Pants Down

Many thanks to JLH for translating Hans Heckel’s latest column from Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

Pants Down

How that could happen to us; why Europe is in danger “from below”; and how we did a “180” without noticing.

The Week in Review
by Hans Heckel

December 1, 2018

The tightrope walkers took a fall too soon to celebrate the chancellor’s political end. Merkeldämmerung? Nope. Her departure as chair of the CDU was not a flight, but a crafty chess move. Now three candidates for succession are beating each other up, accompanied by former adherents in the same party.

Merkel, meanwhile, does what she does best — nothing. Is anyone criticizing her for that? And even if they are, none of it penetrates the government’s official and media screen to reach the outside world.

Even the scurrilous debate over the “obligatory-but-unbinding” UN immigration pact rolls off her like water off a duck’s back. Even now that it is ever more evident that this patchwork of deception essentially issued from the chancellor’s own incubator and only then found its way to the United Nations. Nobody is asking her what she was thinking. Her party is mired in the confusion of half-truths and stapled-together lies, with not a breath about it heard in the chancellery.

Several things go wrong at the last moment. The truth about the immigration pact coming to light too soon can only be assessed as a failure of stage management. No one expected that, so no serviceable back-up lie was worked out. Just as bad, no one had filled the clip with unanswerable arguments to be fired off in timely fashion for the political destruction of any critics. A real disaster.

On better-defended fronts — as Friedrich Merz discovered — unanswerable arguments were still functioning smoothly. The hopeful candidate for CDU chair dared to enunciate a confidential truth — that Germany is the only country which offers individual asylum to all of mankind… There should an implementation law placing a restriction on this right. Then the storm broke. From the left, to be sure, but also from his own party. Annette Widmann-Mauz, leader of the Union of Women and the official responsible for integration, spoke “vehemently” against changing Germany’s right of asylum. And gave a very interesting reason. After all, we want “to work on a right of asylum in common with our partners.”

“Our partners?” They all have what Merz wants for Germany — a legal reservation. How can we unite with them, if we will not accommodate our law by one millimeter? Do we threaten “our partners” with war or monetary fines if they do not adopt our right to asylum in every particular?

This is reminiscent of 2015. When Merkel tried to bind the rest of the EU in the chains of Germany’s “welcoming culture.” But they wouldn’t tolerate that. After that, the British decided to pack their bags. Since then the chancellor has been “working on a European solution to the refugee question” with no visible progress in more than three years. Anyone who asks about it gets one of those Merkel sentences that even first-graders can repeat by heart: “It is a challenge.”

Anyway — “united Europe” — do we really want that? Should we even try it? It’s a dubious concoction. Motto, Europe “from the bottom.” It’s time to change sides — without anyone noticing.

What is dubious about it? “Europe from below” after all, is what “Europe from the top” has always wanted. Yes, but preferably according to the formula, with the proper slogans!

Like the wonderful “pulse for Europe” movement. That consisted of the slick-smooth secret-police-type thugs and representatives of “civil” (sponsored and directed by the state) organizations, waving their little banners before the seats of authority in Europe in praise of Jean-Claude Juncker and Mario Draghi.[1] Including a few dreamy grandmas and grandpas who were quite moved by the “involvement of the young people.”

In recent days, however, Europe “from below” showed its hateful, obstreperous face. On the French-German border, Poles, Czechs and Germans joined in companionship with their French comrades, the French “yellow vests” who have risen up against the next increase in the gas tax and in general against the exuberantly rampaging State. That is not how the “European society of citizens” had been envisioned — unbridled and uncurbed.

Time to change course swiftly and brutally. In the future, anyone who propagates “Europe from below” is no longer one of the gutmenschen, but is “dividing society,” practicing “rightist-populist hate crimes” and “fomenting hatred.”

Can we make this change without people seeing through it? Oh, we’ve done it dozens of times. For example, cast your mind back twenty years. At that time the “fears” and “sensitivities” of our neighbors were an all-purpose propaganda weapon in German debates. The accusation of fomenting such fears or hurting feelings on the other side of the German border was all but fatal.

That’s all gone today. In fact, it is acceptable to threaten Poland or Hungary with consequences if they do not care to subject themselves to the moral superpower in Berlin, or alternatively, to arrogantly lecture the Czechs. More: Anyone nowadays who counsels consideration for these neighbors will be harshly corrected. Oddly, this new German pomposity is founded on the same “lessons from history” that once provided the basis for sensitivity to the “fears of our neighbors.” You can do a 180 unnoticed, if you destroy the compass first.

