The Verdict Against Tommy Robinson in the UKSSR

Here is Tommy’s video on what went down in Cambridgeshire:

The videos were clear, as was the evidence presented by Luton police intel that Tommy Robinson was not a risk. So what. The Alice-in-Wonderland judge found for the police anyway, and Tommy has to pay their costs. Actually, he’s paying for being an enemy of the state of Soviet Britain.

What a travesty. Dollars to doughnuts, the mendacious MSM in Britain will be all over this.

13 thoughts on “The Verdict Against Tommy Robinson in the UKSSR

  1. UKSSR , EUSSR , i’m starting to miss the good ol’ USSR . Back then you knew perfectly well who the good guys and the bad guys were ….

    • Back when the USSR around, the possibility of looking like them would have made the judge be reasonable.

      Now that they’re no longer around, the West behaves more like they used to.

      In that sense, I also miss the USSR!

  2. Here is the link to Ezra’s fantastic coverage of the trial result and his brilliant analysis.

    The longer Tommy stays in not so Great Britain, the more dangerous it becomes for him and his family. It is clear from this trumped up trial that Tommy can never get justice anywhere in the UK. Ever.

    I am worried that the Government is going to take him out, however they can, on the slightest pretext. Just look at what they were able to do to Tommy in this instance, when he did NOTHING wrong. They just made up a crime!

    I truly believe that Tommy’s only hope is to apply for political asylum in the US.

    • I agree.

      I’m not surprised, though.

      I had a similar thing happen (much lower stakes) in New Brunswick, Canada, on a matter of local interest only. (I’m happy to share the evidence, if anyone wants!) It was arranged so that it was heard by a “friendly” judge. Evidence was ignored and a Tommy-style result happened. I got nailed costs. I appealed. I actually had some friendly reactions in the Court of Appeal. Then the judgment came out, months later. More costs.

      That’s how it works. The courts are a part of the problem. A lot of people (formerly including me) were deluded into thinking that this was not the case.

      Not all judges are. Most are actually decent. But what happens is that cases like this get assigned to “friendly” judges, who aren’t decent. That’s how the system works it. I suspect that there are even *judges* who don’t realise how bent it really is. Once in a while, a “miracle” verdict happens, probably because the case didn’t get assigned to the “right” judge, or something like that. But the general trend is that the courts just enforce “policy”, legal and illegal.

      Tommy’s case proves to me that England is just like New Brunswick. Which doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • Not even Trump would grant asylum to Tommy. Besides, he’s a Luton lad and in Luton he has taken his stand – he can do no other.

      • I don’t think that Victor Orban would eject him from Hungary, if he moved there under EU mobility rules (still a short window… or maybe not so short, who knows?).

  3. England, where Alles en underland. The judge was the Mad Hatter and the Barristers were Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

  4. Does the Queen have pardoning power equivalent to the President?

    Because GB looks like it is a vassal state to the false religion of EU power and progressive policies.

    Only someone outside current politics can slow the almost inevitable decay.
    Reversing the injustice to Tommy Robinson would be a good first step.

    BTW, the Sir Richard Timothy Hunt saga shows that even being awarded a Nobel Prize for your research is not enough to protect you in the UK.

    • Deeply troubling.

      Any police officer claiming not to know who Tommy is
      Should not be in uniform!

      His well publicised court case, an upcoming further
      Court case, his activism regarding grooming gangs
      To highlight their appalling activities, the to-do
      Over squaddies taking “selfies” with him etc has
      Made him a national figure esteemed by most
      And greatly feared by the elite oligarchy who
      Have kidnapped the real agenda in the UK.

      The police offered an out of court settlement, it
      Has been proved that he wasn’t a threat in the
      Pub and yet the court decides against him?

      Disgraceful, if they can do this to TR they can do
      It to anyone, yet the creature exposed by him
      In his panodrama film is untouchable and still
      Works for the BBC!

      I am ashamed to be British.

      • Me too. At least if Brexit is delayed, and the UK participates in the European Parliamentary elections in May, I can give a finger to the mainstream parties.

  5. I truly wish that Tommy was not in this dire predicament, but the Powers that Be cannot stand while our Hero lives. Tommy seems like the ONLY man in Britain who is not afraid to get right in their ugly faces, up close and personal,and they know it.

    The phony Courts are nothing but Crooked Casinos- the house always wins . There is no hope for Tommy within the justice system. Deny it if you will, but just look what they did to him. It’s a miracle he’s still alive!

    Tommy needs to escape while he has the chance. Anywhere is better than the UK at this point. What’s wrong with Hungary or Poland if the US won’t take him?

    We need Tommy ALIVE, not the victim of murder by the State. We don’t need another martyr on the altar of free speech.

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