. It must have been between 1935 to 1939 (my estimation). Twenty years after the genocide attempt, still many survivors didn’t have a home and lived like gypsies. They didn’t get any help in Iran, and I believe they didn’t receive any in Russia either, just the bare minimum safety. Horrible situation.

  3. A very informative article. And very disturbing too.

    Thank you.

    Those particular Jewish American groups should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. A little off topic.
    News from a Russian-language Israeli source


    US Jews have risen to fight trump’s migration policy

    For progressive-minded American Jewish activists, the phrase “Never again” is what is important now. A group with such a name, “Never Again”, has already brought hundreds of young Jewish activists out into the street – and some of them have been imprisoned by fighting against Trump’s migration policy.

    A few days ago, no one heard about this group. The age of this organization is a little more than a week. But now she has more than 20,000 followers on Twitter, and thousands more follow her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Its main enemies are the immigration and customs services of the United States, which, under President Donald Trump, have taken a tough stance against immigrants from Central America and are making efforts to deport them from the United States.

    • I would say that these people are “Leftists of Jewish origin”, more than actual Jews.

      It’s quite interesting that as a whole, the more religious Jews in the USA are more pro-Trump, whereas the more secular ones are hardcore leftists.

      It’s pretty much the same as with Christians (and “Christians”), though maybe even more extreme!

      • “I would say that these people are “Leftists of Jewish origin”, more than actual Jews.”

        Not exactly. There is a reform, “progressive” branch of Judaism in the US which maintains a lot of the rituals, but whose real theology is cultural Marxism. The branch, which represents the majority of US Jews, is thoroughly progressive, including supporting almost open immigration.


        The Orthodox, who look to traditional teaching rather than Marxism for guidance, are far more likely to support Trump and immigration limitations.

        • I love the cyberpunk genre and the American writer William Gibson. In one of his books, in the current troubles of America, he accuses the Jews of the Frankfurt School, who fled from Germany during the war.

  5. There has been some positive evolution in awareness of Islam and its history of abusive imperialism, after 911. Some heroes stand out as intellectual leaders in this process: Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, Dan Pipes, Fjordman etc. One result of this is that events related to Turkish atrocities, the jihad against Israel, attacks on Armenia, insurgencies in places such as the Philippines or Nigeria, innumerable terror attacks against Christians, Jews and other religious groups, and other conflicts around the world can be more properly be viewed as part of a whole, and not compartmentalized. But patience is required as not everyone is one of the cognoscenti when it come to getting this. It takes time.
    Meanwhile, let’s try to forbear and build our coalition. As Benjamin Franklin once put it: Either we all hang together or we will assuredly all hang separately.

    • I think the biggest danger of Islam in the West is not so much insurgency or terrorism, although those are tools in the armory of Islamic expansion. The biggest dangers of Islam is the ability of identity politics in a representative republic that doesn’t protect itself from hostile immigration. The Muslims come into the country, vote as a bloc, and present a unified voice to politicians and government officials. This is an extremely powerful influence, and can serve to destroy the self-defenses of a society. One example is the effectiveness of Muslim groups, including the Muslim Public Affairs Council and CAIR, in getting all materials describing Islamic doctrine purged from security training materials.

      Malik’s “The Quranic Concept of War” states the first round in conquering a society is to non-violently demolish the confidence in the citizens that the existing government will protect them. The Muslims have nothing against violence, but the use of violence is counter-productive in the first stage of conquest.

      • RonaldB, you have successfully identified some of the factors in play, vis-a-vis the Islamic threat to the West specifically and the non-Muslim world generally. In particular, the Muslim use of identity politics as a means of fracturing the internal cohesion of their adversaries.

        Broadly-speaking the Islamic attack upon the West over the last half-century in particular, is two-pronged.

        One prong, which is much more sensationalist and therefore garners the vast majority of media coverage, is the use of jihad and terrorism as weapons by which to advance the Islamic agenda.

        The other prong of the attack, largely silent and gradual in nature, is laid out in the Muslim Brotherhood’s literature, namely “civilization jihad.” The gradual infiltration of non-Muslim societies by Muslims, who establish a presence (beach-head) there, and then patiently work to increase their influence and numbers until such time as they can impose their will and enact sharia law.

        The former tactic, jihad-terror, is the strategic feint – designed to draw non-Muslim eyes away from the other axis of attack. The latter is designed to be the kill-shot, the effort that wins the day for them. Conquest-by-immigration – the hegira – enacted on a massive scale across the West by the Muslims and their globalist allies. What the Ikhwan call “civilization jihad,” in other words.

        You are correct that violence is seen as counterproductive by the Muslims in the early stages of their conquests, but only insofar as such violence works against – instead of for – their overall goals.

