Gottfried Curio: “Islam is Not Adaptable to European Standards of Democratic Countries”

The video below shows a portion of a speech given by Dr. Gottfried Curio of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) at the New Year’s Reception in Augsburg on February 3, 2019.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We’re always hearing that there’s no Islamization taking place.
00:04   However, in Berlin, on the inscription of the memorial at the Breitscheidplatz, there’s no mention
00:08   of the Islamist motivation behind the attack.
00:12   Every day in the mosques of Berlin, the fundamentalist understanding of Islam
00:17   is preached unhindered, which is opposed to integration, women, Christians and Jews.
00:25   Constantin Schreiber, a precise observer of the scene,
00:28   was unable to find a single mosque whose preaching
00:31   would be compatible with the values
00:34   of our liberal democratic constitution. This is no longer acceptable,
00:37   because it is an announcement of attack on the so-called unbelievers.
00:41   Islamization also happens elsewhere. Let’s take a look at the little things.
00:44   Recently we learned that Nestle
00:47   now produces Halal products in 100 factories. Toblerone chocolate has been halal since last April.
00:56   While chocolate is secretly becoming halal-certified,
01:01   we have a great outcry among Muslims if sausages
01:07   are served at the Islam conference. Mon Dieu! So, you see, Islamization isn’t happening.
01:15   No, but a 3-day international Islam conference can take place in the Ditib headquarters in Cologne,
01:20   including the Muslim Brotherhood, without the German public’s knowing anything about it.
01:25   The SPD mayor of the city found out about it afterwards.
01:29   In the closing statement of the conference they stated: “It is imperative that Muslims preserve
01:34   their differences and develop the capacity to act in accordance
01:38   with collective consciousness.” Instead of integrating
01:43   into mainstream society, a separate collective consciousness should be maintained for Muslims.
01:48   They say so themselves. It goes on to say: “The restriction of
01:51   Islam attributed to a particular region,
01:54   a German or European Islam, is in contradiction
01:58   to the universality of Islam throughout all epochs that has
02:01   enlightened in the same manner.” This confirms what the AfD has long been saying all along.
02:07   We’re even being attacked for saying it, too.
02:11   Islam is not adaptable to European standards of democratic countries.
02:15   This Islam is not reformable. Otherwise we wouldn’t see
02:19   enlightened Muslims such as Seyran Ates, Ahmad Mansour,
02:22   Hamed Abdel-Samad, living under police protection now, but Islamization isn’t happening.
02:29   The state ministry in NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia] made it clear
02:32   that the so-called “praying campaigns”;
02:35   which is mass praying in public by Muslims intended
02:38   to intimidate the indigenous population through their
02:41   presence and occupation of public space; this public “prayer campaign” is covered by the freedom of
02:47   religious practice. Even shouting Allahu Akhbar,
02:51   perhaps amplified through P.A. systems, must be endured
02:54   by the population, too. The state government doesn’t see
02:57   the need for further protection measures, but
03:00   Islamization does not take place.
03:04   Based on the intentions of the SPD parliamentary group, culturally-sensitive nursing care courses
03:07   should be included in the nursing curriculum. One nurse complains,
03:11   “Upon arrival I must ask if I can walk through the home with shoes on, or
03:16   had I better take them off completely.” The question is also raised whether a male nurses may stay
03:19   alone in the room with a woman. Sharia-compliant geriatric care, but Islamization isn’t happening.
03:26   And Cardinal Marx, who donated €53,000 ($60,000) to the smugglers of Mission Lifeline.
03:32   He criticized the term Christian Occident. He is not fond of the term because and I quote,
03:39   “The term is primarily ostracising.” Truly, this cardinal
03:42   could be a leading candidate for the post of
03:45   a religious equal-opportunity commissioner of the Green Party, but
03:49   an Islamization isn’t occurring, ladies and gentlemen. Madness.
04:00   My last thought: Whoever thinks that legal principles in our country
04:03   can only be changed through an ironclad legal process,
04:06   and not just by a tolerated applied practice, is sorely mistaken.
04:12   As in the case of the Migration Pact, the case of Sharia-compliant
04:16   family law, the Federal Supreme Court
04:19   has now asked the Federal Constitutional Court
04:22   to examine whether children’s marriages contracted abroad
04:25   are really to be regarded generally as non-binding in Germany, or
04:31   whether every child marriage would be better assessed separately, as an individual case.
04:37   What matters — listen and marvel at this —
04:40   “is the protection of marriage and family enshrined in our constitutional law.”
04:44   Even more absurd and disgusting,
04:47   “it should be taken into account that such a possible separation
04:50   could,” yes, “harm the welfare of the child.”
04:53   So marriage might be good for the child?
04:59   Do Green Party politicians possibly have special insights here?
05:06   It is a simple fact: in Germany marriage can not be entered into before the age of sixteen.
05:11   Ladies and gentlemen, polygamy, child marriages —
05:14   now suddenly it’s all supposed to be somehow conceivable.
05:17   Everything for the purpose of a cultural appeasement at any price.
05:20   Foreign culture, unfamiliar practices and
05:23   behaviors have been imported here, which are gradually shifting the social norms and, by the way,
05:29   the scope for interpretation of German courts. Now we find out that not only have people come here
05:35   to be with us, but also illegal immoral ideas, so it seems
05:39   we have to adapt now. Integration the other way round.
05:44   The Leftist-Green dream destination. Ms. Özoguz says that
05:47   “our co-existence must be renegotiated daily.”
05:50   IT IS already being implemented over our heads. Or as Ms. Merkel
05:54   would say, “The Sharia, it’s just here now.”
05:59   It is not the AfD, ladies and gentlemen, that wants a different republic, as the AfD haters want to
06:03   make the Constitutional Protection Agency believe. The perpetrators implementing
06:06   the unauthorised change to our Republic are sitting unscathed in the government.
06:11   Therefore, this is a fight for the rule of law against
06:15   all the Leftist-Green Sharia Law trivialisers in this leftist government
06:18   in order remain a constitutional state, or
06:21   if necessary, to become one again. Then let us therefore give everything
06:25   we have for the AfD, because it is
06:28   the only alternative for Germany, or better yet, let’s say the only hope for Germany. Thank you.

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  1. “…the universality of Islam” indeed prevents any “German” Islam, adapted to comply with Germany’s Constitution (or a “French” Islam, as in Macron’s wishful thinking). Islam is exclusive:

    “The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others”

    (Placard in Sharia march Oxford Street, thinkafricapress youtube)

  2. Nothing to add here, he knows what he’s talking about and he’s really well spoken! Nice little Merkel joke near the end too, haha.

  3. Annually, 1.4 billion animals are being killed HALAL-Style in Europe due to religious beliefs. That’s 6.5m. animals a day.

    You can calculate this by taking the 120m animals ritually slaughtered in England and Wales. On average, a Muslim there eats 29 ritually slaughtered animals each year according to these figures.

    The population of Europe is said to be around 513M, the Muslim population is said to be around 8.8% and rapidly climbing.


    Joint call end non-stun slaughter

    Muslim Population in Europe

    Alone in the UK the Muslim population has increased fifty fold in fifty years. They breed like rabbits.

    In Germany it has increased four hundred fold in the same period.

    Source: “International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2010”, “Muslim Population in Europe: 1950 – 2020”

    I have adjusted the German figures from 2010 to reflect the recent invasion.

  4. Technical question–running Firefox on a Mac, I can’t switch ‘mute’ off, so I don’t get sound. Any tips?

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