Crime, Hate Crime, Propaganda and Censorship

Below is the latest from Seneca III concerning the situation in Old Blighty (which dysonym seems more appropriate than ever, given the events of the past few years on the nook-shotten Isle of Albion).

Crime, Hate Crime, Propaganda and Censorship

by Seneca III

Day after day we continue to be beset by the Thought Police for ‘Hate Crimes’ whilst real violent crime, murder, larceny and drug peddling, particularly in the seething urban hives, increase exponentially. Chief Constables everywhere constantly bemoan a lack of resources as more and more police officers are diverted from public duty and sit huddled over computers in darkened rooms desperately searching for self-proclaimed victims to support and hate criminals to prosecute for the slightest imagined infringement.

They probably have quotas to meet as their Chief Constables vie with each other for more honours and accolades from a thoroughly corrupted globalist governing class intent on tearing this nation apart and then ruling over the shattered, scattered pieces with impunity.

All this despite the fact that the concept of ‘hate crime’ is a classic oxymoron. If you assault or murder someone, it’s axiomatic that the act came out of some form of hatred. Whether or not it was focused on the ethnicity or the sexual orientation (or disorientation) of the victim, or anything else, is immaterial… it was a crime born of hatred.

Yet, not content with just peddling this singular load of ideological garbage, the establishment also enforces a politicised doctrine defining free speech as ‘hate speech’ wherein even undeniably accurate presentation of observable reality in a verbal or written form of commentary results in enhanced criminal prosecution and sentences. This is not just insanity, it is a real “thought crime” in itself. And where, as is the case today, the punishment is inconsistent with the principle of ‘the penalty fitting the crime’, public awareness of this impropriety develops into a far more intense well of real hatred.

The deconstructionists in Westminster, City Halls and Police Headquarters up and down the country might as well have just called it censorship and been done with it, for that is what it is, an attempt to conceal the fact that our of way of life, our culture, our inherent decency, indeed our very existence, is under sustained attack by an enemies within, and that that those enemies are attacking with the blessing and willing assistance of the establishment and its fellow travellers.

Add to this the fact that the laws on ‘hate crimes’ in the UK are being selectively enforced against one particular group of people — the original native and majority heterosexual inhabitants — and you have created a scenario where hatred for groups of people different from that to which you belong will indeed become the abiding norm. Our descent down that slippery slope is the inevitable result of the inherent cupidity of our Legislative and Executive, the rulers and their enforcers. The coming dénouement is their responsibility. They will have brought it about, and it will end up thrusting them over the edge of the precipice that they thought they were preparing for us, because when freedom of speech is gone, common decency, fair, impartial judgement and justice and all other freedoms will follow, most certainly and justifiably including theirs.

Hence, there will be a reckoning, because the persecuted will always eventually turn on their persecutors. And now, not because of any volition of our own, we must make it so, because treachery is as treachery does, and treachery driven by hatred for one’s own majority group whose very survival is in question, and who now know it, is but a formula for chaos and bloodshed.

Furthermore, those other equally reverse-intellectual and evolutionary backward steps, ‘Affirmative Action’, ‘Positive Discrimination’ and ‘Consanguinity’ are running a close second. Their genetic and socio-cultural repercussions will only serve to increase the magnitude of the brutal internecine conflict when it arrives.

Thus, the sooner it comes the better, because this current time presents as the most viable option; we can hope for a rapid onset and swift conclusion whilst we still have a demographic majority, and this will go some way towards minimising or even eliminating long-term carnage and our possible subjugation.

Seneca III, on a bright, sunny morning amidst the encroaching darkness, this 27th day of February 2019.

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18 thoughts on “Crime, Hate Crime, Propaganda and Censorship

  1. ethnos against ethnos, nation against nation, tribe against tribe, until we all descend into a bloody chaos. Quite the future, don’t you think, Seneca.

