Brad Johnson on the Christchurch Massacre

In the following interview, the retired CIA station chief Brad Johnson talks about some of the background to the recent massacre in New Zealand, material that is not being discussed in the media.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading this video:

Brenton Tarrant’s “manifesto” has been largely scrubbed from major media sites and social media, although I’m sure it’s available on plenty of dissident websites. I’ve uploaded a copy here, in case anyone wants to read it.

I’ve only just started looking at it myself, but the similarities between the slaughter in Christchurch and the massacres by Anders Behring Breivik are remarkable. The main difference is that Mr. Breivik killed Young Socialists, while Mr. Tarrant killed Muslims.

Like the Breivik case, Brenton Tarrant’s ideology (such as it is) was designed to harm specific target groups. The Butcher of Utøya brought down a firestorm upon the Counterjihad — with the exception of Fjordman, his targets seemed to be mainly Counterjihad people in the USA.

Similarly, the Butcher of Christchurch seemed to be aiming at the anti-immigration movement in general, and more specifically the opponents of Islam in the Balkans.

I tend to be paranoid, and the Breivik affair intensified that trait. At the time I thought Anders Breivik must surely have had a “handler”. In the eight years since then I have observed that there is no limit to the depravity, ruthlessness, immorality, and evil of the Permanent Government, a.k.a. the Deep State.

That’s why this little piece of the Tarrant manifesto made my spider sense tingle (the conceit being that he is interviewing himself):

From where did you receive/research/develop your beliefs?

The internet, of course. You will not find the truth anywhere else.

Is there a particular person that radicalized you the most?

Yes, the person that has influenced me above all was Candace Owens. Each time she spoke I was stunned by her insights and her own views helped push me further and further into the belief of violence over meekness. Though I will have to disavow some of her beliefs, the extreme actions she calls for are too much, even for my tastes.

Why would an Australian pick Candace Owens to troll? What was he intending to do?

I doubt he is aware of the fact that Candace Owens is currently the single greatest danger to the Democrat Party in the USA. If she is successful in her efforts, and manages to lure even 20% of the black vote away from the Democrats, then the party will fold like a card table. It simply cannot survive without a high percentage of the black vote.

Her trolling by the killer does NOT look like a random attack.

I doubt that Mr. Tarrant understood all that, but a carefully planted operative may well have worked with him and persuaded him to insert such things into his manifesto.

To see if I’m right, watch what happens to Ms. Owens in her upcoming public appearances. If she continues as usual, then I’m wrong. But if she gets cancelled by the venue, or hounded off the stage by Antifa, then there may be something to my paranoia.

A few dozen dead Muslims are of no concern to the Deep State, especially not when all those corpses serve its purposes so well.

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  1. Yes I thought it strange too as I have never heard of her before and I live in Australia and read online news every day. She is never mentioned here. If I saw an article on her on the side of a page I wouldn’t open it as I’ve never heard of her.

  2. Thank you Baron.
    So NZ has joined the world, and as I mentioned in earlier posts, now involved in the big world of politics, with its own small politics of saying “punching above its weight” in the world.

    It is difficult in NZ to get that manifesto, but that knowledge allows for others better than me to come to understand, with experience, and wisdom to enunciate the problem, so that answers may be figured out.

    At the moment NZ is a country full of “love” feelz, but no truth, no wisdom, banging on like an empty drum, from the powers that be and the liberals, easygoing seem to be following like sheep the academia, politicians, churches, media, that are setting up the frame work for their agenda.

  3. Agree 100% with the analysis. Hand wring, candles and flowers won’t change the way this is heading.

  4. The way the “young communist” left (a.k.a. snowflakes, I would use more apt words – extremely spoiled brats) are twisting Ch. Clinton’s words is beyond belief:

    That’s why I am becoming increasingly pessimistic when it comes to our future: these people will take over when we are gone, and unless they change, very dark times will ensue.

