Ann Widdecomb Tells the BBC to Get Stuffed

Or words to that effect.

Yesterday I posted a brief clip of Ann Widdecomb’s remarks on the floor of the European Parliament. Ms. Widdecomb represents Southwest England for the Brexit Party, and stated forthrightly in her speech her reasons for being glad that the UK will be leaving the European Union.

The woke mandarins who run the BBC were appalled by Ms. Widdecomb’s doubleplus ungood statements, and invited her to be interviewed so they could revile her in an appropriate fashion. They sent the cutest and most clueless airheaded blond SJW in their stable (can I say that, or is it equinophobia?) to do the job. The interviewer stuck to the script, but in my opinion she got dumped out of her saddle and dragged by the stirrups down the steep and rocky hillside of Ms. Widdecomb’s rhetoric.

I hope we see a lot more of this admirable woman:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

27 thoughts on “Ann Widdecomb Tells the BBC to Get Stuffed

  1. So? Is she singlehandedly trying to breath new life into the “Dumb Blonde” genre of humor, or is she really this dense?

    • Heard this morning:

      A brunette goes to see a doctor and complains that her whole body hurts.

      “Really” says the doctor, “Show me”.

      The woman presses her ankle. “does that hurt?” he says. “Yes” she replies.

      “And your knee?” Same thing.

      “How about your arm?” “Ouch” she says.

      “Hmm” says the doctor, “Are you really a brunette?”

      “No” she says, I’m really a blonde. I dyed my hair a few days ago”.

      “I think we’ve found the problem” the Doctor says. “Your finger is broken”.

  2. Imagine being taxed to support third rate twits like this Elizabeth Warren look a like, think alike idiot. After she gets acid thrown in her face in London by one of her cultural enlightening Muslims, it’s remotely possible she might change her tone, but I really don’t think she is smart enough.

    • Cmon John. Just for this occasion she does wear glasses you know. And every now and then she delicatly shoves it up the bridge of her nose. How can she not be smart?

    • Me too!

      Ok, she speaks with the Queen’s English, so I shall evolve from the colonial vernacular:

      I also.

      That clod of a “journalist” tried hard to corrupt Widdecombe’s meaning, and in some oozing emotive way, she may have succeeded. But for anyone following the logic of the argument, Widdecombe had her dead to rights, exposing her as the intellectual fraud that she is.

  3. Moron. I am so tired of the white privilege argument too. I wish this woman would just shut up. I give credit to the representative to not let her words be twisted, but these people on the left don’t care. It is oppressive to look at that girl’s face and listen to her. You just want to wipe the superior smirk off of it.

    • These days in a back room at their opulent headquarters the BBC has a secret department that clones its interviewers. They take candidates with the lowest intellectual common denominator, teach them a load of buzzwords and phrases to keep repeating by rote and then mind-wipe them of any ability to generate original thought.

      Any candidate that displays a capability and inclination towards rational analysis and the ability to conduct a wide-ranging dialectic is immediately removed from the programme and consigned to another back room full of other drones on computers searching for people who have said naughty things (truth) on the Interweb.

      This information is then forwarded to the central Thought Control Department who decide if it is going to be worthwhile to invite the miscreants to be interviewed live on air and destroyed by those drones who have been fully deconstructed and re-imprinted with the BBC’s disinformation modus operandi.

      Of course, when one of these mindless ideological infants confronts an educated and experienced free intellect such as Widdecomb’s they get chewed up and spat out of their own bear pit never to be seen or heard of again.

  4. The BBC clone lost me when she invoked the leftist fiction of “White privilege.” How can we have a sensible discussion with people who claim to believe such bilge?

  5. The most obvious takeaway is that the UK is screwed.
    Leave it. Move to NZ or Oz.
    Hasten its demise, dont draw it out. Its the old frog in the pot routine. Let the [epithets] and [epithets] have it and pay for it. The UK will descend into a failed African state instantly

    • Thanks for your encouragement. Much appreciated.