        The typical pattern of Islamic conquest, seen again and again in history, is for small numbers of peaceful and unobtrusive Muslims to establish a “non-threatening” presence and work patiently and quietly, termite-like, to undermine non-Muslim society from within. Once their numbers rise, no-go zones are established and “sharia patrols” begin enforcing sharia law and committing periodic acts of jihad against non-Muslim targets of opportunity. So-called “grooming gangs” are formed, whose intent is to kidnap, rape, addict to drugs and enslave young infidel girls and women into sexual bondage. If this pattern holds, the violence becomes more frequent, more destructive and more overt as Muslim numbers – and confidence – increase. Grenade attacks, mass car burnings, etc. as we see in places like Sweden.

        In military terms, this is an invasion. One conducted on asymmetric terms, but an invasion and act of war none-the-less. And these acts are “asymmetric” only to us; to Muslims this is how they have always waged war, since the time of Mohammed 1,400 years ago.

  6. Listen, as a Jew who supports Israel whole hardily this is the one policy that has bothered me. Nevertheless this pummeling has left out one point which I consider important. And surprisingly for someone (the author David Boyajian) who seems to have such a wide ranging knowledge it does indeed surprise me that he left out what I consider to be the most obvious fact, that with a couple of hundred million Muslims, many of whom hate Israel to the core Israel did not want to antagonize perhaps the strongest Muslim, though not Arab, nation in their neighborhood. Though Turkey does not abut Israel, their influence in the region is rather large, they could at any time send weapons to Israel’s foes, they could hurt Israel at the UN, etc. etc. During some of those time frames Mr. Boyajian mentioned Israel was hardly as strong as it is now and they needed all of the friends they could get, or at least needed some who could easily be their activist enemies to stay on the sideline. As I say surprised Mr. Boyajian didn’t see fit to mention that since he seems to have many particulars in his presentation. So his declarative sentence right near the end of his piece, regarding the present time, “Israeli-Turkish relations has soured. Jewish groups sold their souls for nothing” This is easy to say now, but Israeli leaders, not the ADL, etc. had to make policy decisions at various times, and I presume they took many things into consideration.

    Now I vouch sake that most American Jews, not all, are not aware of where all the ADL contributions, etc. go, except for protection of Israel and projection of the Holocaust studies in whatever form they take, museums, etc. So let me get this out there because though I generally agree with Mr. B’s argument and wish Israel had told the Turks to “f” off, I believe that by and large the walking around Jewish person did not know much about the Armenian Genocide. So I felt the opening of his article was super provocative and used one of the oft repeated caricatures about Jews, “It’s the Benjamin’s baby.” I thought you didn’t need that attention grabber, Mr. Boyajian. Nor the words in the next sentence, the “super wealthy” ADL, which since you didn’t use quote marks I assume you weren’t quoting Mrs. Omar. So what is wrong with just the “wealthy” ADL, and later on, “Though Jewish groups aren’t solely at fault…” how about “some Jewish groups?” Maybe this sounds picky, and maybe I’ma bit ultra sensitive, but as a Jew I don’t want to see “all” (my quote marks) Jews jumped on especially during this time.

    That said I still agree that Israel hurt itself and of course the Armenians, but I must admit that I say that from the safe haven of living in the United States.

    Given that, and I support (not that he needs it from me) Mr. Boyajian’s right to write what he wishes, I hope one day he writes about the efforts or lack of same of the Pope, or rather various Popes at the time of the major genocide or various genocides against your people the Armenians. And I hope you publish it here.

    As for some of the Jewish Organizations you mention, I donate to the Zionist Organization of America which is very pro Israel and until you tell me different I am confident of what their donations are used for. If you have problems with them let me know, not that I have any pull at all, but at the least I would write them.

    Finally want to note that in the article you wrote sprinkled in were mentions of some Jewish people who did some good things regarding this matter, in fact you mentioned the Israeli Knesset Education Committee. So I’m not accusing anyone of anything, I just thought a couple of things should be brought up.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    P.S. I’m sorry to say I don’t know, is there any reason for this article now? Is there an anniversary I am unaware of? Not that there need be. I’m just curious.

    • The author sent it to me and asked me to publish it. I generally try to post his stuff if I can. I read it carefully, and noted that he was scrupulous in citing Jewish groups and individuals who supported the Armenian issue, and not just those who opposed it. Therefore it did not fall in the category of “Jew-hatred”, by my standards.

      I agree it that the author sets an angry, polemical tone. But that wasn’t enough for me to reject the piece.

      • Agree with you Baron. I didn’t think he crossed any lines, I just thought he left a little out. So I figured I’d say so. Thanks.

    • “Other Mike” here.

      You fully, 100% express what I would have liked to say, just much better than I would have said it myself.

      Call this a +10, not a +1 :-).

    • Your points about the need for a country to recognize the geopolitical realities of its surroundings is well taken. This would be the natural wisdom for a country like the Ukraine to follow vis-a-vis Russia, except for the insane policy of the US in giving military support to a hostile neighbor of Russia. This encourages the Ukraine to take unnecessary risks in its policy towards Russia.

