Italian Shopkeeper Punched to Death by Culture-Enricher

A tobacconist with a shop in a metro station in Naples asked a Nigerian culture-enricher to stop blocking the doorway of his establishment. In response, the “youth” punched the shopkeeper in the head so hard that it caused a severe cerebral hemorrhage, from which the victim eventually died.

Below is a TV report on the incident. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   After a month of agony in hospital, Ulderico Espositio, a 52-year-old tobacconist,
00:06   assaulted last June 9 by a Nigerian inside
00:10   the Chiaiano metro station, has died. It happened last night at the Cardarelli Hospital,
00:15   where he had been treated following the assault he suffered.
00:19   He was being treated for a massive cerebral hemorrhage, and his condition
00:23   appeared grave from the first moment. Dozens of messages of condolence were posted
00:27   on the social pages of friends, relatives, and institutional representatives of
00:31   the municipality of Mugnano where he resided, and someone
00:34   placed flowers in front of his tobacco shop.
00:37   The case also caused a great uproar at the national level, given the brutality of the assault.
00:42   According to the (investigation) of the matter over the past weeks, the tobacconist
00:46   had asked the assailant, who turned out to be a 36-year-old Nigerian,
00:51   to move from the entrance, and for that, the man
00:55   reacted by striking him with a violent punch to the face,
00:59   thus causing a cerebral hemorrhage that sent him to Cardarelli Hospital
01:03   The Nigerian was arrested shortly afterwards, while friends and citizens
01:06   of the municipality gathered around the victim.

7 thoughts on “Italian Shopkeeper Punched to Death by Culture-Enricher

  1. Be afraid, be very afraid, boats are come from Libya with full of this savages, parasites, it’s one disaster for Europe, …

  2. “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” H.L. Mencken

    Will European men ever wake up to recognize the existential threat to their very existence?

  3. They will continue to pick us off at the margins – and every time some brave soul , such as the driver at Charlottesville- is given a LIFE SENTENCE for the hate crime of fighting back – WE DESERT OUR MARTYRS – instead of rallying around our fallen.

    This is why we we will ultimately lose to the human debris at our gates

  4. This is what the Bolshevik usurpers have unleashed upon their own citizens. No-one should doubt that it is the biggest, most evil conspiracy the world has ever known.

  5. I think the average man and women in Europe must recognized the threat to his way of life by now, why they keep voting in people into power that insist on importing more parasites in is the big question. The European union should be abolished a bunch of unelected elitist ,that seem hellbent on destroying the many different cultures that make up western Europe ,replace them with one big cultured Islam based on violent submission of the unbeliever to the “best of people Moslems”.

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