      If you had been paying attention you would be aware that NZ and Oz are in just the same state along with most Western countries, probably yours included.

      • Yes, indeed. We must all strive to put our own houses in order, then aid our neighbors where able.
        Home and hearth; family and friends. Those are my watch words. There is no where to refugee for me and mine.
        Civilization is against the wall. Will we turn and fight, or knell and weep until the bullet enters from behind, because the enemy will not relent while civilization lives.

  6. Ann Widdecombe has become something of a national treasure since leaving front-line politics, showing herself to be a good sport with exhibitions like this:

    Twenty or thirty years ago she made the very sensible point that anyone turning up at the border without papers should be held in custody until they could be identified, setting off the usual Guardian type outrage. But what trouble could have been saved if she had been supported by the government.

    As a connected aside, it was her colleague on the right of the Conservative Party, Norman Tebbit, who spoke of the cricket test, meaning whether immigrants support the England team or the team of their ancestral homeland. Since then, of course, everyone has integrated fully in Britain and now supports the England team….well no, in fact such untactful cheering of the opposition has become much more pronounced.

    There happens to be a world cup going on in England of the one-day form of the game (a real cricket match takes five days in which cricketers spend long periods “in the deep” with little to distract them from their own thoughts – this is sometimes put forward as an explanation for the unusually high incidence of depression and suicide among ex-cricketers).

    Anyway, whenever India, Pakistan or Bangla Desh are playing the crowd is a sea of their national colours, whether playing against England or anyone else. I do not recall seeing sub-continental looking spectators wearing England colours but I must admit I wasn’t particularly looking. I will have to keep an eye out in the remaining games.

    I was surprised to find that apprently sub-continental spectators support each others’ teams when their own isn’t playing. A commentator asked one family why they were doing this and they replied “Well, we are all outsiders”. How unhelpful for the establishment’s preferred version of reality.

    Not only that, but England’s two ethnic Pakistanis regularly get booed for being traitors.

    • When cricket is played in England the entire Indian sub continent is playing at home.

      • That is very true. At some venues, such as Edgbaston in Birmingham, the commentators speculate on whether the noise and pressure from the crowd will have a negative effect on the England team just as playing in India might.

        Indigenous supporters complain that they will be lucky to get 10 seats allocated to them at such fixtures.

  7. Brilliant woman! We need so many more like her!
    (And we’re so sorry for the loss of your own brilliant wife.)

  8. AW acquitted herself very well. I like the ways she dodged the ‘white privilege’ bait, then demolished the ‘slaves weren’t paid X thousand a year [that an MEP is paid’ furphy.

  9. Widdecombe is now under British Police investigation for her speech, deemed “offensive” by the usual suspects. A Labour reported “racist” speech in the European Parliament. It seems the sharia loving multicultural sharia lovers in the above Police Farce feel their powers extend into the activities of MEP’s too.

  10. The interviewer raises the issue of so-called white privilege to shame Widdecomb for mentioning slavery as an example of oppressed-versus-oppressor when—oh, the shame—Widdecomb is obviously white. Here, Widdecomb, as the interviewer so desperately wants to remind her, did not remember her place. Whites can never be oppressed, according to this leftist mantra. Widdecomb’s place (and the place of all whites) is to identify with only the oppressors, regardless of context, time, place, ethnicity, or religion.

    We need many more clear-thinking politicians like Ann Widdecomb.

    • Most slave owners and traders are, and have been for a thousand years, Muslims.

  11. God bless Ann Widdecombe! As he should; her convictions owe much to her devout Christianity, which may offend some, but I doubt whether she has a nasty, or bigoted, bone in her body.

    I went with a friend to the Christmas carol service at St Paul’s a few years back, and saw her leaving alone; I thought she cut a lonely figure, but I suspect she’d dismiss this as sentimental claptrap.

  12. The interviewer is Emma Barnett.
    Her parents had an ‘interesting’ vocation…

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