Bringing the Jihad Back Home

The two videos below discuss the surge of predatory and violent crime that has hit Sweden since the mujahideen of the Islamic State started returning “home”.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the ISIS recidivists who are returning to Sweden from Syria:

The second video has more on the cultural enrichment that ISIS returnees are bringing to Sweden, plus a report on a culture-enriching crime in Katrineholm:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   It is difficult to formulate a complete picture of the so-called “ISIS-returnees”.
00:05   But SVT (Swedish state TV) was able to map a chart of 41 of them.
00:10   12 are women. Several have children. None of them has been convicted of a crime.
00:17   One-third are men who have been involved in committing a crime
00:21   after the period they left the conflict zone.
00:24   We note in the chart that the ISIS returnees have been charged with,
00:27   for example, narcotics- and theft-related crimes.
00:30   Several others who have returned have been convicted of fraud and assault charges.
00:37   This man, for example, is a repeat offender from Gothenburg.
00:41   He attacked two young men he encountered at a tram station with a knife.
00:47   Out of those 300 from Sweden who joined the violent jihadist organizations in Syria and Iraq,
00:54   the Swedish Security Service estimates that 150 have already returned to Sweden.
01:00   According to SVT’s resources, about 40 of them have returned to Stockholm,
01:04   about 50 have returned to West Sweden Region,
01:07   about 20 returned to Örebro, and about 15 to Skåne.
01:13   According to the terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp one out of five of those returnees is a woman.
01:21   Another two Swedes who joined the Islamic State are Osama Krayem from Malmö
01:26   and Mohamed Belkaid. The latter lived in Stockholm.
01:30   They returned to Europe, but not to Sweden.
01:33   They are accused of the bloody attacks in Paris and Brussels.
01:37   Mohamed Belkaid was shot dead in a raid by the Belgian police.
01:43   Many of them have already had some sort of petty criminal background.
01:50   So it isn’t totally unexpected that they join the old gangs again.

Video transcript #2:

00:01   People who have fought alongside the Islamic State terror group
00:04   have returned from Syria to Katrineholm in Sweden.
00:07   That is according to the municipality’s chief of security,
00:10   Peter Hendriksson, to the Katrineholm Courier.
00:13   He mentioned in the interview that several persons have already returned,
00:17   but it is a serious challenge to deal with the issue because of the absence of an obvious law.
00:25   A woman was stabbed twice in the back during a robbery attempt
00:31   at a grocery store on Saturday evening in Stallarholmen. The perpetrator
00:35   disappeared a short while after the attack when he couldn’t access the store.
00:38   Police were able to successfully arrest a man, but he was later released.
00:42   He is still a suspect for a “serious assault”.
00:45   The store had an emergency group today to support the staff, and at the same time
00:50   the security level has been raised.
00:54   We will have security personnel at closing hours as long as needed
00:58   in order that the staff might feel secure.
01:01   Tell us about the emergency session.
01:05   Yes, we had an emergency session today. We talked to psychologists and we talked to each other
01:12   How was it? —Overall, it was good. There are a lot of questions and speculation.
01:17   It’s good we can talk it out, and we may have additional sessions.
01:26   We just want to sell goods and become a nice ICA [grocery] store
01:30   and not keep thinking that somebody would plan to rob us or to do such a thing to us.
01:39   Tell us what happened.
01:43   They had already closed and locked the store, and they were on the way out to their vehicles.
01:52   Then a man came with a big kitchen knife
01:57   and threatened the staff and asked to be let inside again.
02:01   Then he stabbed the lady twice in her back
02:09   Very deep stab wounds! Then they started to unlock the store again to let him go inside.
02:17   And the staff mentioned that the alarm would go off.
02:21   And the perpetrator just fled!
02:25   So he didn’t manage to take anything? —That’s right. They couldn’t even get inside the store.

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  1. Each returning jihadi will be a hero and and inspiriation to many young moslems.

    Each will inspire and create countless more violent jihadis within Sweden and each country to which they return.

  2. So that store is going to have “security” personnel. Are they going to be armed? Or if a crazed Muslim starts to stab someone will it be their job to say, “Please stop stabbing.”

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