I’m a Muslim and a Doctor, so I Know Better Than You!

The following video shows part of one of Michael Stürzenberger’s “Islamophobic” presentations in downtown Munich. In it you’ll see a Muslima confront Mr. Stürzenberger about his “hateful incitement of the masses”. Her argument may be condensed into these four points:

  • I am a Muslim.
  • I am a doctor.
  • I am German.
  • Therefore everything you say is irrelevant and not worth discussing.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Could we discuss a bit? —Yes, OK
0:03   Please (tries to grab the mike) —I’ll hold it, I’ll hold it
0:06   Wonderful day to you —Hello, I am Michael —Yes Michael, I am Katja, I’m pleased to meet you,
0:09   I find your campaign here ultra primitive.
0:12   Why? —That is my opinion,
0:15   because you lump all muslims together.
0:18   Does it say that anywhere, that all muslims are the same? It says Islam, not muslims.
0:21   Not all muslims.
0:24   We are discussing, and that is why the microphone
0:27   needs to be held this way so that the discussion
0:30   can’t be monopolized. —You mean not wanting to answer.
0:33   I don’t know what you learned in your life, what you studied,
0:36   but what you present here, this incitement of hate of the masses,
0:39   that’s really embarrassing for you, you should be ashamed
0:42   to stand here in the middle of Munich, with such judgment!
0:45   Number one, what did you study? And who are you actually?
0:48   You should know by now, islam does not mean peace,
0:51   that is a fact, islam means submission and conquest,
0:54   that is the translation from the Arabic. Islam means conquest and submission,
0:57   that is a fact, so how is that incitement of hate of the masses?
1:00   Well, Michael, I am muslim,
1:03   I am German, I am proud of that
1:06   of what I am, and I am a doctor.
1:09   And the word islam means peace!
1:12   Salaam means peace. Salaam means peace!
1:15   Salaam means peace, not islam. —No no no no no no no
1:18   We know Arabic! —We are discussing! (tries to yank away the mike AGAIN!)
1:21   I will hold the microphone!
1:24   OK, so you obviously don’t want to discuss, you want to manipulate
1:27   the people here, and pull off your damned show here!
1:30   You should be ashamed about that! I am a muslim
1:33   and I am proud of that, and I am a German muslim.
1:36   And you are not in the position to judge and to paint all countries
1:39   with the same broad strokes. You are a preacher of hate [Volksverhetzer],
1:42   and it’s not worth it to even discuss with you,
1:45   because I am a medical doctor and I care for other people,
1:48   I don’t know what you do in this society, but incitement of the masses is not…
1:51   Why do you feel attacked here?
1:54   This sign, it is factually correct!
1:57   You don’t need to feel attacked personally.
2:00   It’s beautiful that you are a doctor, it’s beautiful that you are integrated,
2:03   that’s all wonderful! So where is the problem?
2:06   You know what? There is no discussion possible with you.
2:09   You are manipulating the people here, you are interrupting my speech,
2:12   you are trying to lead a discussion that you can’t win!
2:15   You are embarrassing yourself in this world,
2:18   and the people who stand here and hear all this think exactly like me,
2:21   your manipulation of these people here —I have no clue what kind of
2:24   an educational background you come from — you cannot just
2:27   lump all of this together, and you don’t need to explain to me.
2:30   The Arabic language is my mother language, and…
2:33   Where do you come from?
2:36   Where do you come from?
2:39   What are your roots? What Arabic country are your roots in?
2:42   She just said I am mentally ill.
2:45   Well friends, the fact is that the word islam means submission
2:48   In Arabic, the word salaam means peace!
2:51   But she wants to explain to me what the words are
2:54   for peace and submission!
2:57   Pardon me, but my mother is an Arabic language teacher,
3:00   and I speak Arabic, have you ever read Arabic?
3:03   You know what you… —We have an Arabic Koran, an original from Saudi Arabia,
3:06   with a legitimate German translation!
3:09   And in it everything is written exactly like this!
3:12   At [unintelligible] you can go fact check, OK?
3:15   Could you right now look at an Arabic dictionary
3:18   what the word ‘peace’ means, Salaam, and
3:21   the word ‘islam’ means submission, end of story!
3:24   OK, and now let’s look in the background, to the left side,
3:27   what has that gentleman studied that just repeats after you?
3:30   Does he even have enough education to make a judgment here?
3:33   Do you know what? You are too primitive for me,
3:36   you are downright just a hypocrite, and you’re someone
3:39   who vilifies people and you should be ashamed of yourself!
3:42   Why are you so upset? [Sign reads: “islam-criticism is a citizen’s right and a citizen’s duty!”]
3:45   There is an old saying: He who speaks the truth will need a fast horse!
3:48   Because he will be hunted by everyone. The truth
3:51   is very uncomfortable to a lot of people, even with that lady there,
