Genocide via Obstetrics?

A Muslim obstetrician in Sri Lanka has been accused of sterilizing thousands of Buddhist women when he had them on the operating table to perform Caesarian sections. He has now been stopped from practicing, but it is not clear if he is being prosecuted.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Sri Lanka, forced sterilisation? A Muslim doctor sterilised many Buddhist women.
00:05   These Sri Lankan women have been waiting patiently for hours. They’re here to
00:09   be examined. They may be victims of forced sterilisation by a doctor working at
00:15   the hospital. Kumari Jayasekera, mother of two says: “Dr. Shafi performed a
00:20   Caesarian section on me in 2011. Since then I have been unable to have another child.”
00:29   Each one of them had a Caesarian section performed by Dr. Shafi. A Muslim practitioner
00:36   who has now been stopped because he was accused by authorities of having secretly
00:40   sterilised 4,000 women who were all Buddhist. Mr. Abeywickrema from
00:45   Legal Action says: “Since this was done without consent, we consider this action
00:49   to be an attempted genocide of the Sinhalese people. This goes against the
00:53   United Nations Charter. —In Sri Lanka the Sinhalese people make up the
01:01   majority of the Buddhist population with 75% compared to the 10% Muslim
01:05   population. The country is regularly targeted by attacks by religious extremists.

7 thoughts on “Genocide via Obstetrics?

  1. We are always expected to gasp and swoon at the harsh treatment of the Muslim Rohingya in Myammar, and the Muslim Ungyars in China. But, the persecution of Muslims lives long and loud; the persecutions and killings by Muslims, like in Sri Lanka, are quickly forgotten.

    I am taking the position that countries should conduct their own internal affairs: the Israelis should annex or not annex West Bank apartment buildings and Golan Heights land as it’s own government sees fit; Chines and Burmese should protect their own people as they see fit. But, and this is big, if they make the wrong decisions and get into trouble, it’s not up to other countries like the US, to pull their chestnuts out of the fire.

    A rational government in Sri Lanka will realize there is an organized Muslim movement to destroy the perceived enemies of Islam, and take appropriate steps. You don’t need a UN charter or resolution to realize there is a malevolent group of people acting to destroy you. And you don’t need a UN permission to act effectively to stop it.

    • Nice comment, RonaldB. Very well stated.
      It has long disturbed me how the uninformed TDS and low information American public decries what China is doing with the China Uighurs who have long record of evil to China and ordinary citizens. These Uighurs are highly fortunate they do not have done to them, what they do, and wish to do, to others.

      I do have no love whatsoever of the evil behavior of the Chinese communist state, either. But neither cancels the other. Both are evil, far worse however is the islam cult and gang. IMO

  2. Somehow, I can imagine those islam supporters in some lands happily passing out sweets to celebrate his evil accomplishments. No joke, this. This principle and all the evil principles found in abundance in the koran, sharia, hadiths, etc. are exactly why I would never knowingly trust any muslim md, for anything, least of all surgical procedures, EVER! Nor should anyone, being a non-muslim. They are charged with one evil goal – eliminate the non-muslim, by any overt or clandestine means. For 1400 years, so far, on to forever.

  3. There are lots of questions here. First, other hospital personnel would had to have known. Were the surgical nurses and anesthesiologists also Muslim? If so, that would constitute some sort of criminal conspiracy.

    Another question: did this doctor not sterilize other women, such as Muslim, Christian, and Hindu? This is one of those stories which requires further investigation.

    • Here is one summary answer to your implied question, a reality I’ve lived many years with knowing, and nearly zero or not, participating, but involved at all levels, usually low key, in what follows. One must learn about the culture-subculture in a hospital, especially historically, or in less developed lands, which historically included America, including somewhat lesser so, yet, these days. First, surgeons are most often their own fiefdom, or tyranny. Staff, such as asst. surgeons, nurses, etc. are expected to perform and shut up, as they are along for the ride. More so in past than now, in America. No questions asked, nor secrets divulged, at least not to the low information public (medical mystique image of perfection-God to be maintained, you know!). Many reasons, excuses for this. Not everyone is guilty, nor everyone is innocent!

      Aircraft accidents, ship disasters, happen on occasion, (and quite recently) because of the same principle of the “my captain, oh my captain” rule, and very dangerous principle. (FAA working somewhat to break that principle in cockpit, with procedural laws, rules) It exists, has existed long. Similar in police circles, but less so currently, again in America, these days. It is a complex mix of multiple variables of psychology, tradition, group dynamic, danger and skills dynamic. And it kills, has killed, maims and injures, along with carelessness, and incompetence, let alone intentional evil. It often saves people, too.

      This aforementioned muslim is far from unique, the principle (of not aiding a kafir, or destroying or injuring a kafir) (hey for perspective, look at M. Sanger (a non muslim), and her Planned Parenthood, playing into her and her democrat ally’s reduction of Africans by encouraging abortions, at free or low cost!!!) is more common than we’d like to think, applied in greater and lesser degree, according to my heavy readings, and observation.

      In past, there were occasionally doctors who would do careful surgical effort, with elegance, on their judgement of good people, or “just get it done surgery” on their idea of lessor patients. I knew of one who founded a hospital, and the medical community did eventually oust him, but way too late in the game. It was long enough late, that even I, a non MD, got in on the story. That was decades ago, by the way. I have a long life, and a very long memory, with a wide, very divergent range of interactions, and intimates, at the highest (billionaire), and ordinary, and even some lower levels.

      It is one of the dirty less perfect side of reality, which too many kids, (meaning gen z, millennials), “unicorn dreamers” (extreme naivete of even less informed youth of these days) such that they imagine a better socialist dreamland, which their brainwashing teachers since `1960 have naively and gullibly brainwashed, implanted, (day after beer, sex and airheaded day) into their irresponsible, immoral, Godless, fake virtue signaling “but must never be judgmental” BS, heads.

      Yes, their are a MINORITY of youthful exceptions (and I have reasons to hope increasing), THANK GOD! Such as lead by Charlie Kirk, and YAFTV, and a building host of other people.

      Primarily due to the Frankfurt school of 50’s communist professors coming over to Columbia (my initial clue in thanks so much to Beck and Fox in the past), then spreading to the rest of the US, through all levels of schools, except such as few exceptions as homeschooling, Hillsdale college, and a handful of other exceptions, in America. (Worst offenders to Liberty = state universities, and Ivy league colleges)

      They were on their way to tyranny, globalism, and thus we put savior PDJT into cleanup restoration MAGA, AND KEGA. More to come. We are mad, and awoke!!!! The silent majority, of we the Trumpers, WE THE PEOPLE!

      [truncated for being of excessive length]

      • Quick explanation, “(billionaire)”, sorry, didn’t mean to leave that hanging, I only knew a couple, not even close to ever being one-LOL! Sadly, alas.

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