What Is Our President Up To?

Does anyone know?

Tucker Carlson has some ideas:

But even he never mentions the elephant in the room: THE BORDER WALL.

My vote for Trump began as an ABC – Anybody But Clinton. But he sold me on the wall. Lord knows the socialist Dems had long abandoned our sovereignty; does anyone recall back when they were for a wall?

So I figured forceful action would remedy that, but it turned out all we got was lots of words – logorrhea at times – but no action in our beleaguered southwest.

Oh, President Trump! Tais toi and start building. That was your strength in real life: building stuff in the most over-regulated city in the world. We believed you.

Maybe Tucker Carlson is right. Maybe the White House is not the place you want to spend your seventies. I’d suggest stepping aside for some other GOP candidate, but they’re little better than the Dims…

14 thoughts on “What Is Our President Up To?

  1. I’m fearful that if Trump fails us on the wall, it will never be done. Based on his campaign, he should have started construction literally on Day 1, and then sent Mexico the bill. I don’t expect bollards, a picket fence, or drones. I want, and America wants, a WALL.

    • I’m fearful that if Trump fails us on the wall, it will never be done.

      You’re correct. If he doesn’t shut up soon and just build the darn thing, his re-election campaign will be a disaster. And he’ll lose the election, thereby dooming us to thousands of diseased and illiterate invaders.

      • What is wrong with vetting people who come in to OUR country? There are people with skills and attributes that we want or need, but WE get to pick! Do we want a “country” or not?

        • Funny you ask that, because liberals (and in extention the democrat party) DO NOT want a country. They don’t want any countries. They want the world to be a borderless mess.

  2. Expecting trump to save us from the historical cycle of governance/societal collapse is akin to those in the 1st class smoking lounge on the titanic thinking the ship is unsinkable

  3. I think you hand-wringers need to relax a bit. After all, this is the guy who has withdrawn financial support from several countries, loudly denounced Europe for not holding up the end of its financial bargain, and recently threatened Mexico with closing the border completely. No one else would have said any of those things. No one. And because he has, he’s put such practical (but hitherto unthinkable) moves on the table for the future.

    With or without the wall, he’s opened the doors and windows for everyone here and around the world to really get down to business. Don’t think his mere presence hasn’t energized people like Salvini, Pen, and Orban.

    Come on, people.

    • I’m not wringing my hands. I’m stomping my feet and jeering.

      Aside from the sad list Tucker Carlson spoke about, Trump has yet to fulfill his major promise about The WALL. That awesome, beautiful WALL he spent so much time fantasizing about in his campaign.

      Anything else is a distraction for those of us who voted for him because of it. Otherwise, I’d have stayed home. Oh, wait…there was Hillary lurking in the shadows (she didn’t campaign much, so assured was she of her victory).

    • What are you even talking about, Orbán has been in power years (PM since 2010) before the majority of Europeans and the rest of the world ever heard of Trump, Marine Le Pen (as far as that’s who you’re talking about) is the same (2011). Both denounced the migration flood right at the beginning, months before Trump was even elected. Yes, Salvini is a newer addition on the global scale, but most of the people on the right have been well known for years.
      Also, what’s said in the US has far lesser consequences in continental Europe than it does in the UK, so you’re better off refraining from making that comparisson.
      Currently there’s not much of Trump’s decisiveness left. Unlike Orbán or Salvini, who actually get stuff done for their countries, he’s more like UK’s May – stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t envy either of their positions, but their current wishy-washy behaviour doesn’t send a good message to their voters.

      And as for the wall – as things are now, the farmers and other citizens near the border would be better off collecting bricks and building it themselves than waiting for money from the DC…

  4. We have the most corrupt government imaginable at every level. One thing he has done is expose how corrupt they are. We could build the wall on day one of his Presidency by just throwing out the Constitution and starting Civil War 2 by declaring martial law.
    He would come across as a deluded tin pot dictator and the worldwide liberal controlled press would have a field day demanding the UN do something.
    If anyone thinks they could do any better when literally everyone in Congress is corrupt and all the heads of the civil government have been replaced with fascists and the judges are all a joke with the exception of a few. Even the Supreme Court has been compromised when you consider Justice Roberts pretzel logic to let Obamacare continue. Then by all means go run for President or Dictator for life.

    Every freedom loving person in the world wishes they had a President Trump running their country but people here seem to think he can singlehandedly reverse a centuries worth of infiltration by socialists and people who want to see this country fall in a few short years. He is a good man trying to do his best.

    Would you like some whine with that cheese.