  5. I read further into the Manifesto and I am almost sure it was not produced by someone who – in his own words – was hardly able to finish school and was never interested into what they teach in the universities. This is an essay above the average, the language is rich and strong, way above the moderate talking head on the TV, reaching “literature” level at times. There was someone stronger at play here.

    • “..way above the moderate talking head..” – above the average, lapsus calami.

  6. The one thing Johnson was wrong about was his assertion that the Janissaries were not Muslim. Yes, they were not when they were seized from non-Muslim communities in the Ottoman Empire but they were taken at a very young age on the basis of their physical potential and the first stage of their long and arduous training was their indoctrination and conversion to fanatical Islam and its promise of paradise.

    The Ottomans knew well the meaning of ‘Give me the boy until he is seven and I will give you the man’ as later espoused by Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order.

    It is no coincidence that their motto was ‘The body of a Brother is but a stepping into the breach’.

  7. If as Mr. Johnson suggests there are “responsible” Muslims, where do we find them — what could they say or do to “combat” ‘radical Islam’ or islamism?

    Can any man or woman be a practitioner of Islam but violate all the principles of a marauding colonial empiricism? There are Muslims who portray themselves as opposed to the “deep state” of Big Brother’s sharia.

    Let us observe and evaluate the ‘liberty-minded’ ones who do not vomit up the recidivist dogma of “we are people who must have elbow room,” and therefore want to take and destroy everything of ‘western’ value. Can immigrants to the West be sanitized by their belief in individual liberty? It could be possible.

  8. Proportionately, 50 deaths in NZ is a greater loss than 3000 deaths in the US on 9/11.

  9. I agree with folks who find some of it suspicious. When has Candace called for violence? Not in any vids I have seen of her. She tells black people to walk away from the Dem Plantation. So that is a strange insertion, more likely aiming to harm her by association. He in fact adds that the extreme actions she calls for are too much for his tastes… WHAT?

    And as the manifesto progresses, it certainly has the feel of a man who is very comfortable writing, with sophistication and flourishes at times, and not like a school dropout (or a “barely squeezeout”).

    Something does not fit. It’s as though as someone took his rants and compiled them with a particular aim.

    What is that aim, though? That is the million dollar question.

  10. Not just Ms. Owen’s, NZ’s administrative state is in receipt of a message. As part of the 5-eye, it’s role in enabling domestic surveillance of the US by its overseas backdoor is gradually coming into view.
    Who benefits?
    Who benefits from the incessant hustling of whole populations?
    How (and why) did this misfit get in and out of the DPRK?

  11. This guy travelled to china and nk i believe. My guess is that he was subverted and used, perhaps without even realizing it, by chinese or russian agents

    • That doesn’t explain the Candace Owens angle, though. Why would the Chinese or Norks be motivated to bring her down? Although it’s possible that I’m missing some sort of Oriental subtlety there.

      • Afraid of Blexit tipping the scales in favour of the Republicans in the next election to deny a Beijing and Pyonyang friendly AOC ‘useful idiot’ type ?

  12. Re Candace Owens you are quite right, Baron. While I was born, lived and live rather far from the US, I try to follow closely what is going on there on your side, as it matters for all the World. There was the “melting pot time” with immigrants thriving to achieve the status of American and being proud with this for generations. I believe this was still the situation prevailing at a time when – say, in Germany – the Turkish Gastarbeiters were already building a parallel universe. Anyhow, while I follow the news on places like Breitbart or Drudge Report, I never remembered even the name of Candace Owens. So the praise she was given by a White supremacist is a very, very big and very, very red “red flag”.

  13. Umm, guys.

    The manifesto seeps with chan culture. Playing ‘Remove Kebab’ while shooting up a mosque ?

    It’s just part of the modus operandi. Candace Owens is a dimwit with a high profile, and making the left attack her WHILE saying he intends to make the left go ape ?

    The whole attack is aimed at sharpening the contradictions and accelerating polarisation.

    Deep State prospers best when people are apathetic, not scared [defecation]less or worried. It makes no sense for them to do this, their aims would be much better served by practicing the Stasi-invented technique of Zersetzung.

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