3:54   who doesn’t want to acknowledge that islam means submission,
3:57   and not peace. Again,
4:00   dear Madam, we are happy that you are integrated
4:03   into society, we are happy that you are a doctor,
4:06   we are happy that you are a muslim believer,
4:09   but aren’t you of the opinion that —
4:12   especially concerning women — islam poses
4:15   many many problematic issues,
4:18   such as the demand to beat women when they act unruly,
4:21   Sura 4:34, what do you have to say to that?
4:24   You are embarrassing yourself, that’s what I have to say to that,
4:27   I have never been beat as a muslim, and
4:30   integration is neither here nor there, I am just as German as you,
4:33   you really should be ashamed to argue like this…
4:36   Nobody has questioned that [her being German],
4:39   we are happy that you are an integrated member of our society,
4:42   that you are a German who participates here wonderfully!
4:45   This is about islam, and the dangerous issues within it,
4:48   which when summarized is called ‘political islam’ and
4:51   and it is about discrimination against women,
4:54   women who should be punished because they don’t behave,
4:57   women who are forced to be sexually available to the men all the time.
5:00   Each islamic man is allowed to have up to four wives,
5:03   all of these things! Do you even know about this?
5:06   It’s extremely ridiculous to even dignify this
5:09   with an answer. You should be ashamed of yourself,
5:12   for the incitement of hate for the masses you are creating here,
5:15   you have absolutely no idea about islam. If you knew about islam
5:18   you wouldn’t have arguments like this.
5:21   Islam and Christendom have the same story;
5:24   it begins with Adam and Eve; it is the same story.
5:27   Religion does not serve hateful incitement of the masses
5:30   but religion serves — like philosophy —
5:33   to live side by side in a country
5:36   and to respect each other, and that is…
5:39   Why does this not happen in islamic countries?
5:42   Why does this not happen in islamic countries? Why are other religions
5:45   not accepted in islamic countries, and the people there often are
5:48   threatened and persecuted and murdered?
5:55   Well, I mean, we just had New Zealand happen,
5:58   and have seen how a right-wing radical
6:01   entered a mosque and mowed down muslims!
6:04   So just stop lumping everyone together,
6:07   and let the people here in Munich
6:10   live together internationally, and stop doing this dumbing-down
6:13   of the masses or this incitement to hate of the masses!
6:16   And you know what? I contribute more to society
6:19   as a doctor and as a humanitarian helper, but you are nothing,
6:22   and you are a wacko!
6:28   Wonderful! Applause for these factual arguments
6:31   from this young lady! But first:
6:34   We have never lumped all muslims together.
6:37   We are speaking about islam.
6:40   We are speaking about the dangerous elements
6:43   within islam, OK? And this lady felt personally attacked,
6:46   and do you know what?
6:49   We experience this at each and every rally,
6:52   dozens of times! And the problem isn’t that
6:55   most muslims identify themselves with islam,
6:58   and as soon as something critical is being said
7:01   that’s when we see these enraged situations,
7:04   just like a minute ago with this young lady.
7:07   We neither made a blanket statement
7:10   about muslims, nor did we
7:13   criticize a muslim here.
7:16   We say this over and over again:
7:19   all muslims who accept our freedom-based
7:22   Constitutional State, who accept our rules,
7:25   who do not want shariah and islamic law to take over here,
7:28   are all sincerely welcome!
7:31   That is what this is all about!
7:34   That’s what it is about.

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4 thoughts on “I’m a Muslim and a Doctor, so I Know Better Than You!

  1. “stop doing …this incitement to hate of the masses!” (6.13).

    Poor dear! She needs to have a word with Anjem Choudary:

    “As a muslim I must have hatred for anything non-Islam”

    Or go to islamqa.com and see:

    “Muslims in the West must have an attitude of enmity and hatred of the kaffirs. All of kuffaar are the enemies of the Muslims.”

  2. that lady is a typical taquija cheater. She claims to be a doctor using the masculin form in her german. No real doctor – he or she – even if of arab origin would argue like her.She is kidnapping the prestige of the degree to support her overall stupid arguments.And sure enough, like all muslims worldwide she has the expertise of reading 7 th century arabic and of scrutinizing false translations thereof.

  3. Who gives a damn what the word ‘Islam’ means? Look at what the Mo’s followers do every day in every part of the world. That is all that matters.

    • Why should it not be important? Are you advocating for ignorance?

      It’s probably THE most important starting point when one decides to undertake the task to educate the masses about islam and its directives.

      Wanna bet that there were a few people who were listening and learning?

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