It’s not the only course correction. It’s a little more complicated in the case of the Jews. Since some of them are more afraid now than before of being attacked by a fanatic Muslim, and (disturbed by) the fact that someone has called the Holocaust memorial a “monument to shame,” it’s hard to know how to steer the whole thing in the right direction, so it jettisons what needs to be jettisoned politically.

First of all, it will help to tweak the criminality statistics a little. The method’s first weaknesses are apparent in that the manipulation can hardly be missed, when the bawling anti-Jewish slogans of radical Muslims appear in the official record as (German) neo-Nazi.

There could come a time when this artifice will have to be abandoned, because it is just getting too stupid. Then what? The experience of our “eastern” neighbors portends nothing good for the Jews in this case. Nor for women. Violence in marriage is a major subject. A greater than average number of those seeking sanctuary from wife-beating men in women’s shelters have an immigration background. And Anna Baerbock is not happy about that, because it does not fit in her multiculti concept. The Greens leader maintains that religious affiliation and nationality have no influence on violence. And what of the numbers? Oh well, mistreatment of women is like the knife attacks — better not to talk about it, so as to prevent political “malpractice.”

Is this all insane? Yes, but that’s the way it is. At some point, every false morality drops its pants, and the bare a** comes into view.


1.   The president of the European Commission and the chair of the European Central Bank.

15 thoughts on “Pants Down

  1. Europe is close to civil war, even in UK now. What I had hoped to be avoided is now a certainty. I warned of this 20 years ago and was told smugly that “Sort of thing doesn’t happen in England!” What about the 1640’s? Then England was a strongly Christian state. Did they have their own Smugglies”? How many of them died at Naseby?

    Theresa May has probably lit the fuse along with her fellow Globalists or should it be “Gobble-ists” through their greed and desire to control all of us. The “Us” is about to become a rampaging monster. With a vulgar ranting parasite Third Worlder population of around 8,000,000 in UK alone and most likely higher, determined to impose sharia and Wahabism, I think the coming conflict will be brutal beyond words.

    Ecclesiastes comes to mind “Vanity all is vanity!” A vanity that will kill millions. Since 1917 we have warded off the Bolsheviks and now they will have their wish to destroy the West. Orwell never understood the Left’s hatred of England and frankly nor do I. It is an unnatural pathological insane hate, like no other.

    The Moslems hate us too because we are Christians. Pray for England and Europe please- all of you!

    • Bishop.

      “Europe is close to civil war, even in UK now. What I had hoped to be avoided is now a certainty.” Yes, I myself now cannot see a path that leads to a soft landing for these pressures. What an awful thing to contemplate. Tragic.

      I personally also like to differentiate between the traitors (I do mean the wilful/insightful/malice aforethought sort, not the useful idiots) and those who have been enabled.

      The latter simply need to leave.

      As for the former………..

  2. If viewed through the ‘British – Israel Theory’, the Left hatred of England becomes more understandable. It is a hatred with spiritual roots also, though Leftists are quite unaware of this.

  3. I am certainly praying for Scotland and Ireland ,because I have family in both places.
    My spouse has some family in England, has lost contact with them, but still retains a certain fondness for the Yorkshire dales..

    What is the alternative to Civil War ?Methinks a slow managed decline ,decay and regression to a twilight existence as yet another province of the global Islamic caliphate may well be the alternative.

    At some point one has to fight back or go under.

    The U.S cavalry will not be riding to the rescue this time ,and neither will the members of the Commonwealth.

    This is a fight which Britain must fight alone, this is neither World War 1 nor World War 2. And despite our proud record in both those conflicts of standing shoulder to shoulder with you in the trenches, this time we will not send our sons to to lay down their lives for you.So if that’s what keeping you from taking action ,if you are waiting for our fighting men to help you shore up your courage and firm your resolve , you are out of luck..

    But we will give you our moral support.Moral support will be forthcoming from the far flung corners of the globe.Moral support ,your will to win , the courage and confidence which you will derive from the strength of your own convictions and the blood of your sons and grandsons ,will have to suffice.

    • If that moral support is also (at least partially) monetised and with the occasional shipment of life-support “equipment with deliverable medicine” then all the better and we will thank you kindly.

  4. I suppose one could equate knickers with borders, and once the knickers are violated then infiltration, legal or otherwise will surely follow.

