The Political Prosecution of Ingrid Carlqvist

Ingrid Carlqvist is a Swedish nationalist who opposes mass immigration and the Islamization of Sweden. Because of her outspokenness on these issues, and because she and another activist had aired a popular podcast, Ms. Carlqvist was prosecuted under an obscure media law — one that no one else has been charged under. She was eventually convicted and fined, but she avoided a prison term due to her lack of a criminal record.

Last week Vlad Tepes interviewed Ingrid Carlqvist just before her trial, and then again yesterday after her sentencing.

Video #1: Before court appearance:

Video #2: After sentencing:

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  1. Has this case been written up in the press, in either Swedish or English, hopefully with the names of the judge and three jury-like laymen (that system is interesting; what is it called?, so we can look it up)? Has this news appeared anywhere except Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes’s website?

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    Da Capo on April 5, 2019 at 4:00 pm said:

    Anarcho-fascist Swedish Central Ppower
    is diligent to persecute its own citizens

    Vlad Tepes intervues
    Ingrid Carlqvist
    convicted on ancient publishing law


    My link, posted before the Baron’s own post in the same subject, to Vlad Tepes, do work, but so does not the Baron’s, at least not in Sweden.

    Every linking to Bit Tube videos on GoV are always shown as
    not clickable blank, white rectangels.

    ‘Migt be an interesting fact to know?’

    • I’m not sure why BitTube videos don’t work as an embed for you. They work on some operating systems and some browsers, but not on others. Other people have said the same thing you do.

      Vlad had to start using BitTube because YouTube shut him down. He lost several channels, but he had been very careful with the last one. When YT took it down, it became clear that they simply wouldn’t allow him to be there anymore. He was a dissident, and had become too popular, so he had to go. He was forced to migrate to another platform.

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        “Other people have said the same thing you do.”

        Win !0 + Slimjet browser here.

        Why not complete the embedded
        blank rectangel with an ordinary
        underlined link?

        • Yes, I can do that. It’s what I did with bitchute. I’ll update the software to do the same with bittube.

    • Both the links and embedded videos work completely fine with me, the problem must be in your browser, firewall, or whatever.

  3. Vlad mentioned that Sweden was slightly worse than England in suppressing free speech. This may be splitting hairs, but if you listen to this interview, I don’t think that’s the case. England is now a full-blown police state with no qualifications whatsoever.

    I would like to say something concerning Ingrid’s observation that the police can’t solve rapes, but always have time for hate speech. This phenomenon was observed a long time ago by the economist specializing in “developing” economies, Peter Bauer.

    Bauer observed that in third-world countries, the police selectively enforce laws on generally law-abiding citizens, rather than on real criminals. For one thing, it was a whole lot safer for the police to harass regular citizens than gun-toting gang bangers. For another thing, it showed the police, always on the public dole, were doing something. This puts Sweden and England straight in the camp of degenerate, third-world economies, with privileged police focused mainly on making it through to retirement relatively unharmed.

    I should note he made this observation in a talk I was lucky enough to attend by chance about 30 years ago. I haven’t found it in his publications, which focus on the harm and destruction done by foreign aid on the supposed beneficiary country.

  4. For some reason I always thought Vlad is a fairly young chap, but he sounds like an old gentleman, haha.

    I wonder if jailing someone for making a broadcast would shake the Swedish public awake at last?
    I’m afraid not, since they don’t seem to care for any kind of crime, be it perpetrated on children, young adults, adults or the elderly, men or women, not do they seem to care if it’s perpetrated by Swedes, immigrants or the government itself.
    But being so blind to this massive influx or thinking it’s still ok to keep your mouth shut is nothing short of a powerful magic spell…

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    The same district court that overturned Daniel Frändelöv and Ingrid Carlqvist for failing to report a responsible publisher for web radio, has itself devoted itself to sending web radio, without the responsible publisher. It reveals New Times.


    Helsingborg’s district court condemned Ingrid Carlqvist – they live-broadcasts themselves without having a responsible publisher
    DIGITAL EDITION – transöation by Da CCapo
    eNyT v. 2019/15

    The District Court in Helsingborg has since 2017 sent the program Court of Justice, often live, without having reported any responsible publisher. Recently, the same district court condemned the podiums Ingrid Carlqvist and Daniel Frändelöv for exactly the same thing.

    Judge Martin Persson, who convicted in the case, has from his Twitter account “retweeted” the pod twice and “lied” in more than 20 occasions.
    Both Stefan Lindskog, Chairman of the Supreme Court, and Helena Jäderblom, Chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court, have participated in the suspected illegal activity.


    It is a criminal offense to send a podium live online without having the responsible publisher. It struck Helsingborg’s district court on April 4, when they sentenced the duo behind the pod “Ingrid & Condrad”, Ingrid Carlqvist and Daniel Frändelöv, to day fines for “violation of the freedom of speech”.
    However, the monthly New Times can reveal that the district court itself does exactly the same thing. The court started their broadcasts in June 2017 The court podium, which is broadcasted on Facebook, but is available also on several other pages . The podium is reportedly a collaboration between Helsingborg’s district court and the National Courts Administration’s communications department.
    In addition to the Court Code, the court has also sent a multi-day events under the slogan “LegalTech” with the hashtag “Future Court”, even in this case without the responsible publisher.

    District Court Chief Ylva Norling Jönsson admits to New Times that it was wrong. She says they have been in “contact with the authority afterwards and if we do this again we would have had a responsible publisher for it.”
    Recognizes live broadcasts on Facebook
    One clip on Facebook is called “The pod team prepares for recording” and is out since January 2019. In the live broadcast, Jesper Nietsche and Fredrik Lassen and Kai Koskela participate,
    and they say:
    “We make a small live broadcast on Facebook right now so you get right into the broadcast”.

    New Times calls the judge Martin Persson who sentenced Carlqvist and Frändelöv.

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