  2. In Russia, the authorities also built a system for tracking mental crime.
    But while they were building it, simultaneously robbing the country, they ignored a lot of other problems.
    And now they have no time for “mental crime” – other problems are ready to devour them with an avalanche.
    The scandal is behind the scandal: corruption, the ROC, the impoverishment of society, the Islamists, the ethnic mafia … Even the foreign policy challenges …

    The situation reminds me more ” The Simulacra” by American writer Philip K. Dick

    • As an outsider I feel like, while he has many flaws, Putin is at least capable of holding the country together. Is my asumption correct and, if you’d be so kind, do you think with a less stern leader Russia would fall apart, possibly descend into civil war?
      Or is my take on the situation completely wrong and the mafia, or whoever, will keep the current political structure because it allows them to go after their business undisturbed?

      • Probably, it is useless to ask me. I have a strange way of looking at most things in this world and my opinion is contrary to most people’s opinion. I think that no personality Putin exists.
        He is a cardboard cover with an exaggerated rating.
        I do not know who governs the country.
        In the tele-broadcast goes anti-American hysteria. But at the same time, Russian aluminum and a huge part of natural resources belong to American magnates.
        Now a lot of information noise. Approximately how it was in Perestroika. It means that some dark deeds are being committed.
        Recently, an Orthodox priest close to Cyril declared that it was better for a woman to die than to undress in front of a man’s doctor.

        The other day there was a scandal with theater tours in Dagestan. In a region where Orthodox are being killed and honor killings are practiced, the actors were threatened for “immorality.”
        MMA fighter Nurmugamedov is given as an example as a champion of morality.

        Some kind of horror in the crime bulletins. In a healthy society, this does not happen.
        I think the authorities deliberately drive us crazy.
        Something is happening.

  3. As always, Seneca has written a brilliant article that perfectly explains the horrendous situation that the remaining free People all over the world are now facing. Forget about the troglodyte police, even worse is the censorship being imposed by Big Media and Big Money: Facebook, Google, Twitter and now Paypal and credit card companies.

    Look at what they just did to Tommy Robinson- they have cut him off at the legs, financially speaking. And it is happening to so many more behind a wall that we cannot penetrate. When it happens to people like Tommy or Alex Jones or Vlad, they may not even realize what was done until it’s too late.

    Meanwhile, I’m reading all about that EU proposal to basically shut down all “speech” and ideas on the internet with their phony “meme” law. How is all this even possible?

    Here in my little corner of the People’s Republic of New York, taxpayer advocates like myself have found out that Facebook will no longer allow even our hyper local advertising, the $5 post “boost.” The degree of censorship is stunning and it is almost impossible to write a post that will get past the robots if it includes any of the words “taxes” “taxation” “vote” “referendum” “politicians” “school board” “town board” etc. etc. I still can’t believe it! I live in a town with less than 10,000 inhabitants yet the FB monster has its evil claws on us.

    Thanks to everyone who writes for this wonderful blog. Keep it up while you still can.

    • “… it is almost impossible to write a post that will get past the robots if it includes any of the words “taxes” “taxation” “vote” “referendum” “politicians” “school board” “town board” etc. etc.”

      This is shocking and disturbing.

  4. May I suggest that every Englishmen begin collecting his notebook of chastisement, his cahiers de doleance or chatment, or doomsday as it were, and to list those who need to be chastised for their treason to the English people when the judgment time comes. The specific politicians, media people, church people, police, bureaucrats, specific immigrants, specific collaborators and all the rest. I am not suggesting any violence at all. Just a list for the time of reckoning. As these lists circulate it will give the traitors something to think about and perhaps even time to rectify themselves. God save the Queen and all of loyal Britain.

    • Well stated Louis Carole. This is reminiscent of Thomas Carlyle’s work on the French revolution wherein a group of aristocratic tyrants are captured by revolutionaries, one of whom asks of one of the terrified aristocrats ‘ is this the one who said we should eat grass?’ The time comes unexpectedly.

    • Good idea but Her Maj will have to shift for herself, she is on my personal list.

  5. That is as neat and comprehensive a summation as I have seen. Well done, and thank you, Seneca III !

  6. Our dystopia is approaching too quickly. And I fear I have been cursed with sufficient good health to be able see and experience it. Once upon a time I would never have even considered the idea that good health might be a curse.

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