Migrant “Rescue” Ship Impounded

Last night we reported that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini had forbidden another “migrant rescue” ship to land at Italian ports, despite the fact that it was flying an Italian flag. Then, as reported in last night’s news feed, the ship landed anyway (it’s not clear whether there was any collusion with pro-migrant elements at the port in Lampedusa).

Now the ship has been impounded by the government, and the crew is being interrogated. Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   After the Sea Watch case — the ship that had been stopped off the Catania coast —
00:05   now, a month and a half later, it’s the turn of the ship Mare Jonio,
00:09   which disembarked at the port of Lampedusa without authorization.
00:12   After a rest at one mile off the island, the ship — owned by the NGO “Mediterranea” —
00:16   has been impounded by district procurator’s order,
00:21   who ordered the disembarkation of the 49 shipwrecked illegals, while
00:25   the Viminale (Ministry of the Interior) planned to interrogate the entire crew.
00:28   The judicial district of Agrigento filed a new case against unknown persons dealing
00:32   with the aiding and abetting of illegal immigration.
00:36   The Mare Jonio has become a new political case that is stirring up a heated debate.
00:42   Interior Minister Matteo Salvini applauded the decision to impound a “leftist organization’s ship”
00:46   on Facebook, while reaffirming that “Italian ports remain closed.”
00:51   Whereas the 5 Star Movement reassures that it doesn’t involve a case similar to the ship Diciotti.
00:56   The opposition parties said it involves the instrumentalization of human lives.
01:01   While migrants began shouting “Liberté, liberté!”, the medical staff
01:05   of the police went aboard and found a gravely ill young migrant.
01:11   The young man was brought to the Lampedusa medical center. It may be a case of pneumonia.

One thought on “Migrant “Rescue” Ship Impounded

  1. Canadian sea ports, at least cargo ports, are not fully under government control, or the gov’t refuses to exert more control. The ports are basically run by mafias and motorcycle gangs. It has been a complaint of government inspectors for many years that they are often intimidated at the ports when trying to inspect cargo.

    I don’t know if this is an issue in Italy, but if so, there is too much money to be made by the mafias to allow the government to completely prevent migrant ships from docking.

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