Giorgia Meloni: “Sink Them!”

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. The following video contains excerpts from an impassioned rant recorded in Ms. Meloni’s car (which I hope has right-hand drive). She is discussing the Alex, a migrant-ferry vessel owned by the Italian NGO “Mediterranea Saving Humans”. Back in May one of its ships was impounded by the government when it landed illegally at Lampedusa. It launched the Alex with the express intention of running the blockade again, in defiance of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from two Breitbart articles about the Alex. The first article:

Italian NGO Defies Salvini, Launches New Migrant Transport Vessel

Italian migrant transport NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans has launched a new vessel into the Mediterranean following the confiscation of their other ship.

The new ship, the Alex, set sail this week to the area off the coast of Libya known as the SAR (search and rescue) zone with the head of the group declaring that the vessel will pick up illegal immigrants and take them to Italian ports, Il Giornale reports.

Article #2:

Salvini to Amend Law to Confiscate Ships From Migrant Transport NGOs

Populist Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini is said to be reworking the security and migration decree to allow the government to confiscate ships flying under the Italian flag.

The new proposal comes as Italian migrant transport NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans announced it would be putting another vessel to sea following the confiscation of the Mare Jonio in May.

Video transcript

Note: The clip above was composited from selected excerpts taken from the original. The times shown below reflect those in the original video:

01:31   Today the scandal of scandals is that the entrance into Italy
01:38   violating Italian laws,
01:41   forcing their way through the Italian block,
01:45   trying to go over the Italian patrol boats,
01:50   a boat, with illegal immigrants on board,
01:55   in which the captain at the helm is a parliamentarian of the Italian republic.
04:16   And I want to tell him that we have really
04:20   Crossed the threshold of that which we can tolerate,
04:23   and if we allow this, that the parliamentarians, who are those who are supposed to
04:27   write the laws, that these are the first who should believe
04:31   in the value of the laws that are written by the Italian parliament, are the first
04:35   who today are violating them, I tell you that Italy is finished,
04:39   democracy is finished, the nations of rights is finished,
04:43   our sovereignty is finished, our liberty is finished. Everything is finished.
06:17   The Germans and French who come to us with morale [unintelligible]
06:22   The Germans, the Germans, who sedate the illegal immigrants, they sedate them, put them to sleep,
06:30   to put them on charter flights to send them back to us when they cross the borders,
06:34   they are going to lecture us on morality?
08:27   The only way is to stop the ships from leaving with a naval blockade along the coast of Libya…
09:56   Second, the NGO ships that violate Italian borders, Yes, sink them.
10:04   [They should be] seized and demolished…
10:38   Third, We need to activate guarded centers in Italy…
10:49   What are guarded centers? Guarded centers means:
10:53   when an illegal immigrant arrives here, they don’t go wandering around
10:58   maintained by money from friends’ associations, by comrades who make
11:02   themselves the grand saviors of the nation.
11:07   No. These immigrants should be detained in guarded centers,
11:11   which means they cannot leave for up to 18 months,
11:18   and in those 18 months, they are evaluated — whether they have the right to stay in Italy —
11:22   almost… never, or if they should be repatriated — almost always.

Hat tip for the articles: Reader from Chicago.

4 thoughts on “Giorgia Meloni: “Sink Them!”

  1. I wish Salvini well. Target and sink with extreme prejudice. If he succeeds in impounding and sinking one or two of these invasion vessels, and imprisoning the crews, maybe they will start looking to send the invaders to Spain instead. It is a shame he cannot also sue the NGOs for the cost incurred by the Italian state for every single one of the invaders that they dump in Italy.

  2. This will lead to open conflict now. It is unavoidable. The Globalist Communists still dream of a one world order-Police state. These clowns still push this wicked agenda despite nations saying enough! Blacks from Africa and “migrants” from Asia have no lawful right to be here or to live off the taxes of now oppressed European citizens.

    Like the previous attempts in 1917 to other times, it seems we must again suffer the millions of deaths to sate the ridiculous goals of these nation hating mass murderers. 170,000,000’s have perished thanks to these Reds and others of which National Socialism is but one more version of this desire to play God.

    The EU is its latest incarnation-like all the rest led by the “Fuhrer Principle” the will of the “Leader” like the evil Frau Merkel. Then there is Mrs May signing the Marrakesh “Agreement” that has agreed to allow the population of the UK to be increased to 184,000,000’s. Don’t believe me then look it up. The intended “sustainable” population for Europe alone is 3.8 billions trapped into eco cities under Agenda 30.

    People need to wake up and deal with these selfish murderous plans that have already failed like all the rest. These “Globalists” or secular “Zionists” are completely insane or rather manipulative psychopaths indifferent to the cultures and peoples they are supposedly elected to keep safe. Then there are the paedophile gangs acting in league with the people traffickers. These “migrants” have pockets stuffed with cash supplied by the NGO’s and George “Nazi” Soros.

    The arrest of Epstein is but the tip of the iceberg and the Clintons are also alleged to be heavily involved in this mass genocidal activity and abuse of children for that purpose. This disgusting activity is also behind the grooming gangs in Rotherham as is the mass importation of Moslems and their hijra jihad.

    The Police were ordered not to investigate by HM Government and the man that exposed this now seeks asylum in the USA away from the clutches of the vile “British State”.

    We are now at crossroads. I still say that UK will be an Islamic state by 2023 at the latest, if matters do not change. I have already explained my cogent reasons for this long ago on this column and elsewhere. I now believe we are at the point of civil war-God forbid. May and her wicked cabal have now fallen out with our most important NATO ally across the Atlantic just as I warned they would some years ago that such a confrontation would take place eventually.

    The West but especially UK is now in great and terrible danger. The Communist side-kick MacDonald has demanded a Leftist occupation of Parliament to prevent any new PM from taking us out of the Soviet EU. This is an act of war and sedition and it is time the authorities- or at least those still capable of moral reasoning to Prorogue this latest “Rump Parliament” unless they seek a repeat of 1642-48.

    The situation could not go no forever and even the mighty German Deutsche Bank is collapsing as I write. Merkel cannot escape the consequences of her actions by simply ordering that bankrupt entity to sach foreign employees of the same. The EU Project is a failure like all the rest and we must do our utmost to limit the violent consequences yet again, if we can.

    These mad- cap schemes always fail but it seems Merkel like he predecessor Adolf Hitler fail to comprehend these facts and realities.

  3. Confiscation or sinking. Obvious years ago. About time. Better get on with it before the jackboots of the EU army come marching down from Berlin to save Italy from the few remaining Italians and create a boot shaped holiday home for all of Africa.

    • no,please don’t sink them. I saw one vessel that I estimate to be a 1-2 million dollar sailing yacht. I would rather bid should it come to auction.
      BTW, who is financing that boat?Who owns it? Anybody here having access to a ship register?

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