    There is a difference between a tart and a pie, and a tart’s contents are open to all comers. I have my piece of the pie that is in Israel, but it would be all too easy for the government to rip off the crust of my pie and make it a tart, giving the now open contents to ‘the poor’ and in the process so impoverishing me that I too am no longer productive.

    I fail to understand how it is that the indigenous German can allow himself to be so ripped off, These so called ‘economic migrants’ are in Germany not to ‘earn’ money and pay taxes, but to syphon it off and channel it away from those who actually work for a living. 2 million migrants require 500 million euros or more per month (or maybe per week who knows), where does all that money come from one must ask? Certainly not from frau Merkles’ vertically mobile smalls….

    • I don’t know about the statistics for Germany, but the Swedes, who have taken in proportionately more migrants than anyone else in Europe, have cut benefits for the native population and borrowed to support their “cultural enrichers”.

      • Same here in Finland. General level of benefits have been cut.
        But some benefits have a discretionary add-on that is based on need.
        And readers can perhaps guess that some groups have more need than others?

        And I think me have found the reason for the Oulu-incident that I mentioned earlier further down this chain.

        Most summers are warm and specially summer 2018 was very hot. Our public broadcasting company YLE (Oulu branch) made their rape-protection video only for winter weather.
        There (usually) is no need for the Magic-Mittens during summertime.

    • So, MC…what shall I call my shepherd’s pie I plan to make? (NON-halal lamb). It takes on a whole new meaning as a shepherd’s tart…

      • Hey D – How do you know the lamb you are eating is non-Halal?
        I love lamb and watch the grocery flyers for sales on lamb but, I will not buy Australian or NZ lamb because I assume it is all halal slaughtered. I only buy American lamb.
        Is that what you do or is there some other way to figure it out?
        I have long advocated for halal food being labeled just like kosher food. It would be a win-win. Those that want to eat halal are able to identify it and those that don’t will avoid it.

        • Our nearest Whole Foods (an hour away) cuts up fresh lambs brought in to them on Wednesday mornings. I call ahead to order two pounds of ground lamb to be set aside for the B to pick up. I asked when I first started this and they said they do sell halal lamb from NZ and Australia but these lambs are from the county and very fresh. They always sell out.

          We are fortunate that the rural areas to the north of us are wealthy- full of horse farms and lots of organic foods, pastured eggs, etc. Find the nearest rural area where you live and hunt around. An internet search is immensely helpful in that regard. There is also organic pork to be had, and pastured beef. Even our local market has organic items. I buy local chicken carcasses and feet to make bone broth.

  5. Pants went down here in Finland also.

    So far 10 arrested/detained for egregious rape of minor/rape of minor/sexual assault on minor (between 10 to 15 years) in the northern city of Oulu.

    Meanwhile in the capital city of Helsinki one Cultural Enricher was arrested on 4 counts of sexual assault on minor, 2 counts of egregious rape and 1 count of extortion.

    But I bet we will be much richer in 2019….

    And also couple of possible attempted vehicular jihads.

    • A bus attack eh?

      Always knew you couldn’t trust those buses. Next thing you know they’ll be burgling your house, stealing your credit cards and everything….


  6. “Anyway — “united Europe” — do we really want that? Should we even try it? It’s a dubious concoction. Motto, Europe “from the bottom.” It’s time to change sides — without anyone noticing.”

    I’m afraid the large and formerly-wealthy countries of Europe have perfected the Orwellian government form: they are so mired in factions, rules, bureaucracies, enforcement police, and extra-national authorities like the UN and Eu, that the actual force of public opinion plays a minor to non-existent role. Part of the effect of bringing in alien populations is exactly what is occurring in the US: the electorate itself is dead split, preventing any sort of consensus.

    In other words, we’re well into a dictatorship of the globalists and bureaucrats. Merkel, treacherous, backstabbing, inchoate and unable to express a clear thought, is the perfect dictator. Paradoxically enough, if Germany had remained separated even with the fall of the East German communist government, I believe she would not have survived as political master. A smaller political entity would enhance personal accountability. Plus, the East Germans already had much experience with vicious dictators and probably knew in their bones how to handle them. Just like the Hungarians and Romanians.

    People talk of civil war, but my contention is that the stage is set for foreign intervention in any indigenous uprising. It won’t be the English against the Muslims, but likely the English crowds against the professional military of Germany. Prior to Trump, there was no reason to believe US troops, under NATO cover, would not be available for suppression. It happened in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo during the Clinton presidency. Trump is unpredictable, but at least he would not be a shoo-in for the European dictators counting on international police intervention.

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