    • In all honesty I think people just want to see something get done, instead of just the constant talk.
      Yeah, it’s nice he exposed coruption, but how many people got sent to jail for it?
      Where’s this major reveal on children trafficking he promised some months ago?
      Did he stop the money flow to Mexico yet? And the list goes on.
      People just wanna see one thing getting pulled to the end and have a physical result in front of them, so that they can be sure his work goes beyond empty promises. He can do the talking outside the Oval Office as well…
      Though I agree that there’s noone else on the right (at least as far as I’m aware of) to do at least as much.

  5. I honestly think he is being squeezed in the nether regions by some financial/existential threat from the money-bags. Frankly, Wall Street could bankrupt his whole family in a matter of months.
    Knowing his ego he could not stand an election defeat and being 74 he could just step down on medical reasons alone. No need for shenanigans.
    But he could do so much more, so much better were it not for some unseen hands. He is supposed to be the most powerful man on the planet with a lot of authority given to him by the Constitution. He is not using almost any of it.
    What stops him to order the border guards to work by the book and effectively shut down the border crossings?
    What stops him to set up the FEMA trailers on the border to house the invaders, meanwhile fingerprinting and photographing every one of them, and have the compounds fenced on three side, leaving the south open?
    If the invaders being let in free, why not use military transport to take them to Hawaii or bus them to Frisco central?
    Why not get ahead with the program and let the hickup judges take their problems to the SC?
    So many ways to legally skin the cat…

    • I have a few points to address on your post.

      Trump was forgiven a $350 million mezzanine loan by a Soros-affiliated company. In other words, Trump was fully in hock, but the loan was just kind of written off for no discernible reason.

      So, there is a real question in my mind on whether anybody had something substantial on Trump that allowed him to brag and bluster, but stay on this side of a red line in the sand.

      Second, there is no question that any unilateral action by the Trump administration would bring broad injunctions by communist federal judges. I personally find the argument persuasive that the executive branch should simply ignore court injunctions below the level of the Supreme Court. It’s almost laughable, the notion that of the 3 federal branches of government, the whole executive branch could be paralyzed by a single low-level sitting federal judge.

      But, of course, for Trump to announce explicitly that he will ignore court rulings would kick off a full-blown constitutional crisis. The Democrats and neocon Republicans would consider the Constitution to have been breached. Impeachment would without question be initiated, and the actual conviction would hinge on unreliable, swishy Republican senators.

      There is an added complication, in that Trump actually signed the funding bill that explicitly mandated that “family” immigrant units could not be summarily deported at the border.

      Right now, with Trump’s current actions, we are going to lose. Absolutely. With massive, unstopped illegal immigration and birthright citizenship, Democrat voters will be in an absolute majority in a few years. And they continue to vote Democrat as do their kids, grandkids, great grandkids, etc.

      So, say Trump stays horrible on actual border actions, and runs against “reparations, no-crime, no wall” Kamala Harris. I would strongly consider voting for Harris on this basis. We would lose in either case, so there is a benefit to sending a message to a promise-breaker that you might gain office once, but you will be humiliated. The improbable, but possible, path to victory would be the republic survives 4 years of Harris, then elects a Republican who knows he will be one-term if his promises are not kept.

      I’m assuming that re-electing Trump in those circumstances would continue to result in massive illegal and legal immigration, and no control on birthright citizenship, chain migration, or internal enforcement of employment. After 4 more years of Trump, any politician would know they can break promises with impunity.

  6. So–“he” will never get any help building the wall from our (sainted, ‘democratically elected’) ‘ohffishells’ of our national ‘guvverment’.
    So what?
    News Flash:
    Said officials will NEVER go against the interests of their ‘donors’ (read: OWNERS). “Represent their constituents”–don’t make me laugh. This should NOT be news to anyone in ‘higher office’. Not any more. Not since ’16.

    So–what is to be done? Actually there is quite a lot that COULD be done:

    Denounce the international treaty on ‘refugees’ and be done with it. Then kick out (back to Mehhiccho) ANY AND ALL who cross the border. ANY border. Period.
    No trials, no fake refugee status– as such it would no longer exist.
    NO waiting period–they are GONE before sunset on date of entry.
    Real employer enforcement of E-Verify–with $$$$ teeth.
    $25/head bounty on ALL illegals deported. (Going to those CITIZENS who do the reporting.)
    Use ($25 BILLION ) confiscated funds from drug cartels to BUILD THE WALL.
    Place the military on the border–for starters.
    ASK the ‘unorganized militia’ for their assistance in securing the border. They can use their own arms, of course.
    25%-50% Transfer tax on all $$$ sent ‘home’ to Central American Sh####loes so as to repay the cartels for their “passage” North.
    50% ANNUAL cuts in H1B’s.

    Did I mention “build the DAMN WALL?”

    Now, tell me it wouldn’t work. (Yeah, just prosecute those judges under the RICO laws and send them to Gitmo.)

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