      So, while one would expect Israel to pursue Israel’s survival interests even at the expense of a certain morality, it is an error for the US to subvert the interests of the US. One way for the US to begin asserting its own interest is to eliminate systematic foreign influence on internal US politics. There are some immediate steps: eliminate dual citizenship, ban foreign political contributions, direct and indirect (I believe this already exists, although for foreigners to pay lobbyists is a huge loophole), and make people lobbying the US government directly to benefit foreign governments register publicly as foreign agents.

  7. Western countries, facing relentless Soviet incursions and attempted interventions in Chile, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Angola, Indo-China and the Middle East, put up with a lot of Turkish shenanigans in order to maintain a NATO presence on the Turkish-Soviet border. The West had to swallow many toads and frogs thrown by the Turks. One of which was to downplay the Armenian genocide. It was done in the Cold War fight against the Soviet hell at our borders.

    Now Armenians have had no better sympathizers and champions then in “the Jews”. If you must absolutely insist on making generalizations and tar all the Jews with one brush, then at least do it fairly. The first book credited with awakening the world to the evidence of the persecution and genocide inflicted on the Armenian nation was written by a Jew, not an Armenian. ‘The Forty Days of Musa Dagh’.

    Dr. jur. Raphael Lemkin, was the first to articulate the word “genocide”. He may be considered the founding father of the modern rejection of mass crimes against humanity. He was a Jew.

    Before you hurry to argue Lemkin was biased towards the ‘Jewish’ Holocaust, you can relax. Lemkin picked up his vocation decades before catastrophe befell his own race. In his autobiography Lemkin wrote he had been influenced by the Armenian tragedy in the 1920s. During his studies of law he posited that “Sovereignty… cannot be conceived as the right to kill millions of people.”

    Lemkin was subsequently rattled by the Assyrian massacres in Iraq during the 1930s. Even though Ukrainians had committed despicable pogroms against Jews for generations, Lemkin also condemned Stalin’s extermination of Ukrainians in the Holodomor in the early 1930s.

    Starting with Henry Morgenthau, and Felix Frankfurter more than 100 years ago and until today, there is a long list of activist Jews that stood up against the Armenian genocide.

    I guess it would be nice for ADL et. al. to reflect on the Armenian genocide of a century ago, though neither the ADL nor Israel for that matter was in existence at that time, they carry no blame, and much as I dislike the ADL, I doubt their charter is to provide comments on each and every historic antecedent.
    There is much to criticize against the ADL or other Jewish American groups that are not committed to Israel and are migrating away from their Jewish heritage rapidly. These organizations are merely fronting for extreme liberal Democratic Party elements. But singling out Jews for indifference to the Armenian nation is too much to bear.

    The author of this piece has no credibility. Claiming that “many Jewish writers worldwide have been gratuitously slandering Armenian Americans and Armenia, all because Israel buys oil from and sells billions in weapons to Azerbaijan, Armenia’s adversary.”

    Suppose not all Jewish writers have been diligent to point out the Armenian genocide. Many, many Jewish writers actually have. Others may have not. And then so what. It is preposterous to claim “Jewish writers have been slandering Armenians” and especially, because Israel buys oil from Azerbaijan. Come on, do you really believe a Jewish intellectual in Paris or in Boston slanders Armenians because Israel buys oil from Azerbaijan.

    I’m disappointed you put out a nasty Antisemitic hit piece.

    • You evidently failed to read the essay carefully. Note that the author pointed out the widespread support by grassroots Jewish groups for the Armenians. He simply singled out the large, well-funded national Jewish groups — which you correctly identified as being shills for the Democrat Party — as the ones who systematically helped squash the labelling of the massacres as “genocide”.

      If criticizing Jewish groups is “anti-Semitic” then praising Jewish groups must surely be “philo-Semitic”. In that case, Mr. Boyajian is both an anti-Semite and a philo-Semite simultaneously.

  8. The explanation for this peculiar stance has got to be one or more of the following:
    1. The holocaust was so bad that they do not want to dilute the Jewish victimhood by having the world feeling sorry for these other groups.
    2. There is something that the Jewish community is getting from Turkey, some business relationship or military advantage or something, that they desperately do not want to lose.
    3. Maybe there were Jews that participated somehow in the Armenian holocaust?

  9. The fact that the world essentially let the Turks get away with the Armenian genocide is one factor that emboldened the Nazis to commit the Holocaust. That and the encouragement of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini.

  10. My family came to America due to the Armenian Genocide. My grandfather died because of the Genocide. Every Armenian family was touched by the Genocide. My father was a survivor. My mother’s family likewise was scattered. If you read of the barbarity of this Genocide, it is incomparable, in my view. the fact that Jewish groups will not recognize this is appalling.

  11. The Haimdian massacre 1894-96 should also be noted. The turks deserve no standing in the civilized world until they come to terms with the brutality of their recent past. They murdered Armenians on a nearly routine basis including most of my grandfathers family.

    It is repulsive that many jews and jewish organizations continue to resist recognition of that genocide.

    No US President has shown the human decency to likewise recognize it and one has to wonder if it is because of zionist influences, fear to insult islam, sheer cowardice or a combination of all three.

    We will never let this go until it is recognized for what it was.

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